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Even though I couldnt hold it when I just finished it and inmediately I posted the pic in Instagram, I want to share with you some more info of this cute little creation of mine.

The inspiration has been my very good friend Sofia Bernate. She is unique, super intelligent, an amazing woman, full of energy and love. As adventourous  and curious as me and therefore best companion of many confidences, trips, outings (also nighty ones!) and excursions while I was living in Jamaica. You didnt know? Well, I lived in Jamaica almost 6 years.. I will tell you more another day, I need more that a small mention for this blessed island in the middle of the Caribbean that I called home for so many years.

www.whatijustlove.comBack to Sofi and the bag named after her.. The idea came from a piece of fabric my friends from Regal gave me to start playing around with the sewing machine. They are really generous and where most of my designs come to be a reality. So, see the fabric.. it is red with cute black polka dots, some of them with a rim of beads in white.

Having not too much of the same fabric I worked the design around – even though Sofi loves huuuge bags, the piece was not too big.  I came up with a even more passionate red piece of fabric for the linen to make even a bigger impact and avoid the polka dots of one side of being visible in the other.

I also added some interfacing to give it more structure and to protect the fabric as I think it might have been part of a sari or something delicate, specially the exterior fabric. You see there is a fold in the front? This allows for more interior space, gives more volume and breaks a bit the total symmetry of the polka dots. I love symmetry but in this case, I needed to break it and play with it.

To close the bag, I found a vintage metal frame with ball clasps and a cute Oh-so-Mrs-Daisy handle. This part was the trickiest to sew as it has to be done by hand and making sure the fabric and the linen (and the interfacing) would not move from the “assigned” hole and sticht to the frame.

I loved it and I will be doing more of this type some time soon.

On the meantime,  I stay tuned as I am really doing quite a lot of crafts now. (yuhuuu!).

Lots of luv,







Celebrities normally surprise us for their excentricities, but this one I find it particularly adorable.. It might be because I am very much an animal lover myself.

carolina con gaspar

Gaspar is the name of this very tiny and adorable doggie- and also the name of this gorgeous bag from Carolina Herrera. No coincidence here, she must love him madly. He was the inspiration and in some cases, it is very obvious. Lol.

There are different Gaspars within the collection. Clutch and Totes, in leather, suede and shearling, with or without studs.

Now they are both in the fashion dictionaries and books!! Such an eminent canine, uh?



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Ok, by now, you all know I am pretty crazy about bags (and shoes, shhh…) and that  I have been craving and waiting for this course to start because it is really, really the course I wanted and needed to take.

My dream ( like Martin Luther King I have a dream too, .. well, actually, lots of them …) is to one day become a successful handbag designer and sell my bags everywhere in the world… and see the cool people holding my bags as something precious and something that they really enjoy and care about… and to have Brianboy talking about them and showing them on his insta account ( very commendable and fun account by the way!).. and live happy using my creativity and skills and being the owner of my time, which to me is the single most precious thing we all have (this one I know it is tough.. but well, it is my dream! So don’t spoil it!).

Let me tell you about the course a bit. It is from the London College of Fashion (LCF for friends and family) and in Dubai it lasts 4 days from 9.30 to 16.00 more or less, although we were all enjoying it so much we were staying until the next course was literally kicking us out of the classroom.

The teacher –Ann Saunders– was, is and will always be awesome, amazing, very inspiring and super expert on the matter. She was always kind and smile at all of our questions and she helped us with whatever barrier we had, being language, understanding or lack of skill to glue the prototypes.. did I say prototypes? Yaaaay!.. we did each of us a prototype of our design in cardboard. I will show mine later.

We also worked on trends by creating our own trend boards and developed mood boards in the search for inspiration. We studied the materials and learn of shapes and a bit about hardware, construction and making.. in two words.. es – pectacular!.. The course is pricey and I was not sure initially about how much could you learn in 4 days but now I can say it was worthy every penny. By the way, if you are a customer of S*uce, you might get a very special discount, so be ready and watch out if you like any of the coming courses.

The best of this kind of courses is the like minded people you find there, the other students.. all of them full of talent and determination to achieve their dreams and enjoy along the way. I am so happy to have met them, some are already designers and make a living out of it, some are almost there, some are dreamers getting ready and educated such as myself.

I wanted to join another course- How to start your own fashion label with Toby Meadows- but the investment required some extra breathing – and also to request extra days of holidays from work- so as in February there is another edition, I will just wait for that one. Toby Meadows is pretty amazing too. I met him briefly on last year Fashion Forward and now I am reading his book. I still have not finished but so far it is really good.

By the way, did you already register for the next Fashion Forward? Please don’t forget to do so. In this link you can register eazywizy. We all need to support local talent and make sure Dubai has its own Fashion event. The team at Brag do a great job every time and need our support. Another of my dreams is to show my bags at Fashion Forward cute little corner shop and see them swinging together with the clothes in the runway. .. maybe next time!!

Well, my dears, if you have any questions about the course or about anything else really… drop a comment or let me know by private email ( on the Contact tab you have all the info). Also you have all the social media of the blog at your fingertips.








Hi my dears!!

There is a little gem in Amsterdam that I can not recommend enough to visit. First of all, it is a museum.. Yep! I love Museums but this one is about one of those things I am so crazy about.. BAGS!!

From day one in Amsterdam, I wanted to visit this Museum. Now you will find out why.

The museum has a permanent exhibition and a temporary one, one amazingly well decorated cafeteria with three ambiances-one of them full of history- and a beautiful cozy garden.

It holds a collection of over 4.000 bags ( a dream come true!) and it all started as a private collection of Hendrikje Ivo. Now her daughter, Sigrid Ivo, is who manages the Museum.

