What I Just Love goes to South Africa!

Hi dears,


This has not been my first time in South Africa.. It is like the third and I quite like it here. It is a nice place, full of history and great people. The food is amazing and I was lucky enough to come at spring time.. and I am a flower lover.. so you have a happy me!.. Let me share with you the highlights of this trip and hopefully it inspires you to go and visit.


Probably you will be reaching South Africa from here. Sandton area is a must, you have the huge Mandela monument and the mall, with a theatre and plenty of restaurants and shops. There you have one of the Butchers -if you are from Dubai, you will know which one I mean.

Also there is a quite nice Library almost in front of the theatre.. I had to work and I am a bookworm, so my husband took me there and I spend good two hours roaming around getting excited about some findings.

Johannesburg is quite big, very spread city.. there are not many skyscrapers and I guess that is why it takes forever to cross.. you have a lot of 1 or 2 floor housing with a garden-something very british, I find. Johannesburg has a botanical garden and it is beautiful. I know it is not going to be in your tour guides but I quite enjoyed it. It has a huge pond- with ducks and guys kayaking – and areas to picnic. There is a Shakespeare garden and plenty of gorgeous trees, now in bloom.

You have to love Nature.. I do and I miss it very much in Dubai- at least until they finish whatever crime they are doing to Safa Park.

Here you have some pics


To go out and dine there are some cool options. You have Melrose Arch area- where one Mojo is located- I tell you more about it later, you have also a Mall called Montecasino and another area called Melville. Let´s review one by one..

Melrose Arch is a mix of commercial and residential within one compound. There are restaurants and bars and one big screen in a  kind of square to watch the Springboks play ( Rugby is huge in SA!). With the security issue I won’t recommend you just to roam around freely in Jozi (nickname of Johannesburg). If the locals don’t do it, I won’t do it either but I must say, nothing ever happened to me here, I am just cautious.

Mojo is a one of a kind restaurant- high end african cuisine with great decor and service. Every single time I have been in South Africa I came to dine there…

Montecasino Mall is similar to Ibn Batuta in Dubai.. a Mall that has a sky painted ceiling and decorated like somewhere else.. In the case of Montecasino like old Italy.. It is very nice, has a casino- there you have the name- and they change the sky.. making it full daylight or starry night. There are many shops, a cinema and a hotel part of teh complex. There is a resturant there you shouldnt miss.. It is called Beira.. It is a portuguese ( or Mozambican) restaurant and the food there it is just glorious. Try whatever dish with Prawns and you will thank me later.

In Montecasino you can also buy crafts, there is a very cute store that sells pretty african crafts and not the customary “Made-in-China”, saying “Welcome to New York”.

Another place where you can buy pretty arts and crafts is at the Rosebank Mall.. There is an entrance to the specific area for crafts and arts and there you have so much choice.. For crocodile bags to african textiles, to Ostrich carved eggs to handpainted wood trays.. all there is beautiful and you will want it all. One rule though.. always negotiate with the vendors. We have a huge neon message in our foreheads saying “Tourist” and they will charge you more just because. Basically.. do and buy as if you were in the Souk.

The last two places I want to tell you about in Johannesburg are a bit hippie, rundown, uptown.. Melville and Millpark. Melville is today full of pretty restaurants and houses, it has a flavour of boho chic, you can tell the restaurants there have had a facelift but kept the hippie soul. I love it there! You have also some shops with books and antiques and african fashion.They say it is the gay quarter, well, we have Chueca in Madrid and I love it too.www.whatijustlove.com

Millpark looks like it was some sort of industrial center just few years ago and it would have been reconverted into a pleasant patio where shops and restaurants offer their best products. I has amazing decor shops but the entire thing is like a spotless cute little stage. The food was great and the strolling through the passageways deliciously pleasant. The weather was with us in this trip indeed.

There is also something you don’t want to miss.. and it is culture. The theatre freak in me wanted to go and see what was on offer and I couldn’t make up my mind between two venues.. One, called Raising Mandela in the little theatre in Sandton Square, the other a musical called Burn the Floor that seemed to be doing really good between the locals.

The dancing one won the bet and off  we went. The Joburg Theatre is pretty cool, has different sections for youth development,  2 stages and one restaurant. The show was really good with music and voices live. The dancing was spectacular with latino rhythms and english songs and with a pretty good looking singer (I think he was italian). The music was so good I was moving my feet and my hands “playing drums” in the air.. If I can make a suggestion for this kind of musicals, please allow one area where people can stand and dance if they can not hold it. To look too much civilized when you are not, it is so hard! lol


Any ways, There are more things to do in Johannesburg. But It will be in another post, because this one it so long already!.


