The second best Marigold Hotel

The best Marigold Hotel reviewHi dears,

Today we went to the movies using the Du Tuesdays offer- Yep! Again.. Who doesn’t love a discount?. This time we decided on The second best Marigold Hotel.. Just recently I watched the first movie on TV and I wanted to see the second part of it.

I love the aesthetics of this movie. India must be really inspiring ( too bad, I still didn’t have the pleasure of going there being so close by!). The colors, the rituals, the people, the wisdom, the family, and the dancing.. maybe it is all only in the movies. I can assure you in Spain there are not so many toreros and not all of us are flamenco dancers or dress with flowers in our head and say Ole!.. Stereotypes, right?

This movie inspired me to write almost immediately as there were some topics they touched with bare hands and feet.. Time and the lack of time, being one of them. The Marigold Hotel is a hotel for “the elderly and beautiful”.. like a pensioners house but in a hotel shape and with more spicy food probably.

The characters are of certain age ( or should I say old.. it sounds rude, kind of impolite.. we use so many euphemisms for aged..) and so they speak pretty openly of the time they have or might not have. Even the owner of the hotel speaks about that quite (too much) upfront. All this made me think.. In reality, none of us, no matter the age, we don’t have certainty of much time we still have left on earth, still we live without this in perspective… at least in my culture. At least, me.

Why is this? Is this because we are too scared of uncertainty that we rather look elsewhere, is it because without idea of future we might feel hopeless, is it because we, somehow believe in reincarnation or our souls flying around that we don’t see death as a concern? I don’t have an answer, but it strikes me. I am so unprepared, I have so much staff to do and so little time.. Time again.

What would happened if we would change our mindsets and live our lives as if every day could be the last? Would we be more grateful, maybe fight less, try to see what is really important and what not, would we kiss more, laugh more….. or right the opposite and live in agony, fear, desperation? Most religions offer an afterlife. Do we really want that, do we really need that? It’s a comforting thought indeed, but are we losing the benefits of the other vision for fear?

The other topic I loved, it is kindness, care, humanity.. Almost at the end of the movie, in a scene, someone tells something like this..- I came to see you and pay you respect. You decided to plant a tree, even though you know you will not enjoy it.- Time and the lack of it right there, but at the same time.. Choice, option… what do we do with our time? What do I do with my time? Can it be considered a seed, would it someday become a tree?.. I like this thought. Actually I think this is totally awesome.. Be good, do good.. No matter what. In Spanish we even have a saying.. Haz bien y no mires a quien, something like “Do good, no matter to who”.

Ok, my dears, enough for tonight.. I need to think. I need to sleep. I hope I have time to do it all! Lol. If you ever had these thoughts crossing your mind, please feel free to share.

Good night!


Araceli Gallego



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