Well, well, here we are again, getting ready for tomorrow’s event. Yey! Tomorrow is the first day of Fashion Forward – Season 2 and it promises great fashion shows and tons of creativity to enjoy.

First, thanks to the Brag Team once again for the humongous amount of work and organization behind the show.  I must say, I am glad it is during Eid holidays -even if partially- it allows to rest and to enjoy great fashion. It couldn’t be better.

Second, this first day is going to be awesome as we have some amazing designers and talks. Don’t forget your camera and extra batteries.

At 15:00 we will have the opening of the event at The Garden Party. If you didn’t register online on time or if you have to pick up the invites at the event, it is good to arrive a bit earlier and get it done.

16:00- Azza Fahmy Jewelry will be in Hall 4 with a very interesting talk about  how to Penetrate The Global Market and How To Stay Relevant. Definitely a must-go talk for any new or existing brand.

17:00 –The Starch Foundation  in Hall 2. It is a non-profit organization co-founded by the Lebanese designer Rabih Kayrouz to promote and support new Lebanese designers in the early beginnings. Watch out for these very talented designers, they have a lot to say.

17:30- London College of fashion ( My school!!) in Hall 4 with a talk that you-know-who is not going to miss: “The Rise Of The Fashion Blogger: Print vs. Digital”  with Paul Tierney (Fashion Journalist- contributor of so many magazines, I can not name them all!), Tala Samman (from the blog Myfashdiary.com) and Elaine Lloyd- Jones (super Grazia Editor).

18:30- GisellaBlu and GisellaNoir in Hall 3 presented by the Head Designer Sacha Plumbridge. I cant wait to see the feminine accents this brand is all about.

19:00- Glam Hour. Rest, have some tea, grab a snack, go say hi to friends.. now is the time. Only half an hour though.

19:30- Parsons in Hall 4 with the talk “Design Thinking. Creating Beautiful Solutions” by Simon Collins, Dean of the School of Fashion at Parsons The New School for Design. By the way, this school has online programs and Donna Karan studied there, so the level must be very high. Sounds good, eh!..

20:30- Ezra in Hall 1. This show is a must-see, creativity at its best. Last edition I enjoyed every single dress and believe me, I would have bought all of them if I just had the budget and occasions to wear his amazing dresses. They are feminine, elegant, extravagant, beautiful and dramatic. I am sure you feel like direct from a Fairy tale. This red one is from last seasons collection.


And this one is from this season, so we will see it in the runway.


21:30- The Emperor 1688  in Hall 2. The Golkar’s must be the most creative family in Dubai. Three brothers and the mum, all fashion creators, working and putting together an amazing brand of menswear. Luxury, elegant lines and only top of the top quality. I am definitely going, last year I saw one of the brothers in a talk and what he said was super interesting. My hubby may end up with a present, who knows?

22:00- After Party at Fort Island. With an amazing atmosphere and if you are tired and don’t want to wait forever for the taxis or valet parking to come, just relax, have a drink and socialize.

If you notice, all the names of the designers have a link. I have attached the links to all the designers websites so you can dig on their collections and share with your friends.

Well dolls, I hope I see you tomorrow, ready to enjoy and get surprised by the creativity of the talented middle eastern designers. If you see me around, don’t be shy and say hi. And don’t forget to follow the blog in any of the formats.

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WHAT I JUST LOVE.. DREAMING OF OLD TIMES. More of my Amsterdam trip.



Hi my dears,

Sorry for the later silence. The internet didn’t travel with me and though I had a lot of posts written in my notebook, my computer didn’t feel like connecting to any network. I guess she is a choosy as me or wanted holidays as badly as me! 😉

While we were in Amsterdam I discovered yet another very interesting corner off the beaten track- together with the Museum of Bags and Purses that you can re-read on the links if you missed the other posts of my Amsterdam trip.

It is another exhibition center with one in particular that I liked very much. The place is called FOAM and shows are all related to photography. (yes, me like it and me Nikon liked it too!).

Edward Steichen was for years a fashion photographer, but also a war photographer that fought the two World Wars and died almost a 100 years old. He lived between 1879-1973. His life is full of creativity, up and downs in the personal side and great achievements on the public scene. In the exhibition you get to see some of his amazing fashion pics as he was the originator of what is named ‘glamour photography’. Cameras were not allowed so the pics are FOAM’s.

Of this exhibition I loved the beauty, the delicacy and the aesthetics of the years he portrayed -recently reenacted in the movie the Great Gatsby- the glamour, the lifestyle, the models, actresses, the businessmen, the actors, the celebrities. They were all part of the magazines he used to work for for over 15 years – no more, no less than Vanity Fair and Vogue (voila!). Steichen was the Chief Photographer for them (double voila!).

While I was there I couldn’t help but to think how life is a merry-go-round, sometimes up, sometimes down.. some of the pics were from the America before the big crash of 1929. Same as with Titanic.. I wonder what happened to those pretty dressed ladies, to the gentleman playing polo or to the groups smiling while posing in a shiny white yacht.. What happened to them when the 29’s crash? Were they able to keep on with their lives the same way as before or they just realized one day after it that they no longer owned anything? That they didn’t have anymore a job, a house, a movie to star or a company to manage?

I really love black and white pictures but they always bring nostalgia to my heart as you can see. Speaking of which, have you ever been to the Immigration Museum in Ellis Island in New York? There, there is a photo gallery of the people that were reaching America. In Ellis Island– a little island just beside Liberty Island- they were kept to process the papers and to make sure they were not sick or had an infectious disease (in quarantine). Images of the gallery are striking and you can look for your ancestors as they have a registry right there.

Black and White pics are beautiful and dramatic, delicate and powerful, old and so modern.. I just love them. Check below the amazing shots Steichen took of Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper .. What do you think? Nice, eh?


Lil van De Nikon




Hi there,

I saw this beauty and have to share it with you all. I am specially thinking in one of my subscribers, architect by profession and by passion.

It is not the first time that Zaha Hadid surprises us, fashionistas, with amazing designs, fluid, beautifully delicate, simple and complex at the same time. If you like her creations in architecture, you will love this shoes, because they are architectural in every way. They are totally Zaha.

They are high, not sure if I can use the term “high heeled” here because as you can see there is no heel to be seen. 6.25 inches, which equals 15.8 centimeters. Wow! That is a good lift!


When I first saw them, I was not sure about what material could that be, if they ever had the intention to make out of them comfy shoes. Probably comfort was not top of the list when doing this beauties anyways, but it looks like they are more flexible than what they look. The top is vinyl rubber coated in metallic chrome, the sole or heel (or where the heel is supposed to be) is made out of fiberglass and the interior is lined with nappa leather. So probably they are lighter and softer than what they might look.

It is an very limited edition for United Nude, only 300 pairs. 100 pairs for each of the three colours : black, rose gold and silver. They cost 2.000 USD each, but well, you are wearing a  Zaha Hadid creation! I love her work very much.

And here you have the video of the making and the walking.. Hope you enjoy it!





Ok, by now and it is only a pair of post you can see that I totally love Instagram. This application was such a great discovery when I first bought the Iphone, that now I want almost to edit every single random pic I take… well, and pretty much I do!

I have also other apps related, I use a lot one called Moldiv. This app allows you to put frames, texts, textures.. it is super artistic! #whatIjustlove is to be able to do so many things from my phone with so little effort.  The results are really impressive.

The pic of the day is one I took at the Swiss Tower, where there is a little art exhibition at the entrance. This pic is a collage- my own – of two of the pieces shown. #Ijustlove the colours and the effect putting them together.

Hope you like them too!



#whatijustlove art and beauty