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This week is being pretty hectic but today was my last chance to enter this very cool competition. Let me brief you…Symphony, the amazing shop, has a current “Bloggers versus Stylists” competition about what would be your perfect summer outfit.  

To me the stylists are experts and what I humbly can provide is just my personal opinion, my personal favourites.. what suits me and what works for me and for my lifestyle. 

For example, I am very girly and maybe because of my job, not too casual, so this would be my summer style pick. No broken jeans, noot for me. I love a good little black dress that  can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Temperley London was the designer I chose for my wedding dress (although I feel she was the one choosing me, lol) and among all the beautiful designers and brands Symphony stocks, had to be my favourite. The flowery belt with some animal print is just gorgeous and adds colour to the dress. The belt is also part of the Temperley London cute creations.

Rest of accesories intent on facilitating the hot and lazy (here in Dubai not so breezy) summer days with neon pink cute sunglasses and a bandana to tie up your hair. I love those hairdos of the fifties with a bun and the bandana. Also, I am a big bag lover and this Michael Kors super tote is just perfect to carry all my sunscreen, lip balm, sarong and sunglasses cases. My husband always complains that I take to much stuff with me and therefor the big bags.. he doesn’t understand I need it all!! I think he is scared I might one day move out without him even noticing, Lol.

The sandals are Valentino’s.. I am in love with the rock stud babies and this version is fresh and cute. I have this type of sandals and they are so comfortable, you can walk hours on them!

Well, I hope you like my moodboard for this summer!! The dress and belt you can get it in BySymphony in this link . If you are in Dubai, go to Dubai Mall and once you have visited their shop, you can walk around and get all the rest of the outfit. Just be careful with the Level Shoe District, I know it has as side efect some serious withdrawal symptoms.

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My Summer Style #BySymphonyChallenge


Hi dears!

Recently I wrote about some gorgeous Lanvin necklaces (to review blog post click here) and this is my take.



Whatijustlove.comLooks cool eh!.. I got it done at The Wired Up shop in Dubai Mall. A little shop on the way to the dancing fountains in Dubai Mall. They have them in Silver and Golden wire and can add different stones or shapes to it. I loved this turquoise shiney stone and we mixed it with the white for extra cuteness.



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Recently I got invited to a new shop opening. I have seen the store getting ready in Dubai Mall and it was a nice surprise when I received the invitation from the PR agency. Thanks Heena!!

By the way, there is another shop in Dubai Festival City in case you live in the other part of town, so get gaudi-ing to one or the other. The little geek in me wants to share that Gaudi comes from Gaudere in latin… meaning Joy.. Ok,and a super famous spanish architect – soul of Barcelona- has also the same name ( have you ever been in the Holy Family Church?). Behind the name there is happiness and beauty.

The store breaths all that, it is very nice and the clothes are vibrant, full of colours – specially greens, turquoises, yellows, fucsias, blacks and whites.. they had a small runway organised and were showing the present collection. I fell in love with this black jumpsuit!

As an italian brand they also have shoes and bags.. well, no more coments, you know I am crazy about these babies.


The clothes are casual, fresh, very comfy and femenine, although they also have a section for our better halves. The style is young and smart, effortlessly cool..


Keep it simple!


My lovely Seema from, a personal stylist and friend from The Committee, was there too and of course we took some pics. Follow her blog and her insta account for great styling advice. ( @swseemz).

Bloggers just wanna have fun!



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Not long ago, I meet Anita Buys at one blogging event with Teresa Karpinska from that The Curve was organising. You might remember the blog post with the invitation. She is really something else, charming, intelligent, beautiful and really sweet.

She launched just recently The Committee, and I feel very honoured to be part of it. She brings together women: bloggers, entrepreneurs, PR’s and give them the perfect platform to mingle, to get to know each other, to try new products or services and to give our opinion about them.

Our January meeting was at Icons Coffee Couture, a new place in Souk Al Bahar. It is on the second floor, a little bit hidden but way worthy to look for. It is managed by Elena Weber – a beautiful german ex-model that is really passionate about her business.

The entire concept of Icons spins about solving the dilema – eating yummy or eating healthy.. we know now that there are multiples solutions to it. One of them, kind of different, is offered at Icons.


When you reach the counter, you see all these croissants, muffins, cakes, sweets (OMG!),.. well, there is no sugar on them. They use stevia instead, which is super healthy, 100% natural and doesnt have calories. Stevia has almost cero effect on blood glucose so here, in the UAE, where there is so many people suffering from diabetes, it is the place to go endulge yourself.