One Love from SA!


Araceli Gallego


Fashion Forward is coming very soon!

The design line up for this coming October event is impressive again.. Here you have the temporary agenda of Fashion Forward. Don´t forget to get your credentials, and get organised with time so that you don’t miss it.

FashionForward Oct2015

Keep the dates big and red flagged in your agendas:October 22nd-24th at Madinat Jumeirah and an extra day, the 25th at D3.

Thursday 22nd October – Day 1:

2pm                       STARCH FOUNDATION

2.30pm                 AMIRA HAROON (Presentation)

5pm                       NAFSIKA SKOURTI

5.30pm                 ARMY OF 1 (Presentation)

7pm                       ZAROON BY ZAREENA

8pm                       HUSSEIN BAZAZA

8.30pm                 BOUGUESSA (Presentation)

10pm                     MICHAEL CINCO

Friday 23rd October – Day 2:

1pm                       ZAID FAROUKI (Presentation)

2.30pm                 TALLER MARMO

3pm                       MASHAEL ALRAJHI

4pm                       ELIO ABOU FAYSSAL (Presentation)

5.30pm                 FATEMA FARDAN

6pm                       LAMA JOUNI

7pm                       DANY TABET

7.30pm                 ARWA AL BANAWI (Presentation)

8.30pm                 JELENA BIN DRAI

9pm                       ENDEMAGE

10pm                     YOUSEF AL-JASMI

Saturday 24th October – Day 3:

1pm                       BEDOUIN (Presentation)

2.30pm                 ORKALIA

3pm                       ZENA PRESLEY

4pm                       NASIBA HAFIZ (Presentation)

5.30pm                 SAID MAHROUF

6pm                       DIMA AYAD

7pm                       MADIYAH AL SHARQI

7.30pm                 AMBER FEROZ (Presentation)

8.30pm                 SABA TARK

9pm                       HOUSE OF NOMAD

10pm                     AMATO BY FURNE ONE


See you there!!




The second best Marigold Hotel

The best Marigold Hotel reviewHi dears,

Today we went to the movies using the Du Tuesdays offer- Yep! Again.. Who doesn’t love a discount?. This time we decided on The second best Marigold Hotel.. Just recently I watched the first movie on TV and I wanted to see the second part of it.

I love the aesthetics of this movie. India must be really inspiring ( too bad, I still didn’t have the pleasure of going there being so close by!). The colors, the rituals, the people, the wisdom, the family, and the dancing.. maybe it is all only in the movies. I can assure you in Spain there are not so many toreros and not all of us are flamenco dancers or dress with flowers in our head and say Ole!.. Stereotypes, right?

This movie inspired me to write almost immediately as there were some topics they touched with bare hands and feet.. Time and the lack of time, being one of them. The Marigold Hotel is a hotel for “the elderly and beautiful”.. like a pensioners house but in a hotel shape and with more spicy food probably.

The characters are of certain age ( or should I say old.. it sounds rude, kind of impolite.. we use so many euphemisms for aged..) and so they speak pretty openly of the time they have or might not have. Even the owner of the hotel speaks about that quite (too much) upfront. All this made me think.. In reality, none of us, no matter the age, we don’t have certainty of much time we still have left on earth, still we live without this in perspective… at least in my culture. At least, me.

Why is this? Is this because we are too scared of uncertainty that we rather look elsewhere, is it because without idea of future we might feel hopeless, is it because we, somehow believe in reincarnation or our souls flying around that we don’t see death as a concern? I don’t have an answer, but it strikes me. I am so unprepared, I have so much staff to do and so little time.. Time again.

What would happened if we would change our mindsets and live our lives as if every day could be the last? Would we be more grateful, maybe fight less, try to see what is really important and what not, would we kiss more, laugh more….. or right the opposite and live in agony, fear, desperation? Most religions offer an afterlife. Do we really want that, do we really need that? It’s a comforting thought indeed, but are we losing the benefits of the other vision for fear?

The other topic I loved, it is kindness, care, humanity.. Almost at the end of the movie, in a scene, someone tells something like this..- I came to see you and pay you respect. You decided to plant a tree, even though you know you will not enjoy it.- Time and the lack of it right there, but at the same time.. Choice, option… what do we do with our time? What do I do with my time? Can it be considered a seed, would it someday become a tree?.. I like this thought. Actually I think this is totally awesome.. Be good, do good.. No matter what. In Spanish we even have a saying.. Haz bien y no mires a quien, something like “Do good, no matter to who”.

