Wow! I can not help but to sing out loud this song.. Why? Why? Ok, if you are not in this side of the World, I understand you dont know that Dubai has won just now the Expo 2020.

I leave you here.. i have to go to Burj Khalifa to join the celebration!!






Hi my dears!

I love attending events.. Some would say.. Really?.. Well, yes! I love to meet new people, go to new places, and as project manager, I appreciate the effort behind every little detail. You have seen quite a few events here in the blog, some totally un-fashion related.. I dont mind, we are far too complex to fall under one little category anyways.

There is an event that I would love to invite to attend to all my friend bloggers and people interested in blogging in this side of the world. It is to happen very soon and in my dominion (Dubai Marina Kingdom) so block your time on the 4th December between 19.00 and 21.00. and join us at The Curve to learn about how to grow your blog (even to make it a business). The class will be lead by Teresa Karpinska from Styledrifter.com. The Dubai Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers Community, which I am very proud of being a co-founder, has a special discount of 15% for all the members.


It is very easy, check in the page of our meet up and join the community. Let us know a bit about yourself and make sure you mention your blogs url. Inside the group there is an event created for Teresa’s class.This is the link.

The normal cost would be 200 Dhs and with the discount it will be only 170 Dhs. We have only 10 seats available, so please if you are interested, act fast. Also it is a pre paid event, please take it into account and dont leave it for last minute.

In a nutshell

  • Join the Dubai Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers Community here.
  • Confirm attendance to the event here.
  • Await for email with the rest of instructions and confirmation details.
  • Enjoy the class!

These are the details of the class.

  • The business of blogging with Teresa Karpinska.
  • 4th of December 2013
  • 19.00-21.00
  • Elken cafe, Pearl Marina Hotel in Dubai Marina. No worries, I also had to look where it was and live super close by.. hehehe..


Hope to see you there!






Hi dears,

Tomorrow we will know if the Expo 2020 will be coming to Dubai- or to Sao Paulo, or to Izmir, or to Ekaterinenburg. Can you imagine? These type of events normally change the life and landscape of a city. Dubai has changed so dramatically in the last 10 years, from rags to riches,.. Can you imagine all the changes the city will go through if we are selected? Wow! I hope they cap the rentals or else we will end up living under a bridge!!

The area that they are to use for the Expo Compound is in the Jebel Ali area and once the Expo is finished it will become a research center and a University, which I find great.. make it Public and it will be even greater! 😉

The other cities are good expo material for sure too, but I am sorry, my absolute winner is Dubai. Something I love about this place is the Can-do attitude everywhere.. You can achieve your dreams if you want to, you can transform, learn, change and become a better version of you and by doing so, improve the lives of everyone you encounter in your way. This is actually one of the principles of the proposal: Opportunity. The other two are mobility and sustainability. In this two, Dubai still has a lot to do as a city but the Expo could be a good beginning.

Well, I leave you with these inspiring videos and .. Lets get to work! ( I love that part of the video!) Because even if we dont win, we should get hands on with our Enviroment and our Development.

YouTube Preview Image


Luv and fingers crossed!!


PS: Rumor has it that if Dubai wins, the Sheikh will give one day extra holidays!!





Hi dears,

In November, every year, for some years now, we see moustaches growing everywhere. This is very cute and I appreciate the change of look from time to time, but to my surprise most of the men dont know what is behind the moustache.

That can not be.. it is just too bad!! It is a campaign to create awareness and so many people dont know what is it about..??? Ok, this is the story..

October is the pink month with events to support and create awareness for the breast cancer.. something well, that only happens to us, women. And November is the month dedicated to create awareness and support men’s health issues, which mostly are prostate cancer and depression. Yep! Nobody is safe of depression and the role our men are to play in most of the societies is not easy at all. Just think of the “macho” expected in all latin and mediterranean countries including my own. Tough!

A group of 30 men in Australia started the movement and started growing their moustaches for 30 days and taking pictures as it was growing.At the end somebody came with the name Movember and the thing exploded.

They raise funds thru their website and you can see the ranking of donors, so far being Canada and USA at the top. UAE has also a branch and this is the facebook page if you want to collaborate.

I did some handcrafts to join the Movember move.. even the scraps look nice!!! After the cutting and glueing, I painted the moustaches in black  to make it even more dramatic.


Grow a Mo -Quick Fix Kit by Me



Easy Weezy

They even have some slang.. like “Grow a Mo and be a Bro”..and the girls supporting, such as me and my lovely friends, are “Mo Sistas”. Ya tu sabeh!


Movember with the Sistas


Sexy even with a big black Mo!! 😉

Well, I hope now you are more informed and you help to spread the word.. get your brothers, fathers, friends, neighbours.. to get checked and go to the doctor from time to time. It is not that terrible and early detection saves lives.

