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This is the second part of the blog post from the Taste of Peru event. Everything was so good on that day that it well deserves 2 blog posts. And Carlos Vigil  has to have one for him alone!. He is the other designer showcasing his amazing work at the catwalk in Madinat Jumeirah.

Carlos has been working in fashion for over 28 years. He is into Haute Couture and Pret a Porter. I got amazed by the details of the dresses, having used ribbon to criss cross over the silks and chiffons giving shape and definition with its intrincacy.. and all of it it is done by hand. I dont think there is any other way in this case. Simply beautiful!! He used colours I love ( purples, blues…) and to close the runway, a delicate bridal gown.


The name of the collection says it all – Metropolis- and it is inspired by the sky-scrapers of big cities and modern architecture. The patterns created by the criss cross and the embroidery definitely remind me of towers (just today I was in JBR and I was seeing dresses in every tower, lol).

The silhouttes are very sensual and feminine and it is not a surprise that between his clientele you can find all sort of celebrities, peruvian and international.

What I learnt in the press kit is that the Atelier is still a family business run by him and his three daughters : Cinthia, Lisseth and Vanessa, each of them specialised in one creative area (no accountants in this family!).

I have put together the pics of the catalogue. You can enjoy mine on the Facebook page.

Go, check, like and share at your will!

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More info on Carlos and in his Facebook page.





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Last week, during the Dubai Food Festival (the name already sounds so yummy!), there was a rather different and lovely event I attended.. It was the Taste of Peru and it was organised by the Peruvian Embassy and the PR’s in TOH between others.

In the Amphitheatre in Madinat Jumeirah, they mixed two of the things I like most: food and fashion . I added another F to the equation.. -achtung with your thoughts! as I mean Friends! Seema and Julie were there too!!.


On the food side they showcased ceviche, empanadas, and many other tapas-sizes delicious dishes. On the runway, it was time to shine for Michelle Belau and Carlos Vigil. Two very talented fashion designers from Peru.

Allow me to introduce you to.. Michelle Belau!! In a different post I will show you Carlos Vigil amazing creations.

Lucia Cavero- the designer behind Michelle Belau- has beautiful and very wearable dresses. I fell in love with the shirt dresses, good for every occasion -including the office!. They have just opened a shop in City Walk- so good eh!.

See the covers for the head??I absolutely love them and was conspiring to do my own based on a very famous queen of Spain – Isabel (History reminder, yep!: the Catholic Kings). Like a year ago RTVE (spanish TV), started the broadcast of a TV series with her life and achievements and her dresses are to die for!! It is funny that the name of the actress in the role of Isabel is also called Michelle. 😉


Belau has beautiful silhouettes, simple yet sophisticated lines and they look comfy on top of it all. I would wear them all!!

Now the evidence,.. see the pics.

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Go get the look at the Michèlle Belau atelier in Citywalk, Safa Street, Jumeirah, Dubai
Tel: 04 344 9989





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Recently I wrote about some gorgeous Lanvin necklaces (to review blog post click here) and this is my take.



Whatijustlove.comLooks cool eh!.. I got it done at The Wired Up shop in Dubai Mall. A little shop on the way to the dancing fountains in Dubai Mall. They have them in Silver and Golden wire and can add different stones or shapes to it. I loved this turquoise shiney stone and we mixed it with the white for extra cuteness.



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By now, you probably have seen already these Lanvin loud and clear Mian’s- Messages in a Necklace! – I just made it up. Dont think that is the real name, but.. sounds good, doesn’t it?




What messages I am talking about?.. Lol.. This is what I call a good subtitle. I have seen so far “Cools”, “Happys”, “Loves” and “Helps” around. The Lanvin’s are probably a bit expensive for my budget- more now, after the intense Christmas and January sales sprees-  but I think we can replicate with wire and customize it to our liking…

What do you think? What message would you want?



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Hi dears!

Today is International Women’s Day and we all have a reason to celebrate because we are lucky in every possible way. This is not about feminism, this is about embracing ourselves and what we bring to the table together with our fabulous men.
Being a woman is still a big challenge to overcome in certain countries and we all have to help in order to make things change. Dont pertetuate the “she cleans, she stays at home, she is not as capable as the boys”. We women can do same, but we might be better in certain things and this is to be discovered on a one on one basis. What are your talents? Find them and make a difference in the world. No matter if you are girl or boy, you will find obstacles. Fight and overcome them and let your star shine.
Now, there is one important issue.. We all have to help. Stop the bitching and start the supporting. Ask your friends what their dreams are. You will be surprised… We tend to keep them to ourselves or even we deny them out of self belief they can not be accomplished. Putting dreams into words is difficult but once you pronounce them, they will just start exisiting. Yep! Powerful call, eh?
There are situations were the differences are aggravated, with wars, violence, cultural issues, poverty and lack of possibilities around the Globe.  Saudi is famous for the restrictions on women (check this amazig blog post from my friend Nada on precisely this). Rape cases in India are tremendously high. Ablation keeps on being practised in some African countries. Killings of innocents is common wherever there is any war or conflict ( my thoughts go now to Syria, for example). What can we do in these cases?
One day we will all be equal, to the eyes of God, the Law and our own selves and no life will be more valuable than other. I hope that day comes soon but for now I see there is still a long way to go for us as a society and as global village.
To me, the only way out of this mess at a global scale is education. Empowering people through knowledge and giving them the tools to reach the fruit of their own dreams. Not easy, I know. But one project at a time and with the support of you all, it will happen.
Happy Women’s Day!
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