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I am reading a book that a very good friend of mine lend me – Thanks Julie! 😉 . It is about contemporary fashion designers (from Taschen) and I wanted to share with you some of extracts of the interview and some notes and facts about his life.


  • Born in Piacenza, 1934. Italy.
  • Studies medicine.
  • Worked as a Fashion buyer.
  • 1964, was hired by Nino Cerruti.
  • Successful freelance designer.
  • 1975, the brand started (with Sergio Galeotti)
  • Now the brand has 6 major fashion lines and has diversified to even hotels.
  • 2000, Major retrospective around the Globe.
  • 2005, Giorgio Armani Prive- haute couture-like collection.
  • 2009, Flagship store on fifth avenue, New York.
  • He is very caring. Helps in AIDS projects for disadvantage children.

Notes from the Interview:

I have realized ove time that I have to take responsibility for my actions and beliefs.

Q: What are your signature designs?

A: I would say that I am best known for my deconstructed jackets, for me and women.

Q: Whats your ultimate goal?

A: I like to think that I can introduce people to the idea of simplicity and elegance.

Q: Whats your definition of beauty?

A: A natural, clean, effortless quality. Beautiful people are not necessarily the best looking- more the ones with poise and self confidence.

Q: Whats your philosophy?

A: Be true to what you believe in and follow your passions.

I honestly admire his drive and his work. He is an institution in this industry.. yeah! Emporio Armani is very appropriate indeed for all he has achieved.  I am so inspired by the fact that he studied medicine and not fashion and yet in such a difficult and extra elitist world he made his mark. In a way it makes sense, when we are to study our degrees, to choose what will most probably the future professional path, we are just too young. And creativity is a very scary skill, it can make you a genius or a total fool or you might live like a fool and very much later, maybe the public gets to appreciate what you did. I am thinking Van Gogh for example.  He lived in poverty, he couldn’t sell his paintings and look now…

Still when creativity is in you, it haunts you… it is like water.. No matter what you do, it will find its way out. My suggestion is to follow your instinct and enjoy whatever the outcome. Lets just flow.




The VMAS.. my sincere opinion.

Oye eso!

Everybody is talking and tweeting and instagraming about the VMAs. Who wore what, What wore who and Who is who anyways. I am a bit lost within this celebrity sphere, specially now with so many teen series that bore me to death and for some reason, they looked the same to me (vampires and girls killing and bitching).

Lets review, as I am not too impressed at all with the looks of this year….

As usual Queen B was awesome. She looked perfect and she performed perfect. Boy! she is amazing and look like things in the house are getting better as Jay Z and the baby Blue Ivy ( is that a real name?) were there. Solange also went, she wore a H&M suit, but I kind of feel she forgot the Tshirt or something.. better do a check list for next time, dear.

Solange Knowles


























Iggy Azalea was wearing a silver Atelier Versace dress.. Very pretty in the front, but made her rear a bit too much. The dress is great, she has a beautiful silhouette but.. mmm.. no. Not sure, too stiff, not comfy or something.. she doesn’t feel like enjoying it.

Nicki Minaj came with a re short snake dress.. very much Nicki. In this VMAs there was a lot of animal print in the looks.. check Charli XCX as a tigress (terribleee!), Michelle Williams  with Giraffe print or Cynthia Watros with the zebra dress. I guess over there is a bit like the jungle and it shows somehow.

Also there was a lot of leather.. not only Miley Cyrus with her very futuristic and comfy ‘all is leather, baby’ look, Ariana Grande (Confusing look, confusing age, please don’t be Britney!) and many others choose leather as statement. I like leather, it is luxurious, soft and primitive at the same time. It is for me the material of choice. By the way, Myley says now she is retired from twerking.. No more comments. Miley Cyrus

Katy Perry came with Riff Raff in all denim matching suits from Versace. Well, it is not my taste but it is very much hers.. always playing and breaking rules and being totally random. She is like this and I love her freedom. Besides, she looks like this Marvel Super hero. Go girl go!


I have a very similar outfit to Rita Ora’s.. red, sexy, showing skin, lots of it …mine is not a dress but a silky pj’s. Not sure my mom would let me got to the VMAs with it




Taylor Swift came with a fun bodysuit, in a cute blue color and full of letters stamped all over. It is a Mary Katrantzou piece and it is not easy to rock but Taylor with thoooooose legs of half a kilometer makes it look great. I wouldn’t dare to be honest!

Charbel Zoe was the one dressing J.Lo and she looked amazing. It is the kind of dresses she likes and she looks so good in .. sexy, sensual and glittery ..very J.lo. When I went to his runway show, I was just picturing every dress for her. This is your designer my dear.

I saw some lace.. most of it white, in dresses the colors red and silver metallics were all over but I think the king was black. Like Queen B, Miley, Jenner or Chanel Iman ( amazing in that Balmain dress). Talking about Balmain.. Kim, please.. cover yourself.. In general, there was a generous display of breasts (Kim, Demi Lovato, Rita…) and skin (you saw Amber Rose’s look?.. chains and knickers.. Yallah!I am ready for the VMAs!).