Lots of Mo’s!






Hi my dears,

Yesterday it was one of the events that I mentioned in a previous post to assist and gather funds for the Yolanda Victims. Dubai is a generous city and that showed yesterday with people coming and going during the entire day.All the money and goods collected will be sent by LBT to the disaster area.

The food was awesome, the people amazing and the cause a really good one.

Let me show you some of it..


Amore Rosso, the restaurant of the venue, has an italian chef and a filipino chef -actually a wife and husband team!- when we arrived it was filipino food available as they were doing batches. I am not too familiar with it and the names are kind of difficult to remember but the chicken caldereta and the buko pandan (a green dessert that looks atomic and it is just delicious!) will stay with me forevaaaaa .;)


Nada and the Buffet

As it was a buffet, I picked up a bit of every dish and enjoyed all of them. The company was the best of the best, as I went with my friend and blogger Nada from Undefined Declarations and there I finally met Naomi from PinayFlyinghigh!! She was the brave organiser and soul of this project.


There we met other amazing people too as we were so lucky to share the table with other two bloggers friends of Naomi too. Sanne from Mitziemee and Pia from Expiatriatewife ( I love the name Pia!!). Please check their blogs as these ladies have a lot to say.

It is funny that we all come from such a different backgrounds, countries, culture, languages, professions,.. and still we all have such a strong bond through our blogs. Blogging is an amazing connection and I love it!

After the event and to make things even better we went to have a coffee to Reem Al Bawadi in Downtown Dubai. After getting lost for quite a while – who on Earth designed the roads on Dubai was planning to use helicopters and not cars!!- we reached. There we met Sarah and Yessenia. I loved the conversation and could have stayed there with them for a week chatting non stop!


With the girls!!

The place was very nice although the service was not at all. Still we got to enjoy a beautiful view of my favourite building.. Burj Khalifa. I have some many pictures of my beloved BK in my phone that looks like I built it!!


Impressive eh?

What can I say, I love my life and I love Dubai. I am very thankful for all the amazing things that come my way and all the private “gurus” and “teachers” that I am encountering here.

Talking about which, remember to be part our new project : The Happy- list. All the explanation is in this Happy Post. You can access to the facebook event in this link and see all the beautiful thoughts shared so far. I love them and wanted to thank you all for the great response and I must confess that your comments are so amazing and moving that you are transporting me there.. with you.. Thanks, Gracias, Merci, Danke, Grazie Mille!! Dont hesitate to share the event with friends and family, specially if they are having a tough time. There is a lot of happy thoughts there.

I have also done some other changes on the facebook page. You will see some new icons on the header.. Like the Pinterest and the Instagram icons.. if you click in the “more” buttom the Twitter and Youtube accounts will open up too. If you have no Instagram or no Pinterest now you can follow the pins and pictures from the Facebook page directly.

In case you have direct access, these are the links, please like and share as it makes me so  happy to know you are there.

Facebook– Twitter– Instagram– Pinterest

Lots of Luv,










Hi dears,

These last weeks something is going on.. some of my closest friends are kind of down, sad, depressed.. different reasons behind, some I might agree, some are “no way, get out” situations..

All this brought back to me the reasons why I started a very special list and eventually decided even to start this blog. We all have ups and downs. It is life and there is not much we can do about it. Well, actually I am of the opinion that there is a lot we can do.

We all face, at a given moment in time, problems, difficult decisions, fears that will block us, restrictions set by others (or the worst of them all, by us) and also sheer happines, amazing emotions from love, friendship, joy, just pure joy for no reason…ups and downs.

We might not be able to control what comes from outside, but we can control how we let it affect us. Allow me to share one of my tricks..

Le questionaire

Think now about whatever is bugging you.. is there something you can do about it? Then do it (now, yes, now). If not, then don’t worry, as it is not in your hands. At least dont let it sink your mood, dont let it alter your sleep, don’t let it change your pretty smile.

If you can not do it right now or it is actually a lot of things that could be done, do a list with your action points and check them as soon as they are done.

The Happy- list

Normally I am a very optimistic person, happy to be and all that jazz but some years ago I had some important downs in my life and by recomendation I started a very special list of the things that make me happy. Seems easy? Uff! You can not imagine how hard is to see the bright side of things when you are insecure, unhappy, sad, and dont trust a single person on Earth.. (Yep! It was very bad).

I had to concentrate on beautiful things, songs I liked, past happy events, simple things like the soft texture of a fabric, the smell of the rain in my hometown or the taste of dark chocolate (<3) and bit by bit, first by almost obligation and later by habitude, I started to have a kind of decent list. Just the fact of focusing on those things -instead of bleeeep- , actually was changing my mood. Those feelings, those simple thoughts, were such a blessing as they were a distraction from the pain and from destructive thoughts.