Ok, my dears, enough for tonight.. I need to think. I need to sleep. I hope I have time to do it all! Lol. If you ever had these thoughts crossing your mind, please feel free to share.

Good night!


Araceli Gallego






Glow Spa Dubai in Jumeirah opened its doors under a new aura.

Kay is one of a kind. This beautiful and delicate lady is the new manager and soul of Glow Spa Dubai. If you see her, you think she is a model but when you have the chance, as I did, to spend some quality time with her you see that she is like a little angel.

She studied psycology, interior design, beauty, alternative healings… a little bit of everything that was catching her attention.. eventually all that has been translated into this new business.

Glow Spa Dubai has been relaunched and has now a different aura. I was lucky enough to experience it. The day I went it was one of those days that you feel tired from  morning, too much work, too much of the million and one little things that pressure us in our daily lives,.. that in me translates to.. I had a terrible headache. Checking the menu of services I realised how many holistic treatments they had.. theta healing, SRT ( Spiritual Response Therapy), Shiatzu, clinical hypnotherapy, Dorn.. Ok, well, this is not the typical spa- I  thought. I am very curious about all this things and some I have tried in the past.

Kay explains each of them patiently and says that she named the spa Glow because she believed that beauty and balance must come from within to show in the outside. Oh, I want that!.. lately I feel kind of unbalanced!.

I choose a head massage and it was just great. I felt much better afterwards and got to meet Rishelle, the bridal and events expert. She can advise you how to look gorgeous. She is an experienced stylist from France that works with celebrities.. and she was giving me some tricks too.

This visit was eye opening, so I definitely need to work inside and outside.. for the inside, lets see how it goes!, for the outside.. I am going back to Glow!.. mmm.. I will try the alovera mani-pedi next time!



Lots of luv,


Glow Spa Dubai Insta Account







Hi dears!!

This last weekend at the site where our awaited D3 -Dubai Design District- is being built there was a rather unconventional event. What made it different was that, for once ,it was not totally glamorous and bling bling! It was street style but not with high heels and Gucci bags in the middle of Dubai Marina.. It was urban street style as in New York, London or Madrid ( yep!  we also have!).


V. I. S: Very Important Sneakers

The total king of the event were the sneakers.. all over, there were shops selling or just displaying them. The other king was the sun.. high up on Friday morning and we were all missing some shade. At the Ray Ban booth we even helped a girl that was feeling dizzy because of too much sun and heat.

Me and my partner in crime, Maria Elena,  walked all the booths.. we saw the shoes, the sneakers, the clothes, the bags, the sunnies,  the bicycles, the puma shop, the food stalls, the caps, the Minis.. I love the Minis, and the reinvention of the gipsy van using them was so cool!



There were some graffiti artists working to give the total alternative urban look to the event.. Remi Rough was working on a quite high wall and needed a lift to create his abstract griffitis. Antoine Tavaglione or Tava was having fun with a pink Garfield close to our soles.. we also had fun as you can see!




Right in the center, there was a basketball field where people could play and also areas to skateboard around. The shops where hosted in containers, versatile, mobile, easy to transport and with the total urban look. The Puma and the Reebok were my favorites. The Puma because of the bikes. The Reebok one because it was bringing all the nostalgia back to me.. see why?.. Who didn’t have one of these babies in our teenager years?



As usual I have some comments on Sole DXB.. The price was ok ( 50 Dhs) but it was quite difficult to reach. If you do not have a car with an updated GPS, all I can say, is Good luck!. The D3 is all mystery for me and I really wanted to see the insides and heart of the Design district but all of it is blocked as it is still in construction. I understand the restriction to enter as there is still a lot of works going on and it would be a liability and a risk to allow visitors in. As it was not as ready, I would have maybe chosen a different location.. closer to Dubai.

The sun and the heat was an issue. For next year please some “sunbrellas” or some more shade. Water and drinks were available for free and that was a big plus!. People were nice and ambiance was really great. There were supposed to be talks, but they were delayed and we decided that we will skip them because the place looked really “in the process” and we were not sure how long would it take to get finished. Same thing happened with The Level Shoe District.. Not even close to ready by the time we left.

I know we know that all the visitors to any venue or event in Dubai tend to come late ( actually very late), but I still find it too bad that the organizers are not ready when they are supposed to.

