Hi my dears!

I love attending events.. Some would say.. Really?.. Well, yes! I love to meet new people, go to new places, and as project manager, I appreciate the effort behind every little detail. You have seen quite a few events here in the blog, some totally un-fashion related.. I dont mind, we are far too complex to fall under one little category anyways.

There is an event that I would love to invite to attend to all my friend bloggers and people interested in blogging in this side of the world. It is to happen very soon and in my dominion (Dubai Marina Kingdom) so block your time on the 4th December between 19.00 and 21.00. and join us at The Curve to learn about how to grow your blog (even to make it a business). The class will be lead by Teresa Karpinska from Styledrifter.com. The Dubai Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers Community, which I am very proud of being a co-founder, has a special discount of 15% for all the members.


It is very easy, check in the page of our meet up and join the community. Let us know a bit about yourself and make sure you mention your blogs url. Inside the group there is an event created for Teresa’s class.This is the link.

The normal cost would be 200 Dhs and with the discount it will be only 170 Dhs. We have only 10 seats available, so please if you are interested, act fast. Also it is a pre paid event, please take it into account and dont leave it for last minute.

In a nutshell

  • Join the Dubai Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers Community here.
  • Confirm attendance to the event here.
  • Await for email with the rest of instructions and confirmation details.
  • Enjoy the class!

These are the details of the class.

  • The business of blogging with Teresa Karpinska.
  • 4th of December 2013
  • 19.00-21.00
  • Elken cafe, Pearl Marina Hotel in Dubai Marina. No worries, I also had to look where it was and live super close by.. hehehe..


Hope to see you there!






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