Recently I got invited to a new shop opening. I have seen the store getting ready in Dubai Mall and it was a nice surprise when I received the invitation from the PR agency. Thanks Heena!!

By the way, there is another shop in Dubai Festival City in case you live in the other part of town, so get gaudi-ing to one or the other. The little geek in me wants to share that Gaudi comes from Gaudere in latin… meaning Joy.. Ok,and a super famous spanish architect – soul of Barcelona- has also the same name ( have you ever been in the Holy Family Church?). Behind the name there is happiness and beauty.

The store breaths all that, it is very nice and the clothes are vibrant, full of colours – specially greens, turquoises, yellows, fucsias, blacks and whites.. they had a small runway organised and were showing the present collection. I fell in love with this black jumpsuit!

As an italian brand they also have shoes and bags.. well, no more coments, you know I am crazy about these babies.


The clothes are casual, fresh, very comfy and femenine, although they also have a section for our better halves. The style is young and smart, effortlessly cool..


Keep it simple!


My lovely Seema from, a personal stylist and friend from The Committee, was there too and of course we took some pics. Follow her blog and her insta account for great styling advice. ( @swseemz).

Bloggers just wanna have fun!



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Hi dears,

You might have seen the other post of Dubai Street Art night. On that night I meet a very special lady with a great message on her board.

Her name is Areej and she has something to say about women education and women rights. Her inspiration is Malala and her fight to get equal rights for girls and boys.

She used colours symbolizing the islam (green) and the feminine (pink) and quotes from Malala’s book. 800 is the number of verses that speak about Women in the Holy Quoran.

She wanted to have the manequin heads with the scarves in front of the board to get the attention but she barely had 2 hours to paint and create the entire thing and they were on the side. Still they got our attention!

These are the pictures.





DSC_0613 DSC_0619


Hi dears,

Tomorrow we will know if the Expo 2020 will be coming to Dubai- or to Sao Paulo, or to Izmir, or to Ekaterinenburg. Can you imagine? These type of events normally change the life and landscape of a city. Dubai has changed so dramatically in the last 10 years, from rags to riches,.. Can you imagine all the changes the city will go through if we are selected? Wow! I hope they cap the rentals or else we will end up living under a bridge!!

The area that they are to use for the Expo Compound is in the Jebel Ali area and once the Expo is finished it will become a research center and a University, which I find great.. make it Public and it will be even greater! 😉

The other cities are good expo material for sure too, but I am sorry, my absolute winner is Dubai. Something I love about this place is the Can-do attitude everywhere.. You can achieve your dreams if you want to, you can transform, learn, change and become a better version of you and by doing so, improve the lives of everyone you encounter in your way. This is actually one of the principles of the proposal: Opportunity. The other two are mobility and sustainability. In this two, Dubai still has a lot to do as a city but the Expo could be a good beginning.

Well, I leave you with these inspiring videos and .. Lets get to work! ( I love that part of the video!) Because even if we dont win, we should get hands on with our Enviroment and our Development.

YouTube Preview Image


Luv and fingers crossed!!


PS: Rumor has it that if Dubai wins, the Sheikh will give one day extra holidays!!





Hi my dears,

Yesterday it was one of the events that I mentioned in a previous post to assist and gather funds for the Yolanda Victims. Dubai is a generous city and that showed yesterday with people coming and going during the entire day.All the money and goods collected will be sent by LBT to the disaster area.

The food was awesome, the people amazing and the cause a really good one.

Let me show you some of it..


Amore Rosso, the restaurant of the venue, has an italian chef and a filipino chef -actually a wife and husband team!- when we arrived it was filipino food available as they were doing batches. I am not too familiar with it and the names are kind of difficult to remember but the chicken caldereta and the buko pandan (a green dessert that looks atomic and it is just delicious!) will stay with me forevaaaaa .;)


Nada and the Buffet

As it was a buffet, I picked up a bit of every dish and enjoyed all of them. The company was the best of the best, as I went with my friend and blogger Nada from Undefined Declarations and there I finally met Naomi from PinayFlyinghigh!! She was the brave organiser and soul of this project.