Checking the guys outfits, it is all soooo different. Why we women need to show to sell, specially in this music business..? Boy! We need more Adeles in the World. Instead of the Music awards looks like a Cattle fair..


Anyways, there were outfits that I like, not because I would wear them but because they reflect the personality of the wearer.. like the one of Gwen Stefani.. totally her!. Or just because it was fun, like the one from Victoria Justice ( I don’t know who she is but I like the skirt and the #hastag bag and the fun around it!).


You want to check all these dresses and share your thoughts?… I checked them in this link from VMAs directly. The videos are there too. At the end of the day, it is about the music of these amazing performers.

Lots of luv,

Leli – Gwen Stefani



Hi dears!

Just a brief note on an amazing place I just discovered even though many friends have recommended it to me tons of times.. Why I got it recommended so many times? Because I am a fan of mexican food ( and mexican culture) and well, I really had to go to Maria Bonita. It was my destiny.. It was written somewhere.

Maria Bonita has a restaurant in Green Community and another in Jumeirah. I went to the Jumeirah one with my lovely friends. We had lots of fun and lots of food.. and it was just delicious!


I tried the Enchiladas and I recommend them very much.. but ask Edgar or Christian for advice if you are not sure about what to order. They are real chilangos ( from Mexico DF) and they are just so friendly and nice.. like in Mexico. I have traveled to Mexico like 6 or 7 times.. I lost count.. and the warmth and hospitality of these people is just amazing and to me is one of the best assets they have  as a country. Ok also the food, the art, the history, the beaches, the culture, the colors, the landscapes,the tequila, the music.. even the desmadre (chaos) is so colorful and vibrant in Mexico that it makes it beautiful.

I tried the salads of my friends -with nopales (cacti)- and it was also delicious but the best of the best.. the cream of the cream, the top of the top.. was the dessert I choose… some might disagree in this one choice of mine but it is something not so easy to find outside Mexico and it brings me just so many good memories. What is it? .. Chocolate!.. You might know Chocolate is coming from the Americas and that the indigenous used it to do xocolatle.. mixing the cocoa beans with milk or water with a molinillo.. mmm.. hot chocolate. This chocolate is called .. de la Abuelita (literally from Granny).. The flavor is different to what you are used to.. this chocolate doesn’t have as much sugar and it is a bit bitter, the aroma is from outside this word. This totally conquered my heart. What to say now? Viva Mexico C@Br*nEs! Ups!




And I recommend it a lot!. Scarlett is just such an impressive actress. She and Morgan Freeman just nailed it. The movie is goes pretty fast and there is action, a bit of philosophy and to me.. a lot of after thinking. If you have the chance, go watch it.. it is worthy.

Little advice

Avoid to come to the cinemas in the JBR- Marina area. As much as I love it here, the traffic jams right now are just too much as they are closing lanes due to the tram construction. If still you want to come to the cinemas at The Beach make sure you have patience and time to be 45 minutes to 1 hour in traffic so that you dont miss the movie. 😉

Little anecdote

Please note that it is PG 15, ok?… For some reason they asked me at the cinema a zillion times if I was actually over 15.. I thought I was not understanding properly and “my logical brain” translated it as “50” ( hellooo, long are the days that they asked me for the ID!!).. I was all upset until the lady insisted .. 1.. 5… Boy! That made me smile!

Good nite!



Hi dears!

I want to share with you a little story… I met Christelle Raad at the 15th Women’s exhibition at Dubai World Trade Center in December last year. Her cute booth was really eye catching and me and Daniela had to stop to browse and buy. That was the beginning of what it is today The Fashion Palais and The Wedding Palais, being her flagship shop now open in Jumeirah.

She is just such an amazing woman. I feel proud!! From an idea, all the way to the shop and at all times checking what would make her customers happier. She represents designers that might or not be new to UAE but always are amazingly talented. Of course, what you find in her shop are unique pieces that are just beautiful.

Not long ago, she put together an incredible event at the F. Lounge in Emirates Towers, showcasing a runway with an italian designer called Gianni Calignano and a french lebanese designer, Jean Fares. Both designers were here in Dubai to meet and greet before and after the event and they were very nice and approachable. Their gowns were astonishing, femenine, delicate.. just lovely!

Calignano has a love for jewelry and his dresses were covered with Swaroski’s. He wowed me a number of times on that night. Just impressive!


Jean Fares collection has beautiful siluettes with extravagant cuts and transparencies leading the way. Shereen Mitwalli the presenter, was wearing one of Jean Fares sequin, open back dress and she looked totally amazing ( she is already beautiful, I know!).

I was surprised to see some hispanic cuts too in Fares collection, flamenco style.. All I must say… Ole! Ole! y Ole!.

There were a lot of celebrities in the event – Too bad I am terrible with arab celebs!- but the event was great and it is no wonder they were part of it. To organise it, Christelle went the extra mile and got herself aligned with big partners like Rolls Royce. Outside the event, there was a gorgeous red carpet and parked beside it, some Rolls Royces  for you to admire and melt.

What else is left for me to say…? That it was an incredible night, that she made me feel proud and inspired and that we all have to go check her shop in Jumeirah, pronto!


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