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Today’s words are very interesting indeed. You may have heard  about the A-skirt. the very cute silhouette super famous in the sixties and now in every store. Do you know where these terms are coming from? Let’s get to the definitions and the history of these shapes. By the way the man in the picture is the one creating these concepts. You know him?


What is an A-line?

The A-Line garments are shaped like the letter A, flaring out from a fitted waist or the shoulders to the hem for example A-Line coat, A-Line gown or A-Line skirt. The term was coined by Parisian fashion designer Christian Dior,  who introduced the style in the Spring of 1955. Yep! He was the one in the pic before.

Dior is quoted as saying “I have designed flower women”, when referring to the A-shapes.


What is an H-Line?

A style of dress, introduced in 1954 by our celebrated Christian Dior. This shape feastures a high bust, low waist and relatively straight sides, resembling the letter H in form.H-. WHAT IS AN A -LINE?


What is an Y-line?

The Y-Line dress was introduced in Autum of 1955 by, well, you guessed it right.. by Christian Dior. The characteristic shape of Y is suggested by the use of clothing that is tight-fitting at the legs and waist, flaring out at the top with wide shoulders and /or large collars.Y LINE - WHAT IS AN A-LINE?


It seems that the alphabet was very inspiring for Monsieur Dior, right?. He was extremely shy but his talent spoke louder that any words could ever shout. He was a master at creating shapes and silhouettes. His time was not easy, think of Europe convoluted by the many conflicts, by the war, with not much food, leave aside fabric, with fears and uncertainty. For some reason, in hard times, the best of us comes up and shows.



Hope you enjoyed the words of the post. If you have any word that you would want to add to the fashionese dictionary, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

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A new word has entered our dictionary. This time we aim to know what is a gaiter in fashion and to my surprise new other words came up like spat or spatterdashes or puttee. Is anyone of them familiar? To me, no.. not even in Spanish!. These words have their history and I find them very interesting indeed.

What is a gaiter?

A gaiter is a piece of fabric worn over the shoe, extending to the ankle or the knee. They are worn over the shoe and lower pants leg, and used primarily as personal protective equipment. Originally, gaiters were made of leather. Today, gaiters for walking or hiking are commonly made of polyester or similar.

Think that before people used to horse ride and walk on the mud all the time. This was a way to protect the shoes and the legs form getting wet and dirty or hurt from the stirrups. On top of that, I think it gives a very nice silhouette to the leg.

Do you recall those gorgeous victorian shoes?.. Well, in your mental image you have the gaiter. Check these beauties. I like both for men and women.

what is a gaiter? GAITER, SPAT, PUTTEE victorian gaiters, GAITER, SPAT, PUTTEES

Whats is a spat or Spatterdashes?

Spats, a shortening of spatterdashes, or spatter guards are a type of classic footwear accesory covering the instep and the ankle. Spats are not the same as gaiters. They cover different areas. It was an accesory very en vogue in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They fell out of fashion in the 1920s with the cars and concrete and asphalt streets.  The wearing of spats is often used as a symbol representing wealth, eccentricity, or both. Lol! I just have Scrooge McDuck in my head!! Well, still I find the spats very interesting and so did Chanel for the Summer/ Spring 2014.


chanel spats. GAITER, SPAT, PUTTEEspats chica. GAITER, SPAT, PUTTEE










What is a puttee?

According to Wikipedia… A puttee, also spelled puttie, is the name, adapted from the Hindi patti, bandage, for a covering for the lower part of the leg from the ankle to the knee. It consisted of a long narrow piece of cloth wound tightly and spirally round the leg, and serving to provide both support and protection. It was worn by both mounted and dismounted soldiers, generally taking the place of the leather or cloth gaiter.

The puttee was first adopted as part of the service uniform of foot and mounted soldiers serving in British India during the second half of the 19th century. Originally comprised of long strips of cloth worn as a tribal legging in the Himalayas. The British India Army found this garment to be comfortable and inexpensive, although it was not as smart as the gaiter.

Eventually it stopped being used for hygienic and medical reasons (varicose veins). Also I can imagine it was not the fastest piece to be adjusted, imagine in case you are attacked by surprise. They have recently found an Austrian Soldier frozen in a glacier with a spoon inside his puttee. Looks like it was frequent when soldiers used to eat from a common pot to keep their spoon with them.

What is a gaiter? What is a puttee? What is a spat? GAITER, SPAT, PUTTEE


I hope you enjoyed the post as much as me researching about this cool garments. Do you think they will have a comeback to our fashion scenes? Some are starting to show already…




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And the new word for the Fashionese- English dictionary is Lookbook!..We hear it everywhere, every season..but what is it? What is a lookbook ?

It is a collection of photos..  For models to show their beauty, for photographers, make up artists or stylists to show their talent, for bloggers to show a style or some outfit. In the case of designers, a lookbook is created to show the designers collection for the current season. It tends to focus on the clothes themselves so the pics don’t need to be very creative but be actually very illustrative.

Also there is web called Lookbook.nu that allows you to see and post your looks. It is great for inspiration and I think I created even a profile some time ago. Thing is, there is so much stuff around I just can not handle all of it. There other pages similar to lookbook.nu called Chicisimo.com, Polyvore. com or Trendtation.com if you are interested.

These are a good example for standard printed lookbooks..In order 1. From Serena Fagence.. 2. Markus Lupfer and 3. From Jota Mas Ge.

Examples of lookbooks

What is a lookbook in Fashion?

What is a lookbook? LOOKBOOK MARKUS LUPFER 2011








What is a lookbook? lookbook jota mas ge












If you have any other word you want to add to the dictionary, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment!

On the meantime, enjoy this beautiful month of February that just started. I love this month as it means.. Valentines! and on top of that, the weather is just gorgeous now here in Dubai. I am still not sure what to do, but lets see.. it has to be something cool, something unique .. My husband deserves only the best! Any ideas?





This is the word I have picked for today’s post. Being Spanish and having lived so many years overseas I end up having a “Spanglish” as mother tongue and a lack of the appropiate word sometime.. what I studied  has nothing to do with fashion and so this is a great way to learn and share, in case you are in the same situation as me.

Ok, back our our fashionese Dictionary. “Fit and Flare” is an adjective used to describe garments that are close fitting at the top and flare out towards the hem. Examples include the “fit and flare skirt” or the “fit and flare dress”.

I have a skirt I absolutely adore that is of this kind. This skirt has been part of my staples since my Jamaican times because it is super comfy, covers your legs and in my case, I have the feeling it would protect me from the mosquito bites without being thick trousers. On top of all this, they look great as this siluette is very feminine.  They come back in fashion from time to time and I always buy 1 or 2..

Do you have some fit and flare garment that you love and would want to share? We will add it to the visual Fashionese Dictionary on the Facebook Fan page of the blog!!. Please send your look to whatijustlove@gmail.com or to the blog’s facebook page, the twitter or the instagram.

I leave you with the pics of a look I put together with my black fit and flare skirt. These pics we took after a lunch with some friends at Little Bangkok, a cute nice thai restaurant in JLT. Disregard the belly, the food was too good not to eat it all! Lol.

IMG_9167 IMG_9168 IMG_9169 IMG_9172 IMG_9174 IMG_9175 IMG_9178


Skirt: Bershka

Top: Zara

Sandals: Aldo

Sequin top: Koton

Bag: Axezia


Lots of luv,