My good friend Nada from Undefined Declarations has sent me an email about a Blog Carnival. I didn’t know what was that, but basically, different bloggers write about a topic ( in this case..what did you do this weekend) and send their posts to the Carnival Host. This will help your blog to be seen (and maybe followed) and also help bloggers get to know each other.

I wanted to participate as I am very open to pretty much everything in this digital world, but my weekend has been kind of special as I was in Kenya for work reasons.That serves to  explain too my almost online silence during this week  (thanks Instagram!). I was part of a Trade Mission organised by the UAE Ministry of Economy. Well, for those who don’t know yet, I am Project Manager during the day and Fashion/Lifestyle blogger during the night (as weird as it might sound!).

The Trade Mission took us to Tanzania and Kenya. It was pretty hectic with lots of meetings and events but an absolute worthy experience. Coming back to the weekend topic, we took one day off – out of exhaustion- and book a 3 in 1 tour in Nairobi to unwind and see a bit the outside world as we spent most of our time inside the hotel.

We departed early in the morning and came back more or less at 15h. Nairobi traffic is dreadful so part of that time was spent on the road. Me and other 10 delegates went to the Nairobi National Park, the Elephant Orphanage and the Giraffe Center.

Believe it or not the National Park is right in Nairobi – even from the airport we spotted some giraffes on our way in!-. It is pretty extensive and we saw zebras, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, impalas, hartebeests.. Yep! No lions or rhinos.. Bad luck!

The next stop was the Elephant orphanage. This place takes care of baby elephants whose mothers have been killed for their tusks- (Terrible, horrible crime). Looks like the elephants have only milk for one baby at a time, so when the mother dies, the baby elephant can not be taken care of by any other elephant, and also they are very sensitive, so they miss their moms and get depressed and stop eating even when they could. They need a lot of care, affection and special baby milk formula.They are really playful and clumsy and as big as they are, they are real cute babies. The orphanage is operated by donations and you can adopt an elephant. Yes! True! Check it out here. I think it is a real good gift for Ramadan!

The last stop was also amazing… the Giraffe Center. Here you can have a once in a life time experience.. you can feed a giraffe looking them right in the eye!.. Beside the fact that you can see our little human dimension beside them- and boy! they are big!,- their tongue is purple and they are really friendly.

The giraffe I fed was a male (Ibrahim- lovely name ain’t it?). See the pics here and if you want to be posted about fashion and lifestyle (including, as you can see, travelling) follow my blog www.whatijustlove.com and the instagram account (@gallegoara).

Happy weekend!










As some of you know, recently I went to Jordan on holidays. If you have seen my photos on Instagram (@gallegoara), there is just one thing to say… What an amazing country!

Of course, the Dead Sea was part of the trip (self organised if you want to call it, when you have not planned much at all and just have a list of places you want to go see!).

The experience of floating on the Dead Sea is amazing, but be careful with your eyes. Some salty water entered mine and I have to rush to the beach to get a shower and wash it off!

The mud is supposed to have great properties for the skin, so I did the entire process of getting myself mud all over.. boy! it is so much fun!!

You are supposed to wait until it dries (or something like that) but instead one of the hotel masseurs gave me a nice massage. The mud is not like the clay masks- that it hardens. It has some grease on it, so it is great for massage. Not so much for drying in my opinion.

I bought some products of the famous Dead Sea, that I will be trying very soon. There is like a zillion brands but I liked this one (Fortune).

So this is the beauty tip of the trip..get in the mud!. The feeling on the skin afterwards is amazing!.



Jordan, Dead Sea. In the mud!

Jordan, Dead Sea. In the mud!


In Spanish news normally they only speak about the crisis, corruption, Europe and Greece .. well, yeah! and about football (our joy is our national team! 🙂 ) and there, in the middle of the news I heard that Jean Louis Scherrer, a french fashion designer has died.

I honestly didn’t know him, but the short footage that they showed about his work ( and him! he was pretty cute!) caught my attention and I started to investigate.

Wow! Scherrer was amazing… Classic style, super elegant and at the same time absolutely glamorous. It is no wonder he dressed Sophia Loren, Jackie Kennedy, Raquel Welch or Claudia Cardinale!!

He started working with Dior (what a first job, eh!) together with Yves Saint Laurent. When Dior died and Saint Laurent took over as Creative Director, he decided to leave and create his own brand. Scherrer was pretty successful initially but some bad moves on the business side made him lose influence within his own brand and eventually led to even being kicked out ( Steve Jobs style!).

It leaves room to reflect… Fashion is a business at the end of the day, even if you have all the creativity and style in the world.

May his soul rest in peace and may all of you enjoy a video I found about Scherrer’s work.Sorry it is in French, but there was not Youtube in the 80’s!!



YouTube Preview Image


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In fashion we live in a constant learning process. It is the way to adapt to the changing likes and trends and also to keep the creativity open. Nothing is final. My intention is to keep on learning new things and if possible learn from the masters.

