Hi there!

I lead a double life.. sounds science-fiction, sounds too James Bond-y or Clark Ken-y.. but in a way we all do. During the day I work as Project Manager, during the night, I write this blog about fashion, beauty tips and lifestyle- special attention to travelling .

I find in fashion a day-to-day way to express ourselves, to communicate to the world, to be part of the world.. I am not a model, though I wouldn’t mind. I am not a professional photographer either, although I try my best. What I can tell you is that I just love writing,  photography, fashion, travelling, design and art. One good day, I decided to put it all together.. and this blog was born.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it.

Loads of Luv,





  1. I always enjoy to read your articles…. it’s so visual! like i am watching you and you explain it with your special interactive energy to me. so keep on writing… i am reading 😉

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