Well, maybe quiet but relentless and hard worker… and definitely making his mark in Apple and the world.

Steve Jobs was definitely a leader, a disruptive visionary, Jobs “the Great”pushed so much to make his ideas a reality, but also looks like he was impulsive, intolerant, very difficult to work with or just to have around, etc.. Apple would not be what it is today if it wouldn’t have been for these two geniuses.Totally different profiles, each with their own style but both very effective.


I read in the Fortune magazine a very interesting article about Tim Cook and since I am a big fan of Apple and its products and I admire the protection and shelter offered to creativity in this company, I wanted to share with you what really strike me.

I didn’t know for example that Tim Cook was covering for Jobs medical absences and became official CEO six months before he died. The role, even though was not new to him, was very intense and to be on the spotlight and scrutiny was hard as he is a very private person. He realised that Jobs was protecting his team a lot, so that they could concentrate on the products and he intends to do the same but shares the limelight with his top management.

Jobs and him were good friends. To a point were when Jobs was sick, he offered a piece of his liver for transplant. Jobs declined but.. wow! what an act of generosity!.

He is 54, of kind nature and had to learnt to block all the nasty comments like.. “oh! Apple will not be able to innovate under Tim” or the “Well, from now on Apple will just go down the drain..” Time has proved all of  them to be wrong. Apple is financially in better shape that has never been before. It ranks better than Exxon Mobil or Microsoft.

Tim Cook has a voice and now he is not shy any more. He announced publicly that he was gay and speaks his truth about human rights, immigration, females on Wall Street, privacy rights, racial discrimination, etc.. He cares about society and its problems and has quite interesting opinions. I rather have Tim for president that Donald Trump honestly.

His team praises him because he let them do their thing and doesn’t micromanage them. Jobs was involved in every step and didn’t trust the work of his team. Tim feels more like a coach who knows that has an amazing team of people behind. I like that and I feel I have to learn to let go myself. It is difficult to delegate for me too, and well, I am not Jobs.

He is a fitness nut and wakes up super early (yep! totally not me!). Apple is now building a huge campus in Cupertino. It will hold up to 13.000 employees and will have spaces that will make your creative juices flow, a fitness center, a spa and an impressive auditorium. This new campus was designed by Norman Foster and the initial plans were initiated with Jobs being still alive and very much involved in it. I am eager to see how it will be when it is finished by 2016. The construction looks like a big spaceship.

Enough for now.. I will keep on watching this great leader.

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Hi dears,

Tia Carolina has come to Dubai!!. For real. No joke. She came with her daughter, the creative director of the fragrance section of Carolina Herrera Parfums to present Herrera Confidential at the Paris Gallery in Dubai Mall.

Of course you can imagine all the glamour the duo brought to the Fashion Catwalk on that already torrid Thursday in the middle of May.



To me, she is simply Elegance (big cap on purpose). I know I am a bit classic, maybe that is why her lines go very well with me. And one thing that just amazes me is that she is 76! and she is so full of energy, so beautiful and so open and curious about the world.


A bit about her life:

  • Born in Venezuela
  • Her first couture show, when she was 13, was Balenciaga.
  • Part of the high society in New York in the 70’s.
  • Part of Studio 54’s bunch : Bianca Jagger, Andy Warhol, Diane von Furstenberg..
  • 1980, she started her company motivated by Diana Vreeland, the Vogue editor.
  • 1984, she started a fur collection.
  • 1987, she started a bridal line.
  • 2000, the flagship store opens in Madison Avenue.
  • 2002, CH Carolina Herrera is launched as a more affordable line. Now fragrances, handbags, shoes, menswear are part of the portfolio.
  • 2008 the brand opens in the Uk market.
  • Now brand is part of Puig.
  • Plenty of awards: New York’s Award to Excellence, Spain’s Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts and Gold medal by the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute.

With such an amazing life and such a successful career doing what she enjoys most, there is no wonder why she seems so happy and calm all the time. I found this short video about her and her vision, work processes and inspirations for the Spring /Summer 2015. By the way, I love this pique material on this sophisticated dresses and suits. It looks tres chic, it looks tres put together, it looks tres comfy. Muy bonito de veras!

YouTube Preview Image
Lots of Luv,