Hi dears!

Just a brief note on an amazing place I just discovered even though many friends have recommended it to me tons of times.. Why I got it recommended so many times? Because I am a fan of mexican food ( and mexican culture) and well, I really had to go to Maria Bonita. It was my destiny.. It was written somewhere.

Maria Bonita has a restaurant in Green Community and another in Jumeirah. I went to the Jumeirah one with my lovely friends. We had lots of fun and lots of food.. and it was just delicious!


I tried the Enchiladas and I recommend them very much.. but ask Edgar or Christian for advice if you are not sure about what to order. They are real chilangos ( from Mexico DF) and they are just so friendly and nice.. like in Mexico. I have traveled to Mexico like 6 or 7 times.. I lost count.. and the warmth and hospitality of these people is just amazing and to me is one of the best assets they have  as a country. Ok also the food, the art, the history, the beaches, the culture, the colors, the landscapes,the tequila, the music.. even the desmadre (chaos) is so colorful and vibrant in Mexico that it makes it beautiful.

I tried the salads of my friends -with nopales (cacti)- and it was also delicious but the best of the best.. the cream of the cream, the top of the top.. was the dessert I choose… some might disagree in this one choice of mine but it is something not so easy to find outside Mexico and it brings me just so many good memories. What is it? .. Chocolate!.. You might know Chocolate is coming from the Americas and that the indigenous used it to do xocolatle.. mixing the cocoa beans with milk or water with a molinillo.. mmm.. hot chocolate. This chocolate is called .. de la Abuelita (literally from Granny).. The flavor is different to what you are used to.. this chocolate doesn’t have as much sugar and it is a bit bitter, the aroma is from outside this word. This totally conquered my heart. What to say now? Viva Mexico C@Br*nEs! Ups!