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Hola! Hi! Allo! Hallo! Ahlan! Ciao!

Welcome to my little corner in the web. My name is Araceli Gallego, although family and friends call me Leli or Lil, I am thirty something, Spanish born, Dubai resident and life lover. Some time ago, while going through a very tough time in my life, I realised the treasure we have each day and mostly we fail to enjoy because we are busy or too focused in other things. I guess I learnt my lesson. Today I consider myself very fortunate, I have health, love and a job I love. I am surrounded by amazing people, family, friends and passers by.. from all of them, I learnt something new.

I have many hobbies -some of them fashion related- and well, I decided to start this blog to express my thoughts and keep track of my inspirations. I have the dream of becoming a handbag designer soon and so I am preparing myself while I work in something totally different, but that I also like a lot.

During the day, I work as Senior Project Manager in projects happening in Africa. Such an incredible place, full of amazing people that inspire me every day. The projects are related to development: schools, universities, hotels.. During the night, I study, read, write and draw whatever I feel can help me improve.

I believe 100% in the Law of the attraction  and that is why this blog is called What I just love..I dont intend to write about things I dont like or that I think they are not worthy of my time or energy. Critique, if constructive, will be there, but that is about it. So, what do I like? Uff! so many things, but mostly fashion (shoes and bags, yep!), books, travelling,.. and all that we tend to call lifestyle.

If you want to be part of the blog, have a topic you would want me to write about or guest post, please send me an email to whatijustlove@gmail.com.

See you in your screen!!




  1. Who doesnt love fashion..and dubai is the best place to be ! Lil ur idea is brilliant, this blog will connect all fashion lovers, let’s get started 🙂

  2. Now i already know someone i can looked-up to with regards to fashion. My colleagues often times voted me up on a Fashion Monster leader-board. 😉

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