Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Aha Cream. Yep! That is the name. I have been using it for already a month or even a bit more and I must say it is now part of my daily routine.

The two things I like most  of the cream….firstly, the texture, that is very rich. It feels great on the skin- like skin food- and secondly, the smell, like herbs, like nature. I like the smell, althought my husband not so much. It is a bit intense when you just apply it, but it dissapears quite fast.

I love the way my skin feels after using it, and so I recommend it very much. It is part of Herbline and it is 100% organic with ingredients from the Himalayas. Why I started to use it? Because this cream it is like an exfoliator and it helps even my freckles, it is great for dry skin -which is one of the Dubai dramas- and it promised rejuvenation and revitalization of the skin. All of it, fully compliant!.

Just yesterday I went to a Beauty Salon to do a facial with my dear Daniela. The place is located in the Garhoud area and it is called Patsi Collins- and the lady admired my skin!! After having so many issues with my skin and hair when I moved to Dubai, I felt so great that at least one of the two is getting fixed! 😉 Yuhuuuu!!


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After my recent review of April’s Glambox, I got amazing good news for you all!!

By now you all know I love this pinky box.. Not only the products are amazing, also the fact of receiving -the old style- Mr Postman ohhh!- a beautifully packed box of goodies every month, it is just such an amazing feeling.. Like if the Universe is sending a loud message.. “You are loved, Your are special, Now get pampered!”.. really it just makes me smile.


The amazing piece of news is that Glambox ME and our blog are offering a six-month free subscription now. Yep!  The value of this amazing giveaway is 449 Dhs ( Niceeee!).  This competition wont last too long, so hurry up and enter now.  In this post you can find the Rafflecopter entry in Facebook  to facilitate the entry.

What do you have to do? Easy! Just Like the Facebook’s blog page, the Glambox Middle East Facebook Page and share and tag the competition with your friends and family. The more invites and shares, the more possibilities you will have to get this pink object of desire for free during the next 6 months!

Sharing is caring and this is what is all about! Once you have finished, just comment below the famous “done!”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh! Also, there is another super special promo.. If you are interested in the 12 month subscription and until the 30th of April you can use the code GBFREE and will get the contents of the Glambox ME for free. The only thing you will be paying is the Shipping and Handling so the cost will depend on where you are located. Check the details in this link to use this promo code.

This is super cool if you have already tested the Glambox concept and you already know the benefits of becoming a year-round Glamista. I could use this promo to renew my subscription for example.


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Is it me or lately I feel like I am running from point A to B like crazy? At the office, there is quite a lot of work but I rather be busy than bored. I am the kind of person that needs to be motivated, always on the go, learning and doing new things.. Thank God my job gives all of that and also I have this little corner on the internet where I can release my mental wanderings for your entertainment and my astonishment.

This time I am going to share with you my experience with some Bliss products I got as samples to try at an event in Icons Coffee Couture. I love the cute little size of samples and this weekend I thought.. time to try them!


I started with the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask ( what a long name for such a cute little thing! My suggestion to Marketing Tri-O2 Instant Energizing Mask). You have to apply it with damp skin and massage slightly. A froth will start coming out and it is such an amazing feeling, like bubbles massaging the skin.. I definitely liked it!. I tingles (in a postivie way) and has a lovely orangy smell.

After you have enjoyed the oxygen-froth feeling, you must remove it and you can apply the other product from Bliss.. The Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream. It has a similar smell as the mask, just lighter and it is quickly absorbed. My skin after the entire week of make up and dryness was very grateful I guess, because now it feels very nice and smooth.

I still have another Bliss product to try.. The Fabulous Foaming Face Wash. I will keep you posted about how it goes with that one!

I hope you enjoyed the review. Please share your comments and dont forget to like and share in social media.. Sharing is caring!

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Yesterday, it was fun.. We hold our first Meet up for the Dubai Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers Community, a new Meet up Shaheen and me have been putting together for the last few weeks. Could you believe there was not such a community, association or group for bloggers with fashion or lifestyle as main topic in Dubai?..(Hellooo, I insist .. in Dubai!).

I guess Dubai itself it is a bit like that, so fast paced, everybody minding their own business. A bloggers set of mind requires some time and space to research, write, go to events, take pics, and work on the unique content we always want to offer,.. and it feels a bit lonely sometimes. When we met we both felt the gap right there and eventually she started the meet up and I volunteer to assist her.

The Meet up took place at the Sisters Beauty Lounge in The Village Mall (Jumeirah area). The saloon has a very nice atmosphere and has a separate area for nails (manis and pedis), another for hair treatments, another section for facials, waxing and massage and even a very cute Kerastase bar with a russian lady that knows a whole lot about all the Kerastase products and what goes well to what type of hair. I am going to follow her advise on a few tips. Since I arrived to Dubai my hair is in serious misshape and I tried so many things with not always the expected results, I am still looking for the right product, the right hairdresser, the right treatment..


All paying attention to the explanation of the hair expert @ Sisters saloon.

The branch manager of Sisters showed us their premises, provided all the attendees with drinks and small tapas and offered us a bag with goodies and samples to test and a free mani or pedi (gorgeous coral toes- Thanks Michelle!). It was 10 of us so we got them busy for a while.The bloggers sisterhood at the Sisters saloon.

I am so glad to be part of this Meet up. The attendees were all amazing and had lots of ideas to improve and make the group really thrive. Everything is about helping each other, learning, developing relationships with one another, with the press, with the brands, growing personally and “blogger-ssionally”. (if where you missing my leliquistani.. there you go!). ;). I loved the energy and the camaraderie between all of us.

