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Ok, I know that song has a zillion years but I like it!! It reminds me of my young years in London, up and down, in and out, day and night around town.

I thought of it when I saw my pictures with this look. I love this blue – I think it is called prussian blue and it is so bright that you can not be sad although you are totally.. technically.. super blue. This dress I bought it in the Koton store in Dubai Marina Mall.

The Shoes are from Mango and I fell in love with the heel and how comfy they are (honestly). The belt is also from Mango, the silvery bag is from Alegria Silva coming collection, the necklace is from H&M, Sunglasses-tiara style- are from Ray Ban and the earrings from Tous.

Hope you enjoy it and don’t be blue at all!!


Lil- Smurfette


Michelle Oba,a

“For me Fashion is fun, and it is supposed to help you feel good about yourself.

I think that is what all women should focus on: what makes them happy and feel comfortable and beautiful.

I wear what I love. Sometimes people like it, sometimes people don’t. I’m fine with that.”


Michelle Obama


Hi there,

This week I wrote a post as a collaboration with Umar Sidddiqi’s blog : Umarsiddiqi.com. An amazing blog about technology and all the rest. Please check it out and follow him, it has tons of useful tips.

I meet Umar recently and being both bloggers a collaboration came easily, but how to put together what we both blog about?. Well, You know me.. I like everything that facilitates my life, I guess I am complicated enough.. I decided to share with you all my 5 fave fashion apps. Tachan! The tricks of the trade.. shhh! Secreto!

Some I use for the blog, some I use to keep myself abreast and always in the know of what is going on in this very changing world of fashion.

To check my five faves in Umar’s blog, just follow this link. And please don’t forget to Like the Facebook page of the blog and the instagram account. By the way, tell me if the Facebook page is giving any trouble now as I relaunched all the posts again in the hope to get them fixed and now it looks like it is working.



















Yep! I just read it in Time Out…  Alicia Keys is coming to Dubai. She will be presenting her “Set the World On fire” Tour at the Dubai Amphitheater on the 15th November. The support act comes from Jason Derulo.(Day Oh! Me say Day Oh! Daylight comes and we don’t want to go home.. remember the song? It is very catchy).

This is a concert I dont wanna miss and I wont.. hehehe.. In case you want to come too this is the link to buy the tickets. They go from 295 Dhs for Regular, Front Pit for 595 Dhs, and VIP Lounge for 1,295 Dhs. It looks like within the VIP Lounge they are setting up a “Ladies Only” area. Definitely being a girl here, has some perks.

For some reason, I enjoy songs more when I know them very well, so I am the kind of freak that prepares the concerts listening to the same artist until exhaustion. For this reason I uploaded in the YouTube Chanel of the blog a playlist with the songs from her repertoire that I like most.

You can use the link to get in the mood for the concert or just to have it as background music while you study or work. She has the kind of music that doesn’t disrupt you from doing anything else.. well, maybe you end up singing the No Oneeeee or the New Yooooorkkkk  out loud, but that is Ok. At least to me. I am singing most of the day any way.

Well, my dears… Today is a very special day to me as it is my husband’s birthday and I am preparing a surprise for him. So you can imagine the conspiracy behind the scenes, as he doesn’t know his present as yet.

Need to go now to make things ready.





Just in case you are outside of this World and missed the huge media coverage that this Chanel event had during the Paris Couture Fashion Week, I have created a playlist with the ins, the outs and the abouts of the show. If you have any problem with the video embedded, just go to the What I Just Love Youtube Chanel. There you will find 3 videos, one with the show, one with interview to the attending celebs ( RiRi was there!) and another one with the backstage.

Chanel showed an amazing collection Autum/ Winter 2013-2014 in an ‘aftermath’ theater. The looks – a bit industrial, maybe not too haute couture- are amazing to me. Maybe it is not what many Chanels were expecting but creativity has its ways and same as Dior is less rock and roll now that Galliano is gone, Chanel has full right to change from time to time and give us surprises.

I like the fact that this Haute Couture is more wearable. At the end of the day, you don’t attend red carpet events everyday (not yet!) and I find it fun.. to break the rules. Maybe in coming years, we will see people in jeans and pajamas (ok we have seen already some pajama-looking gowns already) going to pick up their awards, getting married or attend dinners at the G8 Summit.





#OOTD WHAT I JUST WORE www.whatijustlove.comHi there,

The other day I went to the Sales. One of the “yes or yes” stops is Zara. Not because I am Spanish – and proud of it-, but well I just love this shop and everything in it.