They also have soups, sandwiches, salads (try the chicken one) and shakes. I really enjoyed the Snow White Shake -with no coffee. I love also the fact that they have wifi. My husband followed my advice already and went to work there just recently. He loves working in cafeterias and well, Icons it is just perfect.

The meeting was very nice, with delicious food, a very pleasant atmosphere and even a personal trainer/nutricionist giving us some extra info and answering questions. I got to meet amazing ladies that are each one of them very inspiring to me from clutch designers, journalists, PR’s and fellow bloggers to fitness entrepreneurs.


I leave you to check some pics of the event. Luckily Anita arranged for a photographer, because I went straight from the office with no time to pick up the camera. Some are already on Insta (@whatijustloveblog).

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Hi dears!

This past Friday 24,starting at 18.30 more or less, something so-not-Dubai happened in Al Quoz. It was the first edition of Dubai Street Art. I enjoyed it so much, I hope there is more editions to come… and pronto!

I must say that lately Dubai ( or is it me), is craving for this kind of alternative events. Creation is part of being human and sooner or later we want to do, to imagine, to get our hands dirty.. There is plenty of malls and we know we can find absolutely anything here, but for sure you can not find in Dubai Mall one of my drawings or one of my pots. These are unique and very personal.. and also priceless.

They closed the area around Times Square and  allowed street artists to let their imagination fly. Let me share the pictures of the night!!

Hands on!





And this is Olga, another spanish national in love with Dubai that I met that night and that painted this gorgeous Dali, well and also the John Lennon behind and many other faces you will recognise. I love the colours!!


I have also another announcement, even though in Facebook has already been posted. The winner of the beautiful earrings of Glamorous Penguins that we have as blog’s giveaway is Maura Hales. Yeyy! Congratulations to the lucky one!

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Hello my dears,

Last week I went shopping and I found that Kurt Geiger has 50% discount on many models until the 31st of October. I like their shoes very much and found some beauties for my ravioli feet at very good price. 😉

They have some really beautiful shoes.Too bad that my feet are so small and not of all the discounted models they had my size. At the end the winner is:

la foto 2

I took them already to the office and they looked great with a pencil skirt but the color and those studs make it lady like and rock and roll at the same time, so I am going to wear them with jeans and with my black cigarette pants. They are so versatile that, truth to be told, I can mix them with most of my wardrobe.

My recommendation is to go and check what they have in store and take profit of the discount- 50% is not bad at all!!. I went to the shop in Dubai Mall- in front of the Level Shoe District, but they have all over UAE. And this is the link if you like to buy online. The discount is also available there.

I fell in love and so can you!





Hi there,

I must admit I used to love Benetton when I was younger. All those colorful sweaters and cool pants were my dream when I was 16. The other day, I went to the Benetton Shop in Dubai Mall, and I got so surprised.. I thought it could be too juvenile for me and my thirty something’s (hem hem), but noooo! I mean it is fresh and trendy but not too teenage like. I am so glad to see that the brand grew with me, too bad I didn’t realise before. Well, being in Jamaica for 6 years kinds of explain it! Now Benetton is back to my make-me-happy-list.

I went there following the invitation of Maryshka- another Dubai based blogger which I follow and I like very much (Follow this link to go to her blog). The invitation was that Joan from – another lovely Dubai based fashion blogger- was doing styling in Benetton. For me, as follower of her blog to have the occasion to meet her and pick her brains to chose a look was just too good to miss.

Joan is amazing and the vibe there- there were other now girlfriends!- was awesome. We had really a lot of fun and well this is the result of her styling. I hope you like it. I liked it so much I bought the pants, the top and the yellow shoes.. Khalas!





Hello world!

Here I am, “at your feet”  at the Dubai Mall sharing with you one of my instagramies. I really love shoes, well shoes and bags. For sure bags will get their own zillion posts from me, hehehe.

Men don’t understand why us love so much this two accessories and why we cant never have enough. When I moved to Dubai I bought a closet for my shoes. It is quite big and if I am not too wrong it could hold around 40 pairs. Well, a year later I need a new shoe closet already!! and believe me I am behaving a lot, taking into account the shopping malls here.

Did you know that the oldest shoe found so far is  a sandal from 10,500 years ago? It belong to a native North American, who made it out of the bark of a sagebrush plant. Wow! 10.500 years ago!

And did you know that initially no one wore shoes unless the surrounding ground was rocky, very hot or had poisonous insects?.Later, shoes were worn by rich and powerful people only, and were seen as a symbol of status and authority. So for example, no slave could wear them. All this must have got ingrained in our behavior somehow, so there you have a possible explanation why we like them so much.

At the end of the day, we have Cinderella, Dorothy from OZ and Louboutin to fantasize!

Well, I just want to say..  If the shoe fits, wear it!