I met Cathleen- designer and mastermind behind CNicol- some years ago when we were both studying Handbag Design at the London School of Fashion. It was a really nice bunch of ladies and we all bonded very much. Our teacher Ann Saunders was amazing, peaceful and energetic. It might sound a weird combination but she is just like that. We learnt a ton with her!

Cathleen at that time was already working on her project. She had very clear ideas of what she wanted to do, where she wanted to reach, where she would produce, the brand and her aesthetics. Since then I have seen her working nonstop, growing bit by bit, pushing forward, posting Instagram photos, launching the website.. this is what happens when you have a project that feels like a life mission. I know it very well.. It is what I feel about Eushopia. It is kind of my baby!.

Today it is a big day for her.. She is in New York. Not touring around but presenting her handbag Pippa to the jury of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards. Yes! She is a finalist already and I am praying and sending mantras to the Universe for her to win. I learnt about these awards thanks to the book of Emily Blumenthal- Handbag Designer 101. She created the Yasmeena and the Yazzy bags.. cute, small and practical handbag (literally!) that went totally viral when Sarah Jessica Parker wore it in one of the chapters of Sex in the city.( boy! How I liked that series!.. I wish any Tv producer reads this post and decides to do another one, .. This time based in Dubai, why not? I am in!).

Emily actually decided to support independent handbag designers and created the Award. I follow it every year. Creativity there is raw, there is no boundaries about pricing, materials, strategy or other lines.. you just have the most beautiful bags. Period.

So, I want you to join forces with me and the Universe to see CNicol handbag winning this award. She deserves it and I will be a proud friend!


Go Cathleen, Go! Go Pippa, Go!


Araceli Gallego



Hi dears!


Even though I couldnt hold it when I just finished it and inmediately I posted the pic in Instagram, I want to share with you some more info of this cute little creation of mine.

The inspiration has been my very good friend Sofia Bernate. She is unique, super intelligent, an amazing woman, full of energy and love. As adventourous  and curious as me and therefore best companion of many confidences, trips, outings (also nighty ones!) and excursions while I was living in Jamaica. You didnt know? Well, I lived in Jamaica almost 6 years.. I will tell you more another day, I need more that a small mention for this blessed island in the middle of the Caribbean that I called home for so many years.

www.whatijustlove.comBack to Sofi and the bag named after her.. The idea came from a piece of fabric my friends from Regal gave me to start playing around with the sewing machine. They are really generous and where most of my designs come to be a reality. So, see the fabric.. it is red with cute black polka dots, some of them with a rim of beads in white.

Having not too much of the same fabric I worked the design around – even though Sofi loves huuuge bags, the piece was not too big.  I came up with a even more passionate red piece of fabric for the linen to make even a bigger impact and avoid the polka dots of one side of being visible in the other.

I also added some interfacing to give it more structure and to protect the fabric as I think it might have been part of a sari or something delicate, specially the exterior fabric. You see there is a fold in the front? This allows for more interior space, gives more volume and breaks a bit the total symmetry of the polka dots. I love symmetry but in this case, I needed to break it and play with it.

To close the bag, I found a vintage metal frame with ball clasps and a cute Oh-so-Mrs-Daisy handle. This part was the trickiest to sew as it has to be done by hand and making sure the fabric and the linen (and the interfacing) would not move from the “assigned” hole and sticht to the frame.

I loved it and I will be doing more of this type some time soon.

On the meantime,  I stay tuned as I am really doing quite a lot of crafts now. (yuhuuu!).

Lots of luv,







Celebrities normally surprise us for their excentricities, but this one I find it particularly adorable.. It might be because I am very much an animal lover myself.

carolina con gaspar

Gaspar is the name of this very tiny and adorable doggie- and also the name of this gorgeous bag from Carolina Herrera. No coincidence here, she must love him madly. He was the inspiration and in some cases, it is very obvious. Lol.

There are different Gaspars within the collection. Clutch and Totes, in leather, suede and shearling, with or without studs.

Now they are both in the fashion dictionaries and books!! Such an eminent canine, uh?



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