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I know very well this is not a political blog and I can tell you I am far from loving politics. Still, once you know the nightmares of living under an embargo, I needed to share my happiness when it comes to Iran and the talks they are keeping now to lift the Iranian embargo. Same as with Cuba.. when the news broke about the Cuban conversations, I shed some tear or two. Both are indeed historical moments and we are living them, not reading from a book or visiting at a Museum.. That is why I introduce this topic under the “What I Just Love” brand.

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First of all, the conversations are just starting so, it might be too early to celebrate. Secondly, the initial reasons for the embargo from the US and EU are still there and are not something to be dismissed. The potential threat of Iran to have nuclear weapons produced…

What they are talking about now is just a framework and already on this, all sides need to be in agreement. Obama has still to convince his people and in EU, we are a lot of countries to get to be on the same page. I want to trust that Iran has a good will on this, although how can we be certain? .. That is the essence of trust I guess. More work to be done there with check ups, commitments and to try to have an open mind. I found out that US and Iran didn’t “officially” spoke for already 35 years.. Now, after this long and with all the prejudices from both sides, I can see this will need a lot of work to make it a reality. Still, I think it is worthy and will be a great achievement for diplomacy.

Lets see what happens and hope for the best.


Politically yours ( for once!),

Araceli Gallego





  1. Brief but informative viewpoint Lil.
    Yes the end of Embargo on Iran may not just benefit Iran (and her neighbors) but also it may spur a number of economies all around the world. I know of a leading Fashion Brand in North America, just getting ready to be launched in Iran and they do have demand for their luxury designer products worn by over 200 Hollywood celebrities….looking forward to good times of prosperity and of peace.

    • Hi Faisal!

      That is true indeed. UAE being so close too could benefit greatly from the lift of this embargo. Still my thoughts are with the Iranian people, they will be the ones benefiting most.

      Thanks for your comment and the new perspective!

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