I admire the way they have revolutionized the fashion business with this concept of  “fast fashion”. Do you know that it takes only 2 weeks from a picture in a blog to the shelf in the stores? To me, that is amazing and the end of the “seasons”.

This jumpsuit caught my eye immediately but was not part of the sale. That didn’t stop me because I couldn’t resist the color. REEEEEDDD! Probably that is why it caught my eye! hahaha.. it is not really discreet!

I used a silky black scarf around my waist to complement it. The necklace is a present from my hubby when he traveled to Uganda. I collect earrings and necklaces from around the world and this one goes well with the look as it has black, red and mustard.

The shoes I can not recall where I bought them ( ups! memory pill- but it says Fioni on the sole), and the bag is one of the samples for Alegria Silva (design in process, my dears!, not for sale as yet).

Well, I decided to add a new category to the blog as I enjoy being in the pics and love to get dressed up. I know we have to work on the quality of the pics but well, step by step.  “What I just wore” might be a good name, eh?

I hope you enjoy it!

Luv, (and if you are Muslim, Ramadan Kareem!)




Hi there,

I saw this beauty and have to share it with you all. I am specially thinking in one of my subscribers, architect by profession and by passion.

It is not the first time that Zaha Hadid surprises us, fashionistas, with amazing designs, fluid, beautifully delicate, simple and complex at the same time. If you like her creations in architecture, you will love this shoes, because they are architectural in every way. They are totally Zaha.

They are high, not sure if I can use the term “high heeled” here because as you can see there is no heel to be seen. 6.25 inches, which equals 15.8 centimeters. Wow! That is a good lift!


When I first saw them, I was not sure about what material could that be, if they ever had the intention to make out of them comfy shoes. Probably comfort was not top of the list when doing this beauties anyways, but it looks like they are more flexible than what they look. The top is vinyl rubber coated in metallic chrome, the sole or heel (or where the heel is supposed to be) is made out of fiberglass and the interior is lined with nappa leather. So probably they are lighter and softer than what they might look.

It is an very limited edition for United Nude, only 300 pairs. 100 pairs for each of the three colours : black, rose gold and silver. They cost 2.000 USD each, but well, you are wearing a  Zaha Hadid creation! I love her work very much.

And here you have the video of the making and the walking.. Hope you enjoy it!





Hi People!

Not many of you might know what a Kanga is. I recently traveled to Kenya and Tanzania and the Kanga happens to be the national dress. People use it on their everyday and also in special occasions.

For sure you have seen before this very african look. Kanga is just a rectangle of pure cotton. It normally has some sort of pattern, very bright colours and some message in swahili. The message is actually very important. Conveys blessings, old sayings or warnings. Some even have political messages. yep! Propaganda is really creative!

You can buy it everywhere, either the cloth itself – to wrap around-, either an already made dress, skirt or top.

The cloth itself is called Kitenge. It is pure cotton and it is a bit rigid because they use batik to dye it (manual wax-resist dyeing technique). Maybe on another post I will show how Batik is done.

Funny enough, when I came back to Dubai from my trip, I went shopping and guess what,.. there were kanga designs on the windows of so many shops.. so, if it is not trendy is what!

Well, here you have some pics of my African look. Me, myself and I with my brand new kanga that it is skirt and dress all in one.



The kanga post at www.whatijustlove.com

The kanga post at www.whatijustlove.com




Hi there!

The other day I got invited to the graduation of this year’s fashion students at Esmod Dubai. I was pretty impressed with the level as they put together a proper runway in the middle of Wafi Mall to show the works of the students for 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year.

You can see the expertise and the imagination that these students develop every course. Last year students are already proper designers.. ready to go to the world and dress it in style!!

The entire Brag team was sitting just in front of me. They are the organizers of Fashion Forward Dubai. Sorry I have to mention it… I love it!! (who doesn’t?). Hopefully next year my pieces will be there.. at the shop!.

I can send you the list of the names of the graduates in case you are looking for new young talent. As much as we love brands and international designers, we must not forget our local creators. You would be surprised how many designers had to migrate to make their dream come true.. and here, in the middle of the Middle East, this fact is sadly common, even though we all know there is an amazing market to explore.

Well, I took some pics and videos. I hope you enjoy them. For this very special occasion I even opened a Youtube channel. So please follow the Youtube channel to keep yourself posted on the last Fashion news from Dubai. Here you have the link.


Luv and Fashion,