Well, that is all for now. If you have any questions or comments you would want to add, please feel free in the comment section.

Lots of luv,






At the Grazia Fest

Darina calls me – Hey! What are you doing later on?

Me- mmm. Not much.. (on weekends, I can not really think fast for some reason..)

Darina- Well, then I pick you up and we go to Grazia Fest.

Me- mmm.. Ok!

So there we went! At around 17.00, even though the event was starting from 12.00 and the day before was on already.

Grazia was organising a festival type of event, the idea being a Coachella of sorts.. well, we are in Dubai, I guess we can not help it,.. so just when we were going in, some amazing ladies where coming out with stiletos and totally glamorous dresses.. Ok, maybe we should have checked the dress code.. what the lol!

Still, after our first impression, being beside the Barasti beach it was more relaxed than most of the events in Dubai and we enjoyed the time at the booths and with the familiar faces we were finding around.

There was an stage where some fashion brands where showing their pieces every now and then and DJ music, you could have a henna tattoo and get your make up or your nails done at Sephora booth or at Shiseido. The popo up shops were really cute and I saw some of my favourites ( Michele Belau, Vitrine designs, Charlotte Hudders, O’de Rose etc).

My lovely friend Viola was there too witha little booth. From her trip to Japan she brought really cool stuff. It is called Floats and they are toe rings, but like really pretty and rich. I bought one! I will show you in another post because I love it too much!.

Another stand that was a bit different was Cryo. They offer cryogenic treatment to lose weight and to smooth lines in the face. You could see how it works and well, it is cooooooold. Definitely the body treatment it is not for me (so prone to flus and cold feet and hands), but the face one, could be interesting to try.

One of the stands at the entrance ( Neutrogena if my memory doesnt fail) had the great idea of relieving stress the greek way.. by breaking plates with the sources of stress written by you.. Boy! not sure the science behind, but it works!

We enjoyed also some fire works and there was some concerts later on.. Our day it was Eliza’s Doolittle.. sadly I couldnt stay for that long. Friends that stayed said that she was good but maybe her performance was too short.

My thoughts on the Grazia Fest,.. It is really nice to have an alternative beachy- festival type of event- now that the weather is better-, the price thought was too high (150 Dhs), the food and drinks stalls were not too well organised like if you wanted coke it was a different queue than water ( somebody explain please!). Some booths were giving great goodies ( Iconic was really cool!) but still it feels like a pilgrimage of giving personal data and emails at every single booth. Still, I enjoyed it, but I enjoy whenever I am with my friends. By the way, do you know my lovely Darina has been nominated as Young Communicator of the year!! Yallah! I am so proud!!

Ok, enough for now.. Now let me show you some pics!





DSC_0019 DSC_0018 DSC_0017 DSC_0015 DSC_0013 DSC_0010 DSC_0007 DSC_0005



Hi dears!


Even though I couldnt hold it when I just finished it and inmediately I posted the pic in Instagram, I want to share with you some more info of this cute little creation of mine.

The inspiration has been my very good friend Sofia Bernate. She is unique, super intelligent, an amazing woman, full of energy and love. As adventourous  and curious as me and therefore best companion of many confidences, trips, outings (also nighty ones!) and excursions while I was living in Jamaica. You didnt know? Well, I lived in Jamaica almost 6 years.. I will tell you more another day, I need more that a small mention for this blessed island in the middle of the Caribbean that I called home for so many years.

www.whatijustlove.comBack to Sofi and the bag named after her.. The idea came from a piece of fabric my friends from Regal gave me to start playing around with the sewing machine. They are really generous and where most of my designs come to be a reality. So, see the fabric.. it is red with cute black polka dots, some of them with a rim of beads in white.


Having not too much of the same fabric I worked the design around – even though Sofi loves huuuge bags, the piece was not too big.  I came up with a even more passionate red piece of fabric for the linen to make even a bigger impact and avoid the polka dots of one side of being visible in the other.

I also added some interfacing to give it more structure and to protect the fabric as I think it might have been part of a sari or something delicate, specially the exterior fabric. You see there is a fold in the front? This allows for more interior space, gives more volume and breaks a bit the total symmetry of the polka dots. I love symmetry but in this case, I needed to break it and play with it.


To close the bag, I found a vintage metal frame with ball clasps and a cute Oh-so-Mrs-Daisy handle. This part was the trickiest to sew as it has to be done by hand and making sure the fabric and the linen (and the interfacing) would not move from the “assigned” hole and sticht to the frame.

I loved it and I will be doing more of this type some time soon.


