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I am reading a book that a very good friend of mine lend me – Thanks Julie! 😉 . It is about contemporary fashion designers (from Taschen) and I wanted to share with you some of extracts of the interview and some notes and facts about his life.


  • Born in Piacenza, 1934. Italy.
  • Studies medicine.
  • Worked as a Fashion buyer.
  • 1964, was hired by Nino Cerruti.
  • Successful freelance designer.
  • 1975, the brand started (with Sergio Galeotti)
  • Now the brand has 6 major fashion lines and has diversified to even hotels.
  • 2000, Major retrospective around the Globe.
  • 2005, Giorgio Armani Prive- haute couture-like collection.
  • 2009, Flagship store on fifth avenue, New York.
  • He is very caring. Helps in AIDS projects for disadvantage children.

Notes from the Interview:

I have realized ove time that I have to take responsibility for my actions and beliefs.

Q: What are your signature designs?

A: I would say that I am best known for my deconstructed jackets, for me and women.

Q: Whats your ultimate goal?

A: I like to think that I can introduce people to the idea of simplicity and elegance.

Q: Whats your definition of beauty?

A: A natural, clean, effortless quality. Beautiful people are not necessarily the best looking- more the ones with poise and self confidence.

Q: Whats your philosophy?

A: Be true to what you believe in and follow your passions.

I honestly admire his drive and his work. He is an institution in this industry.. yeah! Emporio Armani is very appropriate indeed for all he has achieved.  I am so inspired by the fact that he studied medicine and not fashion and yet in such a difficult and extra elitist world he made his mark. In a way it makes sense, when we are to study our degrees, to choose what will most probably the future professional path, we are just too young. And creativity is a very scary skill, it can make you a genius or a total fool or you might live like a fool and very much later, maybe the public gets to appreciate what you did. I am thinking Van Gogh for example.  He lived in poverty, he couldn’t sell his paintings and look now…

Still when creativity is in you, it haunts you… it is like water.. No matter what you do, it will find its way out. My suggestion is to follow your instinct and enjoy whatever the outcome. Lets just flow.




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