Fashion Forward is coming very soon!

The design line up for this coming October event is impressive again.. Here you have the temporary agenda of Fashion Forward. Don´t forget to get your credentials, and get organised with time so that you don’t miss it.

FashionForward Oct2015

Keep the dates big and red flagged in your agendas:October 22nd-24th at Madinat Jumeirah and an extra day, the 25th at D3.

Thursday 22nd October – Day 1:

2pm                       STARCH FOUNDATION

2.30pm                 AMIRA HAROON (Presentation)

5pm                       NAFSIKA SKOURTI

5.30pm                 ARMY OF 1 (Presentation)

7pm                       ZAROON BY ZAREENA

8pm                       HUSSEIN BAZAZA

8.30pm                 BOUGUESSA (Presentation)

10pm                     MICHAEL CINCO

Friday 23rd October – Day 2:

1pm                       ZAID FAROUKI (Presentation)

2.30pm                 TALLER MARMO

3pm                       MASHAEL ALRAJHI

4pm                       ELIO ABOU FAYSSAL (Presentation)

5.30pm                 FATEMA FARDAN

6pm                       LAMA JOUNI

7pm                       DANY TABET

7.30pm                 ARWA AL BANAWI (Presentation)

8.30pm                 JELENA BIN DRAI

9pm                       ENDEMAGE

10pm                     YOUSEF AL-JASMI

Saturday 24th October – Day 3:

1pm                       BEDOUIN (Presentation)

2.30pm                 ORKALIA

3pm                       ZENA PRESLEY

4pm                       NASIBA HAFIZ (Presentation)

5.30pm                 SAID MAHROUF

6pm                       DIMA AYAD

7pm                       MADIYAH AL SHARQI

7.30pm                 AMBER FEROZ (Presentation)

8.30pm                 SABA TARK

9pm                       HOUSE OF NOMAD

10pm                     AMATO BY FURNE ONE


See you there!!




The family is growing.. Yes! but it is not the way you are thinking.. A few weeks ago my dear colleagues at the office got me a very special present.. a baby cat!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her little face with those huge blue eyes inside the box (with ribbon and all!).

For a minute I was speechless, full of gratitude and awe..and a bit worried. Just a week before, my husband broke the news of him relocating to South Africa.. and that means for us, more travelling to and fro. A cat or a dog at this moment -although I am a totally pet lover- seemed like an extra worry to handle, but I am so glad I got her. She is my companion now and I am so happy to come back home everyday to play with her until I am tired (she is never tired!).

Choosing a name was fairly impossible. Everybody giving suggestions and I liked them all. Eventually I performed an “auto-baptism”.. What is that? I let the cat choose. I wrote all the names in little pieces of paper, crumpled them and threw all the little papers at her.. Of course she started playing, juggling and one of the papers got her more interested.. So the chosen little crumpled paper read : Dora.

Yep! Dora, the explorer.. that she is indeed!.. but also Dora is a name of Greek origin that means “present”, “gift”.. Such a beautiful and totally to the point meaning.

So allow me to introduce you to the best present ever so far.. Dora!!…Dorita when she cuddles.

Lots of love!