Hi People!

Not many of you might know what a Kanga is. I recently traveled to Kenya and Tanzania and the Kanga happens to be the national dress. People use it on their everyday and also in special occasions.

For sure you have seen before this very african look. Kanga is just a rectangle of pure cotton. It normally has some sort of pattern, very bright colours and some message in swahili. The message is actually very important. Conveys blessings, old sayings or warnings. Some even have political messages. yep! Propaganda is really creative!

You can buy it everywhere, either the cloth itself – to wrap around-, either an already made dress, skirt or top.

The cloth itself is called Kitenge. It is pure cotton and it is a bit rigid because they use batik to dye it (manual wax-resist dyeing technique). Maybe on another post I will show how Batik is done.

Funny enough, when I came back to Dubai from my trip, I went shopping and guess what,.. there were kanga designs on the windows of so many shops.. so, if it is not trendy is what!

Well, here you have some pics of my African look. Me, myself and I with my brand new kanga that it is skirt and dress all in one.



The kanga post at www.whatijustlove.com

The kanga post at www.whatijustlove.com



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