On the meantime,  I stay tuned as I am really doing quite a lot of crafts now. (yuhuuu!).

Lots of luv,








And I recommend it a lot!. Scarlett is just such an impressive actress. She and Morgan Freeman just nailed it. The movie is goes pretty fast and there is action, a bit of philosophy and to me.. a lot of after thinking. If you have the chance, go watch it.. it is worthy.

Little advice

Avoid to come to the cinemas in the JBR- Marina area. As much as I love it here, the traffic jams right now are just too much as they are closing lanes due to the tram construction. If still you want to come to the cinemas at The Beach make sure you have patience and time to be 45 minutes to 1 hour in traffic so that you dont miss the movie. 😉

Little anecdote

Please note that it is PG 15, ok?… For some reason they asked me at the cinema a zillion times if I was actually over 15.. I thought I was not understanding properly and “my logical brain” translated it as “50” ( hellooo, long are the days that they asked me for the ID!!).. I was all upset until the lady insisted .. 1.. 5… Boy! That made me smile!

Good nite!





Hi dears!

I want to share with you a little story… I met Christelle Raad at the 15th Women’s exhibition at Dubai World Trade Center in December last year. Her cute booth was really eye catching and me and Daniela had to stop to browse and buy. That was the beginning of what it is today The Fashion Palais and The Wedding Palais, being her flagship shop now open in Jumeirah.

She is just such an amazing woman. I feel proud!! From an idea, all the way to the shop and at all times checking what would make her customers happier. She represents designers that might or not be new to UAE but always are amazingly talented. Of course, what you find in her shop are unique pieces that are just beautiful.

Not long ago, she put together an incredible event at the F. Lounge in Emirates Towers, showcasing a runway with an italian designer called Gianni Calignano and a french lebanese designer, Jean Fares. Both designers were here in Dubai to meet and greet before and after the event and they were very nice and approachable. Their gowns were astonishing, femenine, delicate.. just lovely!

Calignano has a love for jewelry and his dresses were covered with Swaroski’s. He wowed me a number of times on that night. Just impressive!

www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com wwww.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com


Jean Fares collection has beautiful siluettes with extravagant cuts and transparencies leading the way. Shereen Mitwalli the presenter, was wearing one of Jean Fares sequin, open back dress and she looked totally amazing ( she is already beautiful, I know!).

I was surprised to see some hispanic cuts too in Fares collection, flamenco style.. All I must say… Ole! Ole! y Ole!.


www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.comAAJ_8276www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com

There were a lot of celebrities in the event – Too bad I am terrible with arab celebs!- but the event was great and it is no wonder they were part of it. To organise it, Christelle went the extra mile and got herself aligned with big partners like Rolls Royce. Outside the event, there was a gorgeous red carpet and parked beside it, some Rolls Royces  for you to admire and melt.

www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com www.whatijustlove.com

What else is left for me to say…? That it was an incredible night, that she made me feel proud and inspired and that we all have to go check her shop in Jumeirah, pronto!


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Lots of Luv,









Hi dears,


After my recent review of April’s Glambox, I got amazing good news for you all!!

By now you all know I love this pinky box.. Not only the products are amazing, also the fact of receiving -the old style- Mr Postman ohhh!- a beautifully packed box of goodies every month, it is just such an amazing feeling.. Like if the Universe is sending a loud message.. “You are loved, Your are special, Now get pampered!”.. really it just makes me smile.


The amazing piece of news is that Glambox ME and our blog are offering a six-month free subscription now. Yep!  The value of this amazing giveaway is 449 Dhs ( Niceeee!).  This competition wont last too long, so hurry up and enter now.  In this post you can find the Rafflecopter entry in Facebook  to facilitate the entry.

What do you have to do? Easy! Just Like the Facebook’s blog page, the Glambox Middle East Facebook Page and share and tag the competition with your friends and family. The more invites and shares, the more possibilities you will have to get this pink object of desire for free during the next 6 months!

Sharing is caring and this is what is all about! Once you have finished, just comment below the famous “done!”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh! Also, there is another super special promo.. If you are interested in the 12 month subscription and until the 30th of April you can use the code GBFREE and will get the contents of the Glambox ME for free. The only thing you will be paying is the Shipping and Handling so the cost will depend on where you are located. Check the details in this link to use this promo code.

This is super cool if you have already tested the Glambox concept and you already know the benefits of becoming a year-round Glamista. I could use this promo to renew my subscription for example.


Luv, Peace and Beauty,



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