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Continuing with the series “How to get a job in Dubai?” and once you have a decent and well translated resume or CV, the next thing you need to do is to create a Linkedin Profile.

This is the link to join. 

Linked in is a widely used social network for professionals.. Yep! Keep that.. Professionals. No Candy Crush here. In UAE is very used by recruiters and individuals with a whopping 1.3 million users- for such a small country is a lot. You have to register and built your profile. The data that you have in your resume will be posted as your experience, education etc..

You will need a professional picture too. Please don’t use pictures of parties or those ones taken 3 kilometres away. Your face is supposed to be seen. It is the reflection of ourselves.

I see a trend to have “passport” pictures as profile pictures. I like the white background but the poker face I don’t, unless you are applying as bodyguard or bouncer at a disco.

If you want to work in fashion, your profile needs to be even more attractive. Make sure you complete all the steps that Linkedin offers and all your skills and experience is reflected with dates and details.

Having your complete profile in Linkedin will help you not only to get a job in Dubai but I in any other corner of the world.

It might be your digital resume but it could be much more. How? I will explain it in the next post.

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