Faith and Gratitude

I learned that no matter what.. there is always light after the tunnel, the sun always comes after the storm and hearts are more flexible that doctors will ever believe.

I still write on the list and some of the things, I post them here. The name of the blog is the name of the list and now it is much easier to acknowledge how lucky we are, what great lives we are living and how amazing is life with all its rollercoaster curves and standstill silence moments.

Practice makes perfect so I recommend you start your happy-list today and thank God, the Universe, or whatever you believe in, for those simple happy moments. When you are down, just go back to your list, try to recover the emotion, the feeling of happiness that you felt when you chose that thing, that memory for your list… be grateful because if you like this sunset, there is people that might no been able to see it, enjoy your food, as some are struggling and call your mum, as she is missing you and will give you love-credits to feel supported.

Oh! my.. I hope the post is not too long because I still want to invite you to start a shared happy-list on the facebook page of the blog. The link for the event is here..Just copy and paste on the navigation panel.


Lets create a list of happy-things that in case any one of our entourage is needing, is there.. add freely and invite your friends to add their happy moments too. Post messages, pictures, quotes, whatever makes you smile.

Share the love and Just be happy!



Luv, Support and Light,








I hope you have been missing my posts lately, because I have been missing my blog baaadly!! These last weeks have been just so H E C T I C, but really, really! On the other side, I have great news!

Lets see, where can I start? Better by the beginning, right? Ok, well,.. tachan! we bought a house and you are all very invited to come and visit. My preciousness ( and the bank’s!) is in a green area, have a beautiful garden, a chimney and even a swimming pool. It is located in Madrid, more or less 20 kilometers from the center, but I have a train station very close so I can be in Sol in no time!.

In summer, while on holidays, we went ahead and started some visits to properties and what made this house the winner of my heart ( and my savings..) was a moment and a smell. Let me explain,.. during the visit, when I opened the balcony, it came a fabulous smell of pine trees. The house is surrounded by trees and pine trees. It brought me back childhood memories, amazing moments with family, with friends, up in the mountains, walking in the Pyrenees, riding bicycles and horseback riding .. That was it!.. There goes my heart!..The winner is…

la foto (2)

This preciousness is one of the reasons why I have been so busy and nervous. It is my first mortgage and I couldn’t imagine all the paperwork and care you have to put into it. I am also very particular and I need to read and understand everything, so maybe it is me, hehehe! Banks now are tough to deal with, specially in my beloved Spain. Crisis is still very present and well now, no need to say I am very happy and I can not wait to start decorating!!.

I believe in signs. There are signs everywhere, but normally we decide to ignore them, we are too busy to see them or we prefer to deny the messages. Signs can be good or bad. The day before the signature, I fell asleep and I slept -honestly- like a baby. I haven’t slept this deep and peaceful in years,.. so many years, I couldn’t even remember!.. I woke up late, I didn’t hear any of the alarms and I felt just so great, it was weird. I reached the office and started my work, I felt very energized, so I was totally aligned and things were going well.

During the morning, just before the signature, I received an email from Tala Farah from the blog My small obsessions..oh my! I won a perfume! and guess what.. it is SI of Armani. A new perfume I liked already since an event in Mall of The Emirates recently and that was in my “next-to” list. Khalas! Now I have my own SI.. Si means yes in Spanish. It is a clear confirmation that Yes!You can go ahead. You have the blessings of the Universe. Yes, everything is going to go well and Yes! you will smell beautiful too!

And well, everything went well ( Siiii!!!). Now it seems long passed all the come and go of emails and calls and stress with banks, sellers, realtors and lawyers of these last months.


Now , lets get serious.. I am very lucky- we all are- and we have some place we call home.., but there are people that have lost everything or almost. Yes, Si, Oui.. I am talking of the Philippines and the devastation that has been left behind Yolanda and the recent earthquake.

There are many ways to assist. I always use the Red Cross or Red Crescent. This is the link if you want to donate through the International Federation of  Red Cross and Red Crescents Societies. Choose your country, your region here and help if you can. I know my jamaican and spanish friends are very generous.

If you are in Dubai and want to help physically, the UAE Red Crescent is organizing an event on the 15th November between 8.00 and 17.00 in Zabeel Park (Amphitheater and MegaBowl area). Here you can participate by bringing food (please non perishables and non need to cook foods are better) shelters or medicines. There is no need for clothing as yet. Also there will be opportunity to donate in cash.

Also another friend blogger from the Philippines  is organizing her own event to assist. I will be there, supporting her and all the filipinos. Here you have all the info of the event and hopefully we get to see each other for such a good cause.

Lets help them… Now…It is our turn.

Lots of Luv and Good energy,