Hi dears!


October is almost over.. In this month, we, women, receive zillions of messages in tv, radio, malls, media everywhere to check our breast and be very aware that with prevention we can get cured in the event we would find something as terrifying as cancer. Same as November is now Movember and guys are invited and prompted to check their prostates, October is the breast cancer awareness month.

Every year I write a message with this topic and it is because I love you, my readers, and as you know I have a close story related to this.  The importance of this check ups is huge, bigger that the uncomfort. Trust me!

You probably have heard of the Safe and Sound campaign that every october Burjuman puts in place. This year I was nominated to a cute game by Seema (from Sparkle with Seemz- follow her blog if  you have the chance). .. me and Anna, who I am so sad to see leaving Dubai ( Good luck, darling!). Let me tell you about the game. .. I have received an envelope with pink vinyl strips to glue to some of my shoe soles. I love crafts so I am in!!

While in Madrid recently, I had to stop to shop for some shoes ( the weather was not as I predicted) and I fell in love with this boots. Yallah! Now they will have a pinky sole. So if you see me walking around, your will be remembered of the check ups. 😉



With this I am to post it with the hastag #PINKBURJUMAN and nominate other two friends. I know this kind of campaigns happens only in October but I would want to  have this all year long. Maybe not the game, but indeed the message.

I did my check up already.. Did you do yours?


Lots of luv,








Hi dears,


I am still hanging there, coping with some exhaustion still .. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment, which I have been postponing for some time.. Now it is time to take care of myself again, and I say again because I am one of those who psycologist tend to call workaholic. I am not sure if this is due to the fact that I love my job, so it takes me close to nothing to enjoy doing it and being in my nature to be passionate, I just dont know how to do things half way or draw the line.. It might be that I have this philosophy that if you are to spend so many hours per day in an office (or site or reception or vehicle) then you better like it. So I select my jobs carefully, making sure I am going to be happy there ( with the task, the people, the company…). I can consider myself very fortunate as I never, so far, had to  stick to a job I didnt like.. at least, not for long.

Then what is first.. the chicken or the egg?.. In the past I learned how to control and draw the famous line.. Now I dont stay longerrrrr hours, I realised it is not even something so efficient at the end of the day. In Spain, where I come from, if you dont stay until very late, you are not committed. Your boss will expect you to stay until whatever time. I grew up in that terrible culture (when it comes to time management, rest is not bad at all!). Thank God, I got to travel and see the world and other ways of doing.. UK, was my first lesson about how impossible hours would not benefit me or the company. Everybody deserves to have a life, to have time to study that other language, to go to yoga or squash, to go out with the friends or partners, to sleep or just do nothing at all… We are humans, not robots. By the way do you know where the name robot comes from?.. It comes from the russian verb “to work”.

Well, that said… I am now trying to control myself from my “own intensity”.. which is my new issue. Eight hours in full intensity and focus leave you totally worn out.  Any ideas how to tackle it? Beside taking holidays or trying to break more often..I can not think of anything else. The holidays seem unrealistic as I want to go in Christmas back home, so I need to save the days.. The breaks.. are not impossible but a bit unrealistic too as we have so many things going on.

Going to bed now, as it is part of my “from now on” resolutions… But before, Happy Halloween to you all!! Are you doing something special for the most scary of the nights?











Hi my dears!


It has been a while since my last post.. almost a month. I am sorry.. all my efforts to try to post more regularly were just vanished, just dissapeared know sometimes life throws things and situations at you that require your full attention and now, a month later I am still there.. with my mind lost somewhere between stress, sadness and limbo.

This last month, month and a half has been crazy.. I normally dont get too personal in this blog.. it is about fashion, lifestyle.. it is supposed to talk about something that doesnt hurt ( even if sometimes certain styles may hurt our eyes), it is supposed to stand by the name -what I just love- not what makes me think or what makes me sad or what makes me just want to give up.. but all those feelings are very present in my life too. I guess in todays days we all want to look picture perfect and this aint pretty.. feelings are actually quite messy.

Anyways, just bear with me while I try to get back on my feet and feel the happy vibrant me again. I miss me.. so it is my duty number one. I wanted to do so many things this September -October.. I wanted to attend and enjoy Fashion Forward, I wanted to help Maria Iqbal to prepare for it, I wanted to go to Gitex, learn a zillion things related to mobile apps and technology, I wanted to attend the Spanish Embassy for our national day, design more bags, push a new blog in spanish and keep on writing for my friends and fellows,.. one very interesting collaboration with Mona has been bugging me but I just could not write a word.. I just couldnt even call.. I felt blocked. Sorry dears.. I just realised I am so very human that it scares me.

Bit by bit, one step at a time..