Just in case you are outside of this World and missed the huge media coverage that this Chanel event had during the Paris Couture Fashion Week, I have created a playlist with the ins, the outs and the abouts of the show. If you have any problem with the video embedded, just go to the What I Just Love Youtube Chanel. There you will find 3 videos, one with the show, one with interview to the attending celebs ( RiRi was there!) and another one with the backstage.

Chanel showed an amazing collection Autum/ Winter 2013-2014 in an ‘aftermath’ theater. The looks – a bit industrial, maybe not too haute couture- are amazing to me. Maybe it is not what many Chanels were expecting but creativity has its ways and same as Dior is less rock and roll now that Galliano is gone, Chanel has full right to change from time to time and give us surprises.

I like the fact that this Haute Couture is more wearable. At the end of the day, you don’t attend red carpet events everyday (not yet!) and I find it fun.. to break the rules. Maybe in coming years, we will see people in jeans and pajamas (ok we have seen already some pajama-looking gowns already) going to pick up their awards, getting married or attend dinners at the G8 Summit.





Good day,

I bought today the June issue of Emirates Woman. I love this magazine, it is for stylish, smart and sophisticated women.. just like you and me! or so we try at least.This is the website in case you don’t have access to the magazine. 

Emirates Woman and me (the one behind)

There is a few interesting things on this issue.. First, there is a little sample of See by Chloe (the new fragrance) and it smells really beautiful. It is fresh and reminds me of someone (but can not picture who). It goes to my to-buy-list as my Happy of Clinique and the Aire of Loewe are soon to be finished. I have been using them for sometime and I know it is time to change as I can not feel the smell any more.

Dior Collage

There is also a special of Dior new collection. No comments. Beautiful and so chic! I choose two pics. Of course having passion for bags, these two caught my attention and I did one of my famous Insta collages. One for having such a cool handle, the other because I love colors and combine a red bag with black and white looks great. The green necklace is amazing too.

I am also glad to see how Poca & Poca gets featured. Their collection is very nice and naive. It reminds me of princesses and ballerinas. Really feminine and fun. I follow them on Instagram and the pics are more than commendable.

By the way, as you can see the blog has changed slightly. Now it is a “.com” and not a “.wordpress.com”. That means  that I manage to self host it!!

Eureka! Yupiii and Yahooooo! (Round of applause, please!)

Now though, I see that all the followers of the other blog have not been migrated. So now I need to investigate how to do it or ask them if they can change from one to the other. There might be even a plugin or something to do it. It needs more investigation. Trust me, this is a new world and it feels like a new beginning. Now I can change fairly everything, so you will see quite a “metamor-blog-sis” here. No funny faces if every time you check it has a different color or theme.

Anyway, please follow the Blog, the Instagram, the Facebook and the Twitter account of this renovated What I Just Love Blog of mine!