Let me introduce you some of the blogs of my fellow DF&L Bloggers. If you have a minute check them out. We are all in a path to self improvement and we love to have your feedback, so please comment, engage, like, share..

Red Lips & LaceThe Glam Crush ChronicleCherry CrossYour Bubbly Butterfly

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These are some pics of the event. If you are a fashion or lifestyle blogger, you live in Dubai and want to join, please drop me a line or click here to  get directed to the Meet up page.

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Kerastase bar (licensed!).






Meet the organizers. Say Cheese!


My good friend Nada from Undefined Declarations has sent me an email about a Blog Carnival. I didn’t know what was that, but basically, different bloggers write about a topic ( in this case..what did you do this weekend) and send their posts to the Carnival Host. This will help your blog to be seen (and maybe followed) and also help bloggers get to know each other.

I wanted to participate as I am very open to pretty much everything in this digital world, but my weekend has been kind of special as I was in Kenya for work reasons.That serves to  explain too my almost online silence during this week  (thanks Instagram!). I was part of a Trade Mission organised by the UAE Ministry of Economy. Well, for those who don’t know yet, I am Project Manager during the day and Fashion/Lifestyle blogger during the night (as weird as it might sound!).

The Trade Mission took us to Tanzania and Kenya. It was pretty hectic with lots of meetings and events but an absolute worthy experience. Coming back to the weekend topic, we took one day off – out of exhaustion- and book a 3 in 1 tour in Nairobi to unwind and see a bit the outside world as we spent most of our time inside the hotel.

We departed early in the morning and came back more or less at 15h. Nairobi traffic is dreadful so part of that time was spent on the road. Me and other 10 delegates went to the Nairobi National Park, the Elephant Orphanage and the Giraffe Center.

Believe it or not the National Park is right in Nairobi – even from the airport we spotted some giraffes on our way in!-. It is pretty extensive and we saw zebras, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, impalas, hartebeests.. Yep! No lions or rhinos.. Bad luck!

The next stop was the Elephant orphanage. This place takes care of baby elephants whose mothers have been killed for their tusks- (Terrible, horrible crime). Looks like the elephants have only milk for one baby at a time, so when the mother dies, the baby elephant can not be taken care of by any other elephant, and also they are very sensitive, so they miss their moms and get depressed and stop eating even when they could. They need a lot of care, affection and special baby milk formula.They are really playful and clumsy and as big as they are, they are real cute babies. The orphanage is operated by donations and you can adopt an elephant. Yes! True! Check it out here. I think it is a real good gift for Ramadan!

The last stop was also amazing… the Giraffe Center. Here you can have a once in a life time experience.. you can feed a giraffe looking them right in the eye!.. Beside the fact that you can see our little human dimension beside them- and boy! they are big!,- their tongue is purple and they are really friendly.

The giraffe I fed was a male (Ibrahim- lovely name ain’t it?). See the pics here and if you want to be posted about fashion and lifestyle (including, as you can see, travelling) follow my blog www.whatijustlove.com and the instagram account (@gallegoara).

Happy weekend!










As some of you know, recently I went to Jordan on holidays. If you have seen my photos on Instagram (@gallegoara), there is just one thing to say… What an amazing country!

Of course, the Dead Sea was part of the trip (self organised if you want to call it, when you have not planned much at all and just have a list of places you want to go see!).

The experience of floating on the Dead Sea is amazing, but be careful with your eyes. Some salty water entered mine and I have to rush to the beach to get a shower and wash it off!

The mud is supposed to have great properties for the skin, so I did the entire process of getting myself mud all over.. boy! it is so much fun!!

You are supposed to wait until it dries (or something like that) but instead one of the hotel masseurs gave me a nice massage. The mud is not like the clay masks- that it hardens. It has some grease on it, so it is great for massage. Not so much for drying in my opinion.

I bought some products of the famous Dead Sea, that I will be trying very soon. There is like a zillion brands but I liked this one (Fortune).

So this is the beauty tip of the trip..get in the mud!. The feeling on the skin afterwards is amazing!.



Jordan, Dead Sea. In the mud!

Jordan, Dead Sea. In the mud!



Christian LouboutinThe beginnings.. Louboutin

I came across this video (in the link above) with the origins of Christian Louboutin. I just loved it and have to share it !

I personally don’t own (as yet) any of his shoes, they are part of my wish list though!

Kudos for him, for his passion and for the beautiful results of his creativity!

If you have the chance, check his online shop and his Loubi World Madness. It is so original to see the designer with this hindu- hypnotique look. He might need to breath though as he appears with a blue face (Ganesh reminiscence but with no trunk).

Here you have the links. Be patient, it takes a bit of time to load, but it is worthy. I guess all the moving objects and images make it heavy.



Which one  is your favorite shoe of the collection?

Kudos for you too if you manage to choose only one!



Ok, by now and it is only a pair of post you can see that I totally love Instagram. This application was such a great discovery when I first bought the Iphone, that now I want almost to edit every single random pic I take… well, and pretty much I do!

I have also other apps related, I use a lot one called Moldiv. This app allows you to put frames, texts, textures.. it is super artistic! #whatIjustlove is to be able to do so many things from my phone with so little effort.  The results are really impressive.

The pic of the day is one I took at the Swiss Tower, where there is a little art exhibition at the entrance. This pic is a collage- my own – of two of the pieces shown. #Ijustlove the colours and the effect putting them together.

Hope you like them too!



#whatijustlove art and beauty