Love for bags runs in the family.. it might be something genetic, hehehe!

You can find bags and purses from the XVI century to our days. It is a fashion history museum about bags and the way they have evolved for so many centuries taking into account the changes in fashion and the need they were covering. Like for example, did you know that bags and purses were used initially by men and women indistinctly? Yes, Manuel!!

Now I am talking about the Middle Ages, right at the origin.. as in those years the clothes didn’t have inner pockets, whatever you were needing to carry with you, you needed to put it in a bag, whether it be money, confidential letters, a small Bible or a fan.. you would put it in your bag.

And guess what.. initially it was not hanging from the shoulder, but chained or tied to the waist.

Did you know that in Europe it was traditional to give a little purse with money for the bride and groom? Now we still do it -Yep!- but in a paper envelope (boooring!).  Before the content was as important as the container and those bridal bags would be done with silk and a piece of enamel copper or ceramic with the faces of the soon-to-wed. Limoges in France became very famous for these bridal bags. Check this one. Time passed and the society changed. Travelling became more accessible and the first travel bags appeared. Soon the woman joined the work forces and new needs arose.The materials changed too.. from leather to beads, plastic, synthetic materials, metals etc..the limit is the imagination now.

The first brands established themselves as benchmark: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci.. and today still are.The designers know they need to keep on watching their clients and how their needs evolve. That is the key.

You can see I learned a lot on the visit!. Also, important (for photo lovers), when in the Museum you can take pics but not with flash. There is mostly focal light so it is not a problem.



When I was taking the first pictures, in almost ecstasy, my camera gave me the message that my SIM card was full. Murphy’s Law once again!

I asked the reception desk for some assistance.She called the Manager and Berenice came to the rescue and with a huge smile took me to the back of the house and lend me a computer to transfer the pics to an USB. Ladies, never leave behind your USB! This might not be the kind of advise you expect from your mothers, but that is my “V.I. Piece” of advice to you all!

Berenice saved the day and made this post more beautiful thanks to the pics. The people behind the museum ( are all women!) are smiling, happy to be and to assist, she even introduce me to the Community manager to link up with her when this post will be published. Wow! what an amazing place to work and to be.. great camaraderie, great customer service and surrounded by beautiful bags!! I don’t need to say that my inspiration rose to amazing heights after the visit! I now have so many ideas, I probably have enough for 2-3 collections!!

If you go to Amsterdam don’t miss it, it is absolutely worthy.


Lil van Leather



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Ok, I know that song has a zillion years but I like it!! It reminds me of my young years in London, up and down, in and out, day and night around town.

I thought of it when I saw my pictures with this look. I love this blue – I think it is called prussian blue and it is so bright that you can not be sad although you are totally.. technically.. super blue. This dress I bought it in the Koton store in Dubai Marina Mall.

The Shoes are from Mango and I fell in love with the heel and how comfy they are (honestly). The belt is also from Mango, the silvery bag is from Alegria Silva coming collection, the necklace is from H&M, Sunglasses-tiara style- are from Ray Ban and the earrings from Tous.

Hope you enjoy it and don’t be blue at all!!


Lil- Smurfette


#OOTD WHAT I JUST WORE www.whatijustlove.comHi there,

The other day I went to the Sales. One of the “yes or yes” stops is Zara. Not because I am Spanish – and proud of it-, but well I just love this shop and everything in it.

I admire the way they have revolutionized the fashion business with this concept of  “fast fashion”. Do you know that it takes only 2 weeks from a picture in a blog to the shelf in the stores? To me, that is amazing and the end of the “seasons”.

This jumpsuit caught my eye immediately but was not part of the sale. That didn’t stop me because I couldn’t resist the color. REEEEEDDD! Probably that is why it caught my eye! hahaha.. it is not really discreet!

I used a silky black scarf around my waist to complement it. The necklace is a present from my hubby when he traveled to Uganda. I collect earrings and necklaces from around the world and this one goes well with the look as it has black, red and mustard.

The shoes I can not recall where I bought them ( ups! memory pill- but it says Fioni on the sole), and the bag is one of the samples for Alegria Silva (design in process, my dears!, not for sale as yet).

Well, I decided to add a new category to the blog as I enjoy being in the pics and love to get dressed up. I know we have to work on the quality of the pics but well, step by step.  “What I just wore” might be a good name, eh?

I hope you enjoy it!

Luv, (and if you are Muslim, Ramadan Kareem!)





Hello world!

Here I am, “at your feet”  at the Dubai Mall sharing with you one of my instagramies. I really love shoes, well shoes and bags. For sure bags will get their own zillion posts from me, hehehe.

Men don’t understand why us love so much this two accessories and why we cant never have enough. When I moved to Dubai I bought a closet for my shoes. It is quite big and if I am not too wrong it could hold around 40 pairs. Well, a year later I need a new shoe closet already!! and believe me I am behaving a lot, taking into account the shopping malls here.

Did you know that the oldest shoe found so far is  a sandal from 10,500 years ago? It belong to a native North American, who made it out of the bark of a sagebrush plant. Wow! 10.500 years ago!

And did you know that initially no one wore shoes unless the surrounding ground was rocky, very hot or had poisonous insects?.Later, shoes were worn by rich and powerful people only, and were seen as a symbol of status and authority. So for example, no slave could wear them. All this must have got ingrained in our behavior somehow, so there you have a possible explanation why we like them so much.

At the end of the day, we have Cinderella, Dorothy from OZ and Louboutin to fantasize!

Well, I just want to say..  If the shoe fits, wear it!