Hi dears,

Dubai is a box full of surprises and these days, even more. I hope you had the chance to visit the new shopping spot. It is not a mall, no, not this time.

Located at the Burj Park and only during 10 days, we can enjoy the Market Outside The Box, but well, in a way it is a market in a box, in many boxes as a matter of fact. You know how I love all this portable, resilient and so adaptable containers. At the end of the day I have been doing procurement and logistics for a good part of my life and now I am working in some projects having containers as lego pieces… containers to be gas stations, to be schools, to be shops, to be businesses.. all for the off the grid areas, for cool-looking district areas, for temporary use like the Olympics ( or not so temporary, a container can last forever really). I have seen a project of luxury villas by the beach made totally out of containers and they look so amazingly chic and modern. Even the swimming pool was a container!!

Being Dubai, with Jebel Ali, the hub for so many shipping lines I just can not understand how this great idea was not implemented before. We could have -at the base of the Jebel Ali Palm for example- a fixed park with shops and cafeterias to enjoy the seaside and the views. Make it colorful, such as this one, make it hippie chic and people will go there to spend their mornings on lazy weekends. You can add cladding with branding and you will never know it is done with containers. Keep it as is, use used containers (reuse) and you will have the industrial look.

Create a chill-out music lounge and you can monetise it too during the nights serving mojitos and caipirinhas. These initiatives are aligned with the Sustainabilty that EXPO 2020 is aiming for and that, in my humble opinion, the city must work hard to achieve.

Well, enough for now.. Lol! and let me share for you the pics I took on that day.


This is the general view of the area. My lovely Burj Khalifa is on the side. One day, I will live there or have my own office there, or something there.. I just love this building so much. My friends try to find kinky reasons ( Freud will be proud of them), but it is just that I like this clean, neat, sharp, unique architecture. Khalas!



The shops were very nicely done, with space inside and outside. Some created this mingle area outside and were serving limeade and other drinks.


Shoppers were really cute at this market. Don’t you think? 😉


Jamjar had organised quite a lot of activities for all ages during these days. Children definitely always have a blast. Look at the little blond Van Gogh painting!


The shops inside are really cool and I fell in love with this one selling Maria Iqbal’s bags and turbans. It is called Be You and they have some T shirts with super positive messages from Lorna Jane. This is their facebook page.


Pink is back to my heart and when I found this bike, I couldnt help myself. I come from a family of cyclists. My daddy was even a professional back on the days- but he had a bad lesion and had to stop it. My brother is everything about soccer and bikes. I have never compete but just to be around, it kind of grows on you. Oh! All those memories of childhood holidays with the bikes on top of the car and once I got my driving license, my duty as Support car. Lol.. Time has passed but these memories will stay with me forever!


And this is the Market’s photocall. Ain’t it cool? By the way, Yallah is like “Lets go”, “Hurry up”,”Come on”, “Venga, vamos”, “Geh mal”, “Allez, depeche toi”.. in arabic is used all the time. Also means like “all right” depending on the context.


One of the shops is called Bullets and Butterflies. There I found this gorgeous wooden frames. I like them a lot, My only concern is if I could replace the glass with my prescription ones ( me cant seh, dah!). I have to go to the optician and find out! Check their website if you want to see their cool stuff.


We spent most of the afternoon there as you can see and when we were about to leave, something beautiful happened. This!


Honestly, it is the best place to enjoy the fountains and there is not too much people, so it is great for videos and camera addicts ( such as me..).

I hope you enjoyed me sharing my day with you. Please share the love and like and share on your page the facebook page and the blog’s dominion.

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Hi dears!

Continuing with the series “How to get a job in Dubai?” and once you have a decent and well translated resume or CV, the next thing you need to do is to create a Linkedin Profile.

This is the link to join. 

Linked in is a widely used social network for professionals.. Yep! Keep that.. Professionals. No Candy Crush here. In UAE is very used by recruiters and individuals with a whopping 1.3 million users- for such a small country is a lot. You have to register and built your profile. The data that you have in your resume will be posted as your experience, education etc..

You will need a professional picture too. Please don’t use pictures of parties or those ones taken 3 kilometres away. Your face is supposed to be seen. It is the reflection of ourselves.

I see a trend to have “passport” pictures as profile pictures. I like the white background but the poker face I don’t, unless you are applying as bodyguard or bouncer at a disco.

If you want to work in fashion, your profile needs to be even more attractive. Make sure you complete all the steps that Linkedin offers and all your skills and experience is reflected with dates and details.

Having your complete profile in Linkedin will help you not only to get a job in Dubai but I in any other corner of the world.

It might be your digital resume but it could be much more. How? I will explain it in the next post.

Lots of Luv,


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The only thing that is permanent is change and therefore, we better embrace it, because it is going to happen any ways.

I have received quite a lot of emails and phone calls from friends and Linkedin contacts asking now that Dubai won the Expo 2020, what is next? The basic question is.. How do I get a job there?

I am always happy to help with whatever I can, so I decided to put something together that will help all of them- and some more- if their wish is to come over here and start a new life in this city of wonders. This will be like a series of posts as I am trying to keep posts short and sweet.

That is a small change from the blog’s main topic of fashion and lifestyle, but I think it is worthy as it is true that there might be great opportunities ahead in this region and it is a good moment to get ready.

Lots of luv,


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Universe.. Let it be Madrid!

images logo olimpicoHi there,

I’m watching some TV at home and I just realized that tomorrow is the big day when the IOC (International Olympic Committee) will make a decision about what is the next city to host the Olympic Games.

I am Spanish and I live in Dubai. Madrid and Dubai have big hopes for 2020. It must be a magic year or something. In that year, Dubai wants to host the World Expo and Madrid, the Olympics. Both have great chances to get them awarded. The vote for World Expo will be in November, so now my focus is on Madrid… which is tomorrow night!!

So, this is my little wish for the Universe. Let it be Madrid! After pitching 3 times with this one, having most the infrastructure already in place, good weather, amazing sports people (Nadal, Gassol, ..), being a country that loves sports and invest in it so much -check out our Liga to see what I am talking about (joke :)), .. All this might be reasons enough for some, for me, the main reason is that we are a great country full with happy smiling people, people that love to make you feel at home… I know so many people that came from abroad to study, to work temporarily.. but decided to stay and still are there.

We like to party and to celebrate life with all our heart and the Olympics are one great celebration!. Soooo- I am applying The Secret badly here while I cross my fingers- please, please, please Universe, let it be Madrid- are you feeling the sun in your face while seeing all the white flags saying Madrid 2020?, are you smelling the electric atmosphere at the stadium?.And the winner is.. Madrid! Yes! Madrid! Yuhuuu!