There we met other amazing people too as we were so lucky to share the table with other two bloggers friends of Naomi too. Sanne from Mitziemee and Pia from Expiatriatewife ( I love the name Pia!!). Please check their blogs as these ladies have a lot to say.

It is funny that we all come from such a different backgrounds, countries, culture, languages, professions,.. and still we all have such a strong bond through our blogs. Blogging is an amazing connection and I love it!

After the event and to make things even better we went to have a coffee to Reem Al Bawadi in Downtown Dubai. After getting lost for quite a while – who on Earth designed the roads on Dubai was planning to use helicopters and not cars!!- we reached. There we met Sarah and Yessenia. I loved the conversation and could have stayed there with them for a week chatting non stop!

With the girls!!

The place was very nice although the service was not at all. Still we got to enjoy a beautiful view of my favourite building.. Burj Khalifa. I have some many pictures of my beloved BK in my phone that looks like I built it!!


Impressive eh?

What can I say, I love my life and I love Dubai. I am very thankful for all the amazing things that come my way and all the private “gurus” and “teachers” that I am encountering here.

Talking about which, remember to be part our new project : The Happy- list. All the explanation is in this Happy Post. You can access to the facebook event in this link and see all the beautiful thoughts shared so far. I love them and wanted to thank you all for the great response and I must confess that your comments are so amazing and moving that you are transporting me there.. with you.. Thanks, Gracias, Merci, Danke, Grazie Mille!! Dont hesitate to share the event with friends and family, specially if they are having a tough time. There is a lot of happy thoughts there.

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Good morning, well, almost afternoon!

Sorry , it was a long night and my intention to write got delayed – like a lot!. Any ways, I hope you are ready for fashion Forward Day 2. This is the schedule for today:

11:30 London College of Fashion ( My school!) in Hall 4. Paul Tierney will speak about How to make it as a Fashion Journalist. Yesterday he was also leading another talk (The Rise of Fashion Bloggers) and well, he is an amazing journalist with tons of experience.

14:00 Another Talk, this time about The Influence of Editors on the Fashion landscape. Also in Hall 4. With Susan Sabet ( from Pashion magazine), Ritu Upadhyay (correspondent of Women’s Wear Daily in the Middle East), Caterina Minthe ( Features Editor of Arabia and TEDX speaker), Sofia Guellaty (Senior editor of Arabia) and Fay Afghahi (Managing Editor of Elle Arab World). Amazing panel!!

15.00 Hema Kaul- In Hall 3. This Dubai based designer is presenting a cute and feminine collection. Her pieces are very polished and have some elegant retro chic feeling I love.

15.30 In Hall 4 we have another talk. Buyers, where are you? with Cynthia Kattar (Fashion and Beauty editor of Hia Magazine), Rozan Ahmed (founder of and world wide influencer), Dana Malhas Ghandour (Creative Director, Head buyer,style ambassador and Co-Owner of CREAM Boutique in Jeddah, Saudi), and Dina Jsr (Jewelry passionate under the mentorship of Rabih Kayrouz, founder of Starch Foundation). As I have a background in Purchasing and Procurement, this talk is super interesting for me.

16.30 Reem Al Kanhal in Hall 2. Chic, Nostalgic and Futuristic is how the designer describes her collection. The brand is called RK.

18.00 Dima Ayad in Hall 3. This designer established her brand in 2010 and since then it has been featured in a number of magazines. Very nice feminine shapes.

18.30 Nanette Lepore– Crafting High fashion : What It takes to manufacture locally? – Hall 4. You don’t want to miss this talk. One of the queens of american fashion is here in Dubai. Firm believer of producing locally to protect the industry.

19.30 Toujouri– Hall 2.. Well, What can I say?. I absolutely love her. You can see what was her last season runway on my blog as I dedicated an entire post.