It is so very inspiring to attend  fashion shows and meet the creators behind the dresses, behind the designs..The vibe is simply amazing. The ideas flow like crazy.

So from time to time, you might see some lines on precisely this… the new, the old, the classic, the not classic at all.. the designers… To keep on learning, to keep our fantasy well tuned and never stop dreaming.

I felt in love with the latest collection of Toujouri, which I met at the last Fashion Forward Show in Dubai. The designer behind the brand is Lama- El Moatassem, Lebanese now based in Qatar and with so much talent that I can just predict a brilliant success for her and her brand.  She studied in London and worked at Chloe ( another favorite!). Her lines are so beautiful, simple and glamorous, that I wanted to share them.

I believe in the saying “an image is worth a thousand words”, so there you go.

Please let me have your comments, share it with your fashion-lovers friends and don’t forget to follow the blog to keep abreast of fashion topics.



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Good day,

I bought today the June issue of Emirates Woman. I love this magazine, it is for stylish, smart and sophisticated women.. just like you and me! or so we try at least.This is the website in case you don’t have access to the magazine. 

Emirates Woman and me (the one behind)

There is a few interesting things on this issue.. First, there is a little sample of See by Chloe (the new fragrance) and it smells really beautiful. It is fresh and reminds me of someone (but can not picture who). It goes to my to-buy-list as my Happy of Clinique and the Aire of Loewe are soon to be finished. I have been using them for sometime and I know it is time to change as I can not feel the smell any more.

Dior Collage

There is also a special of Dior new collection. No comments. Beautiful and so chic! I choose two pics. Of course having passion for bags, these two caught my attention and I did one of my famous Insta collages. One for having such a cool handle, the other because I love colors and combine a red bag with black and white looks great. The green necklace is amazing too.

I am also glad to see how Poca & Poca gets featured. Their collection is very nice and naive. It reminds me of princesses and ballerinas. Really feminine and fun. I follow them on Instagram and the pics are more than commendable.

By the way, as you can see the blog has changed slightly. Now it is a “.com” and not a “.wordpress.com”. That means  that I manage to self host it!!

Eureka! Yupiii and Yahooooo! (Round of applause, please!)

Now though, I see that all the followers of the other blog have not been migrated. So now I need to investigate how to do it or ask them if they can change from one to the other. There might be even a plugin or something to do it. It needs more investigation. Trust me, this is a new world and it feels like a new beginning. Now I can change fairly everything, so you will see quite a “metamor-blog-sis” here. No funny faces if every time you check it has a different color or theme.

Anyway, please follow the Blog, the Instagram, the Facebook and the Twitter account of this renovated What I Just Love Blog of mine!





JordanGood day to all!

I wanted to write one post a day while staying in Jordan, but.. me being tired, us being all around, and three the some many things to do, got me busy and a bit far from my dear blog and my dear readers.

The good thing.. plenty of new and fresh content, specially if you are planning to go to Jordan. Our trip has been of 5 nights and the hotels were located in Amman, Dead Sea and Petra. From those places we did all the excursions. Some pics were also uploaded in my Instagram account (gallegoara).

Jordan is a very friendly country, from the airport to the guys at the petrol stations all are happy to see you and they even try to speak your language (in our case Spanish, but we must be very stylish that they took us for Italians a good number of times, hahaha!).

We arrived to Amman late in the night and decided to stay the first night in the city. On arrival at the Queen Alia we rented a car. It is fairly safe to drive here (only Amman is a bit more chaotic). The wheel is on the left, so same as in Spain, UAE and USA. One piece of advise, rent the GPS, even though everywhere the signs are in Arabic and English, it is a guarantee that you will arrive where you were meant to.

Our Hotel in Amman was not great, it was a 4 star hotel but not the same standard that we might be used to. If your budget allows, go for 5 Stars or international hotel chains. Stars here have a different meaning.

In the morning we headed to Jerash. The old Gerasa. This roman city is very well preserved and you can visit the hippodrome, the cardo maximo (main avenue of those times), the Hadrian Arch (reconstructed but still impressive), the forum, the theatres, the many  churches (yesss.. when Jordan became part of Byzantium the temples changed bosses but not uses!). The place is amazing and it is not far from Amman.

Here you have some pics to see.

Theatre (South if I am not too wrong).

Theatre (South if I am not too wrong).

Theatre (Stage)

Theatre (Stage)

Cardo Maximo

This is only what we did on our first day.. More post about this trip are to come!


Wordpress blog

Sorry for the silence, I am working on Self hosting the blog and it is more complicated that what I thought.

Also holiday time is back! This time the lucky winner is Jordan. Hubby and me will be going, starting tomorrow, to Amman, Jerash, Dead Sea, Petra and Wadirum (the place where they shot the film Lawrence of Arabia).

Jordan is very appealing so I will bring plenty of pics and posts from there.
Where are you planning your next scape?