Do you speak Fashionese?


This new section in the blog is about this very special language called Fashionese used in the fashion industry world, shops around the Globe and fashionistas even from outer space.

Some terms you have heard for sure already like “collection”, “seasons” or “dress” but there is a lot of words that probably would be new to your fancy ears. We will go through all of them in convenient installments.(No interest rates here!).

The intention of this Fashionese- English dictionary is to be interactive. Yes, please, if you know terms you would like me to add drop me a line at or fill out the form below. If, once the word is publish, you know the term in other languages, please feel free to comment mentioning the word, the language and even the written pronunciation if you know it.

Also I am trying to illustrate every word with pictures.. some of my own closet, some of you, gorgeous readers, that want to share a photo with the community and help us create a more visual fashion dictionary. If you want to contribute to the Visual Fashionese Dictionary, please send me an email to with your name and contact details. You will be featured in the facebook page. 😉

Lots of Luv and Wisdom,


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