20.30 Madiyah Al Sharqi– in Hall 1. Daughter of the Ruler of Fujairah (amazingly beautiful place and very close to Dubai!), she has a lot to say in fashion if she is to be in Hall 1. I cant wait to see her collection!

21.30 Charbel Zoe– Hall 3. Awarded International Fashion Designer of the Year 2013  at the Miami Fashion Week. His designs are delicate, feminine and full of brocades and jewelry… dreamy, fairy tales made reality.

And after all this, party at the Garden.. today I will pass on this one as tomorrow I have to work, yep! work and it is a deadline day so I have to and I want to. Once I finish I will come to keep enjoying Fashion Forward.

See you all there,





Yesterday, it was fun.. We hold our first Meet up for the Dubai Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers Community, a new Meet up Shaheen and me have been putting together for the last few weeks. Could you believe there was not such a community, association or group for bloggers with fashion or lifestyle as main topic in Dubai?..(Hellooo, I insist .. in Dubai!).

I guess Dubai itself it is a bit like that, so fast paced, everybody minding their own business. A bloggers set of mind requires some time and space to research, write, go to events, take pics, and work on the unique content we always want to offer,.. and it feels a bit lonely sometimes. When we met we both felt the gap right there and eventually she started the meet up and I volunteer to assist her.

The Meet up took place at the Sisters Beauty Lounge in The Village Mall (Jumeirah area). The saloon has a very nice atmosphere and has a separate area for nails (manis and pedis), another for hair treatments, another section for facials, waxing and massage and even a very cute Kerastase bar with a russian lady that knows a whole lot about all the Kerastase products and what goes well to what type of hair. I am going to follow her advise on a few tips. Since I arrived to Dubai my hair is in serious misshape and I tried so many things with not always the expected results, I am still looking for the right product, the right hairdresser, the right treatment..

All paying attention to the explanation of the hair expert @ Sisters saloon.

The branch manager of Sisters showed us their premises, provided all the attendees with drinks and small tapas and offered us a bag with goodies and samples to test and a free mani or pedi (gorgeous coral toes- Thanks Michelle!). It was 10 of us so we got them busy for a while.The bloggers sisterhood at the Sisters saloon.

I am so glad to be part of this Meet up. The attendees were all amazing and had lots of ideas to improve and make the group really thrive. Everything is about helping each other, learning, developing relationships with one another, with the press, with the brands, growing personally and “blogger-ssionally”. (if where you missing my leliquistani.. there you go!). ;). I loved the energy and the camaraderie between all of us.

Let me introduce you some of the blogs of my fellow DF&L Bloggers. If you have a minute check them out. We are all in a path to self improvement and we love to have your feedback, so please comment, engage, like, share..

Red Lips & LaceThe Glam Crush ChronicleCherry CrossYour Bubbly Butterfly

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These are some pics of the event. If you are a fashion or lifestyle blogger, you live in Dubai and want to join, please drop me a line or click here to  get directed to the Meet up page.

Lots of Luv,


Kerastase bar (licensed!).


Meet the organizers. Say Cheese!


Just in case you are outside of this World and missed the huge media coverage that this Chanel event had during the Paris Couture Fashion Week, I have created a playlist with the ins, the outs and the abouts of the show. If you have any problem with the video embedded, just go to the What I Just Love Youtube Chanel. There you will find 3 videos, one with the show, one with interview to the attending celebs ( RiRi was there!) and another one with the backstage.

Chanel showed an amazing collection Autum/ Winter 2013-2014 in an ‘aftermath’ theater. The looks – a bit industrial, maybe not too haute couture- are amazing to me. Maybe it is not what many Chanels were expecting but creativity has its ways and same as Dior is less rock and roll now that Galliano is gone, Chanel has full right to change from time to time and give us surprises.

I like the fact that this Haute Couture is more wearable. At the end of the day, you don’t attend red carpet events everyday (not yet!) and I find it fun.. to break the rules. Maybe in coming years, we will see people in jeans and pajamas (ok we have seen already some pajama-looking gowns already) going to pick up their awards, getting married or attend dinners at the G8 Summit.