With the A.. Angel sleeves!.. Le Fashion Dictionaire I

Hi there!

Sorry, It has been so long since the last post!!. My intention to post one day yes and one day no has been impossible since I came back from holidays. Reason behind is work, so I hope you all understand. These last weeks I have been working in a very interesting project, well, one day maybe I give you more details, for now, all I can say is that it was very intense and needed a lot of my time and dedication. So, no energy left.

I wanted to start my Fashionese dictionary so here we go with the first word.  😉  And the winner is.. with the A, … (drums in the background) …Angel sleeve.

These are the long and very loose fitting sleeves that look like angel wings. They were very popular in the sixties and seventies and now from time to time I see beautiful tops and dresses too- maybe not so hippie-hippie style anymore. We have seen them a zillion times and I must say I like them because they are very comfy.

angel sleeves hippie

“Angel sleeves are very loose fitting sleeves, very popular in the 60’s and in the 70’s”




These are some pictures for you to see the angel sleeves because at the end of the day, an image is worth a thousand words. This dress is from Asos- Sorry now it is out of stock. I like it very much. The angel sleeves are kind of subtle here.

angel sleeves asos dress

A better example is this top. You have seen this short sleeve version a lot this summer. Well, in Dubai all year long we have summer.. same with the cute colored dress.

angel sleeves top

angel sleeves colours


This type of sleeve we have seen a lot in Disney.. yep, I think it is a favorite for all the  princesses -Disney or Royal- from immemorial times. Check this dress.

angel sleeves dress


And to wrap up the images of the word of today’s post.. In children’s clothing we have plenty of angel sleeves, but at the end of the day they are angels.. ain’t it?


angel sleeves dress and little angel wearing it

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Hi there,

I wanted to share with you this weekend look (oh lala!). I love bright colors but at the end I don’t use them on the everyday as they might be too much “in-your-face” to go to the office, for example. For weekends though are just great and they cheer my mood up! We could say it is domestic color-therapy.

This weekend the therapy starts with this cute butane orange bolero from Koton I fell in love with. The way it falls over the body is very nice and you can simply use a tank top underneath to effortlessly look good. The jeans are so versatile, I don’t think I could ever live without them. These ones I bought them in Mango.


The earrings and necklace are from Glamorous Penguins, an online jewelry in Dubai that has super cute things.This one set has some flavor to Frey Wille‘s enamel collages and I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I recommend you to check their Facebook page as they are constantly updating it- kind of like fast fashion on jewelry only.The sunglasses are from  Ray Ban and even though I bought them some time ago, there are one of my favorites.


The bag is part of one of my prototypes so it is not yet in the market. I love it because it is biiiig, beautiful and super comfortable to wear- over the shoulder or with the hands. I will have lots of colors for this bag because I think it is one of those must-have kind of bag and I want to be able to combine it with everything. By the way, although I will tell you more in another post I am joining a Handbag Design course from the London School of Fashion very soon. I am so excited, I couldn’t hold it any longer! 🙂

The shoes are from THM and I have them in black and also in beige.They are the most comfy shoes ever and they look very elegant… I use them for every situation. In this pictures you might not see the details too much but they have very cute Swarovski crystals on top.


Well, I hope you like the look and it inspires you to be bold and use color therapy as much as you can. I am going to ask you to Like (thumbs up!) the Blog’s Facebook page as it is pretty new and it needs some tender love and attention from my dear followers. So, please like it and share it with your friends and family on your Facebook wall. Also today I just created the Linked in page of the blog, still is not quite ready but you can join me here to meet and greet professionals of the fashion sector.

The more, the merrier the community!





Universe.. Let it be Madrid!

images logo olimpicoHi there,

I’m watching some TV at home and I just realized that tomorrow is the big day when the IOC (International Olympic Committee) will make a decision about what is the next city to host the Olympic Games.

I am Spanish and I live in Dubai. Madrid and Dubai have big hopes for 2020. It must be a magic year or something. In that year, Dubai wants to host the World Expo and Madrid, the Olympics. Both have great chances to get them awarded. The vote for World Expo will be in November, so now my focus is on Madrid… which is tomorrow night!!

So, this is my little wish for the Universe. Let it be Madrid! After pitching 3 times with this one, having most the infrastructure already in place, good weather, amazing sports people (Nadal, Gassol, ..), being a country that loves sports and invest in it so much -check out our Liga to see what I am talking about (joke :)), .. All this might be reasons enough for some, for me, the main reason is that we are a great country full with happy smiling people, people that love to make you feel at home… I know so many people that came from abroad to study, to work temporarily.. but decided to stay and still are there.

We like to party and to celebrate life with all our heart and the Olympics are one great celebration!. Soooo- I am applying The Secret badly here while I cross my fingers- please, please, please Universe, let it be Madrid- are you feeling the sun in your face while seeing all the white flags saying Madrid 2020?, are you smelling the electric atmosphere at the stadium?.And the winner is.. Madrid! Yes! Madrid! Yuhuuu!