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I am very excited to show you some of the pics of the collaboration with Wolford. It is funny, but since we initiated the conversation, wherever I was going I was just finding Wolford shops (in every cute corner in Paris, Madrid and here in Dubai Mall).

I always loved stockings and here I am using them for the office specially. Lets face it, Dubai is right now hot and humid, so stockings might not seem the perfect match, but in my office – where I spend soooo many hours of my day- it is freezing cold.. no matter if it is summer or winter. Lets just say we -females and males- have a fight over the A/C control and they always win. The tights are great and solve my problem and if you, like me, like them thin, then you can use them everywhere indoor and outdoors.

The selected tights were black with  10 den and back seam .. the devil is in the details, and this one model is just sexy and at the same time is a total classic. They are super soft and very resilient.  I styled it in two ways.. one in a naughty way with my hubby’s shirt, a mini skirt and the other with a LBD from New Look that I like a lot and I constantly mix with jackets in white or black. The shoes are from Pierre Cardin and are the typical lady Oxford shoes with pretty black and caviar bead accents. I could have also used heels but I found this look easier and so comfy I could run a marathon with.

Wolford has more than just tights. If you check on its website or visit one of its shops, you will find it has also swimsuits, bodies and pretty lingerie. They also have a ready to wear section with nice dresses, skirts and tops and another section called “Shape and Support” ( to keep things in place!). I also discovered that they also have an accessories line with belts, scarves and some stockings gloves that look amazing.

Ok, lets go for the pics.

I hope you like them!



REEMAMI at The Cartel

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This Thursday was great! Yep! Normally my favorite day of the week is Friday ( I was born on a snowy Friday, which in Madrid is kind of unusual!). But this Thursday was great because I had a blast. After a very intense week of work and many sleepless nights because I miss my hubby, I gathered the energy to get to The Cartel with my friend Rizza to see the special edition of Reemami.

You might have seen already the Frida print everywhere… but in color. For The Cartel it will be in Black and White, their signature colors. The event was great, with VBP (very beautiful people) and with Reema Al Banna around for questions and pics. I like her a lot. We meet at an event when she was the face of Samsung, kind of a fashion incubator and she was the mentor.. I dream of having such a cool mentor, but I was far from ready to join the program.

Reema had a great idea and now her brand is easy to identify. The print is totally unique, coming out of children’s version of Frida’s self portraits. Unibrow is the name of the collection by the way. Frida was unique, her art, her life, her intense love and despair.. in one of my trips to Mexico I visited her house, now museum, in Coyoacan, Mexico DF. It was just one of the most enlightening experiences.. out of pain, beauty.

Natasha D’Souza, my lovely neighbor, is now part of The Cartel’s team. She is so much fun and really the event was so very well organized I need to praise her and the team’s work. There were Nail art, a DJ, live painting, yummy sushi and finger food, colorful drinks, models posing around and I got to see some fellow bloggers and friends. Honestly, it couldnt have been better!

The Cartel’s pieces are out of the ordinary and every time I visit them they have new cool stuff. I recommend you to visit them. Although is off the beaten path in Al Quoz is not difficult to find and it is absolutely worthy.

Here you have some pics!




Hi dears!

This past Friday 24,starting at 18.30 more or less, something so-not-Dubai happened in Al Quoz. It was the first edition of Dubai Street Art. I enjoyed it so much, I hope there is more editions to come… and pronto!

I must say that lately Dubai ( or is it me), is craving for this kind of alternative events. Creation is part of being human and sooner or later we want to do, to imagine, to get our hands dirty.. There is plenty of malls and we know we can find absolutely anything here, but for sure you can not find in Dubai Mall one of my drawings or one of my pots. These are unique and very personal.. and also priceless.

They closed the area around Times Square and  allowed street artists to let their imagination fly. Let me share the pictures of the night!!

Hands on!





And this is Olga, another spanish national in love with Dubai that I met that night and that painted this gorgeous Dali, well and also the John Lennon behind and many other faces you will recognise. I love the colours!!


I have also another announcement, even though in Facebook has already been posted. The winner of the beautiful earrings of Glamorous Penguins that we have as blog’s giveaway is Maura Hales. Yeyy! Congratulations to the lucky one!

Lots of Luv!





Hi there,

I must admit I used to love Benetton when I was younger. All those colorful sweaters and cool pants were my dream when I was 16. The other day, I went to the Benetton Shop in Dubai Mall, and I got so surprised.. I thought it could be too juvenile for me and my thirty something’s (hem hem), but noooo! I mean it is fresh and trendy but not too teenage like. I am so glad to see that the brand grew with me, too bad I didn’t realise before. Well, being in Jamaica for 6 years kinds of explain it! Now Benetton is back to my make-me-happy-list.

I went there following the invitation of Maryshka- another Dubai based blogger which I follow and I like very much (Follow this link to go to her blog). The invitation was that Joan from – another lovely Dubai based fashion blogger- was doing styling in Benetton. For me, as follower of her blog to have the occasion to meet her and pick her brains to chose a look was just too good to miss.

Joan is amazing and the vibe there- there were other now girlfriends!- was awesome. We had really a lot of fun and well this is the result of her styling. I hope you like it. I liked it so much I bought the pants, the top and the yellow shoes.. Khalas!