Ok, by now, you all know I am pretty crazy about bags (and shoes, shhh…) and that  I have been craving and waiting for this course to start because it is really, really the course I wanted and needed to take.

My dream ( like Martin Luther King I have a dream too, .. well, actually, lots of them …) is to one day become a successful handbag designer and sell my bags everywhere in the world… and see the cool people holding my bags as something precious and something that they really enjoy and care about… and to have Brianboy talking about them and showing them on his insta account ( very commendable and fun account by the way!).. and live happy using my creativity and skills and being the owner of my time, which to me is the single most precious thing we all have (this one I know it is tough.. but well, it is my dream! So don’t spoil it!).

Let me tell you about the course a bit. It is from the London College of Fashion (LCF for friends and family) and in Dubai it lasts 4 days from 9.30 to 16.00 more or less, although we were all enjoying it so much we were staying until the next course was literally kicking us out of the classroom.

The teacher –Ann Saunders– was, is and will always be awesome, amazing, very inspiring and super expert on the matter. She was always kind and smile at all of our questions and she helped us with whatever barrier we had, being language, understanding or lack of skill to glue the prototypes.. did I say prototypes? Yaaaay!.. we did each of us a prototype of our design in cardboard. I will show mine later.

We also worked on trends by creating our own trend boards and developed mood boards in the search for inspiration. We studied the materials and learn of shapes and a bit about hardware, construction and making.. in two words.. es – pectacular!.. The course is pricey and I was not sure initially about how much could you learn in 4 days but now I can say it was worthy every penny. By the way, if you are a customer of S*uce, you might get a very special discount, so be ready and watch out if you like any of the coming courses.

The best of this kind of courses is the like minded people you find there, the other students.. all of them full of talent and determination to achieve their dreams and enjoy along the way. I am so happy to have met them, some are already designers and make a living out of it, some are almost there, some are dreamers getting ready and educated such as myself.

I wanted to join another course- How to start your own fashion label with Toby Meadows- but the investment required some extra breathing – and also to request extra days of holidays from work- so as in February there is another edition, I will just wait for that one. Toby Meadows is pretty amazing too. I met him briefly on last year Fashion Forward and now I am reading his book. I still have not finished but so far it is really good.

By the way, did you already register for the next Fashion Forward? Please don’t forget to do so. In this link you can register eazywizy. We all need to support local talent and make sure Dubai has its own Fashion event. The team at Brag do a great job every time and need our support. Another of my dreams is to show my bags at Fashion Forward cute little corner shop and see them swinging together with the clothes in the runway. .. maybe next time!!

Well, my dears, if you have any questions about the course or about anything else really… drop a comment or let me know by private email ( on the Contact tab you have all the info). Also you have all the social media of the blog at your fingertips.









Hi there,

I wanted to share with you this weekend look (oh lala!). I love bright colors but at the end I don’t use them on the everyday as they might be too much “in-your-face” to go to the office, for example. For weekends though are just great and they cheer my mood up! We could say it is domestic color-therapy.

This weekend the therapy starts with this cute butane orange bolero from Koton I fell in love with. The way it falls over the body is very nice and you can simply use a tank top underneath to effortlessly look good. The jeans are so versatile, I don’t think I could ever live without them. These ones I bought them in Mango.


The earrings and necklace are from Glamorous Penguins, an online jewelry in Dubai that has super cute things.This one set has some flavor to Frey Wille‘s enamel collages and I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I recommend you to check their Facebook page as they are constantly updating it- kind of like fast fashion on jewelry only.The sunglasses are from  Ray Ban and even though I bought them some time ago, there are one of my favorites.


The bag is part of one of my prototypes so it is not yet in the market. I love it because it is biiiig, beautiful and super comfortable to wear- over the shoulder or with the hands. I will have lots of colors for this bag because I think it is one of those must-have kind of bag and I want to be able to combine it with everything. By the way, although I will tell you more in another post I am joining a Handbag Design course from the London School of Fashion very soon. I am so excited, I couldn’t hold it any longer! 🙂

The shoes are from THM and I have them in black and also in beige.They are the most comfy shoes ever and they look very elegant… I use them for every situation. In this pictures you might not see the details too much but they have very cute Swarovski crystals on top.


Well, I hope you like the look and it inspires you to be bold and use color therapy as much as you can. I am going to ask you to Like (thumbs up!) the Blog’s Facebook page as it is pretty new and it needs some tender love and attention from my dear followers. So, please like it and share it with your friends and family on your Facebook wall. Also today I just created the Linked in page of the blog, still is not quite ready but you can join me here to meet and greet professionals of the fashion sector.

The more, the merrier the community!






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In fashion we live in a constant learning process. It is the way to adapt to the changing likes and trends and also to keep the creativity open. Nothing is final. My intention is to keep on learning new things and if possible learn from the masters.

It is so very inspiring to attend  fashion shows and meet the creators behind the dresses, behind the designs..The vibe is simply amazing. The ideas flow like crazy.

So from time to time, you might see some lines on precisely this… the new, the old, the classic, the not classic at all.. the designers… To keep on learning, to keep our fantasy well tuned and never stop dreaming.

I felt in love with the latest collection of Toujouri, which I met at the last Fashion Forward Show in Dubai. The designer behind the brand is Lama- El Moatassem, Lebanese now based in Qatar and with so much talent that I can just predict a brilliant success for her and her brand.  She studied in London and worked at Chloe ( another favorite!). Her lines are so beautiful, simple and glamorous, that I wanted to share them.

I believe in the saying “an image is worth a thousand words”, so there you go.

Please let me have your comments, share it with your fashion-lovers friends and don’t forget to follow the blog to keep abreast of fashion topics.



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Christian LouboutinThe beginnings.. Louboutin

I came across this video (in the link above) with the origins of Christian Louboutin. I just loved it and have to share it !

I personally don’t own (as yet) any of his shoes, they are part of my wish list though!

Kudos for him, for his passion and for the beautiful results of his creativity!

If you have the chance, check his online shop and his Loubi World Madness. It is so original to see the designer with this hindu- hypnotique look. He might need to breath though as he appears with a blue face (Ganesh reminiscence but with no trunk).

Here you have the links. Be patient, it takes a bit of time to load, but it is worthy. I guess all the moving objects and images make it heavy.



Which one  is your favorite shoe of the collection?

Kudos for you too if you manage to choose only one!