Hi dears!

This past Friday 24,starting at 18.30 more or less, something so-not-Dubai happened in Al Quoz. It was the first edition of Dubai Street Art. I enjoyed it so much, I hope there is more editions to come… and pronto!

I must say that lately Dubai ( or is it me), is craving for this kind of alternative events. Creation is part of being human and sooner or later we want to do, to imagine, to get our hands dirty.. There is plenty of malls and we know we can find absolutely anything here, but for sure you can not find in Dubai Mall one of my drawings or one of my pots. These are unique and very personal.. and also priceless.

They closed the area around Times Square and  allowed street artists to let their imagination fly. Let me share the pictures of the night!!

Hands on!





And this is Olga, another spanish national in love with Dubai that I met that night and that painted this gorgeous Dali, well and also the John Lennon behind and many other faces you will recognise. I love the colours!!


I have also another announcement, even though in Facebook has already been posted. The winner of the beautiful earrings of Glamorous Penguins that we have as blog’s giveaway is Maura Hales. Yeyy! Congratulations to the lucky one!

Lots of Luv!





Hi dears,

I am on holidays, back home, in Spain. Madrid is absolutely gorgeous in Christmas, although this year I missed the Christmas and the New Years Eve and flew right after. Yes, good guess.. I had to work!.

Now I am here and it feels like a dream as we are visiting family, friends and .. well, the new house!. It is as beautiful as I remembered it in August- when we fell in love and decided to purchase it-. Just now, it is not summer anymore and we don’t have the gas connected as yet which means.. No hot water and no heating. Brrrr! It is really cold now, ..our first winter in the mountains… We are not sleeping there as yet, well we don’t have anything there.. imagine, we bought one of those inflatable beds to have at least somewhere to sit while we are cleaning and finding all the tricks of the house.

It is raining like crazy in Madrid these days and surprise!!.. we found a damp spot and even a balling pump in the corner. So this area we will need to study and take good care of before we go back.

We had already the house warming event ( not party, although we were all very merry!).. as some friends came and helped us to start the chimney (now you see the house warming part of the event! ;). It was great. I loved the smell of the wood and the chimney, together with the pines and trees around the house. Just amazing! To you all, Cheers!!

Today it is the “Dia de Reyes Magos” in Spain. This tradition is very unique to us, as everybody just do Santa on the 25th of December.

In Spain we have three “santas”.. the Three Wise men of Orient. Maybe they are coming from Dubai with the camels and all, who knows!..


Every child has one favorite wise men. Mine was Baltasar (black one), the others are Melchor (white beard) and Gaspar (blonde/red beard).

They were the ones that on the Bible, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, came following a star to adore him. They gave Jesus three presents: myrrh, gold and incense. Probably because they were the first ones giving presents to a child, that they stayed with us and our traditions. So children will write a letter to the Reyes Magos and ask for their presents and try to convince them that they were good during the last year and they deserve them.

The Reyes are very clever and if you didn’t behave properly during the year instead of presents they will bring you coal (it is sugar, so still it is nice..). well, I wish you lots of love and happiness, no matter if the Reyes or Santa are the ones delivering.



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