BCBGMAXAZRIA Runway launched their a/w2015 collection in a very cool event at the newly opened YNOT at the Intercontinental hotel in Dubai Marina.  

About the event

Ynot received the fashionable crowd and models with the beautiful clothes of this coming collection that you can find in the store already.

The runway was quite difficult I must say and probably the models had to concentrate to walk stylishly over cylindrical logs of different heights.


For me it was a pleasure to be there, not only because it was after my return from South Africa and with all the latest news I needed to feel back to normal and get to see my fellow bloggers and peers. To this event I took my friend and photographer Ayreej. I don’t know how he manages but he always makes me laugh even if we are talking about serious topics.

We took pics, met people, chat with everyone around and dance the night away.

The PR agency of BCBG is Sticky Ginger. These girls are a powerhouse of ideas and details and the event was very well organized indeed. Before we left they gave us a goody bag and I love the little cute presents. A very delicate bangle, a Fashion Survival kit with really cool contents to save your look in any given situation and the brochures with all the looks of the collection.

About the Collection

For me BCBG means feminine silhouettes, and I always find their cuts to be very flattering especially the dresses. This collection plays with ethnic patterns, leather and fur appliques, mixed with wool, fringes, quilts and sheers. It feels cozy and chic. I like it when winter clothes are warm and you can really use them for the cold weather.

The colours range from off whites to black, with greys and browns. Dont miss the coats and jackets of this collection, they are so much fun. Same as the accessories, boots, bags and scarves. We see again boots over the knee and the heel is a mix of stiletto and wedge. 

BCBG mix (1)

I was really lucky and BCBGMaxAzria lent me a dress to wear to the event. Claudia, the shop manager of the MOE branch was so helpful and fun, assisting me to choose that I really need to mention her. Sorry but accustomed to the lack of quality service in Dubai, when you meet somebody passionate about what she does and nice and sweet and easy going and attentive to details, they deserve to be praised. At the end, I picked a black lace dress that looked great on me so don’t miss the photoshoot that Ayreej did.


About the brand

BCBGMAXAZRIA was founded in 1989 by Max Azria. You might wonder where from is the BCBG part or what does it mean. I did, so I researched and BCBG means in french ¨Bon Chic, Bon Genre¨, which means ´Good Style, Good attitude´ and it is the motto of the brand.

The woman inspiration behind the BCBGMAXAZRIA is sophisticated, feminine and  independent.

Even though he, Max Azria, is French /Tunisian, the brand is American -from 1998 Max Azria is part of the CFDA- and is expanding very fast, having already plenty of stores. In Dubai we can enjoy 6 shops already.

Celebrities love the brand and we have seen Angelina Jolie, Rachel Bilson, Eva Mendes, Sharon Stone, Halle Berry, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Lucy Liu, Fergie wearing them.

BCBGMAXAZRIA is not only a brand, actually is a group of companies, all fashion related. This is the timelime of how the lives of Max Azria and Lubov Azria -the brand is a husband and wife team- developed while creating this fashion emporio.

1981 Max Azria moves to USA and launches Jess offering French fashion to American women.

1989 BCBGMAXAZRIA is launched.

1991 Lubov joined the company as a designer.

1996 First Runway in New York. Lubov named Creative Director.

1998 The brand buys Herve Leger and Max is inducted to the CFDA.

2004 Max Azria Atelier for Hollywood clients.

2005 The group buys Alain Manoukian and Don Algodon.

2006 The group buys G+G retail -that was bankrupt and had more than 400 shops.

2006 In NYFW they performed 2 runways, one for BCBG and Max Azria.

2008 BCBG Generation and 3 Runway on NYFW with BCBG Max Azria Runway, Max Azria and Herve Leger by Max Azria.

2009 Launch a collab collection with Miley Cyrus for Wallmart.

2010 Lubov is also part of CFDA.


Today the group has more than 12 brands- BCBGMAXAZRIA, BCBGMAXAZRIA Runway, Max Azria Atelier, Herve Leger by Max Azria, Herve Leger Couture, BCBG Generation, Max and Cleo, Lola, Manoukian, Parallel, Dorothee bis and Dorotennis.

The group boasts more than 550 shops, with 180 BCBGMaxAzria Shops. Although the brands also are sold in plenty of specialty shops like Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, Bergdorf Goodman etc increasing their reach even further.

About the designers Max y Lubov

They have so many awards it would take 3-4 pages to list them all but what i love most is the fact that they are such a great team together. Max has taken the role of CEO, Chairman and Head designer.. he is the one with the business nose and the vision. Lubov is full of creativity and is very detail oriented, she is the keeper of the vision of what each of the brands symbolize and how to keep them fresh and chic. She holds the position of Chief Creative Officer.

But how did they met? A French of Tunisian origin, and an Ukranian. Well, Lubov moved to USA in 1980 and studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. In 1991, a friend of Max referred her for a job opening with Max. Who would have told her that one year and a half later they will be madly in love tying the knot?.. Destiny.

Lubov y Maxazria

I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry if it got a little long. I also want to share with you another story, this time personal.. I used to live in Jamaica, there I worked as purchasing manager of a hotel project. From pipes and cement to furnishing and bathrobes for our future clients, all was going through my desk. The hotel chain that I worked for is Spanish, I am Spanish and as we were such a small community of Spanish people on the island we were all very close. The Ambassador was a phone call away and he always showed care for the investors and nationals. One day, I received an email.. The king of Spain was coming to Jamaica to meet us. I jumped!.. Jamaica is a paradise, but working on a construction site and living by the beach where all you need is bikinis, shorts and flip flops, all the glamourous clothes were left in Spain, back home, 9 hours away if flying direct.

Immediately I booked a ticket to Miami, went to the BCBGMaxAzria shop and bought 2 dresses and a pair of shoes. That day was a success, I looked and felt like a million dollar girl. I have some pics but I can not find them.. Too bad! Not every day,you get to meet your King.


One Love,


Araceli Gallego




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By now, you probably have seen already these Lanvin loud and clear Mian’s- Messages in a Necklace! – I just made it up. Dont think that is the real name, but.. sounds good, doesn’t it?




What messages I am talking about?.. Lol.. This is what I call a good subtitle. I have seen so far “Cools”, “Happys”, “Loves” and “Helps” around. The Lanvin’s are probably a bit expensive for my budget- more now, after the intense Christmas and January sales sprees-  but I think we can replicate with wire and customize it to our liking…

What do you think? What message would you want?



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Hi dears,

I am on holidays, back home, in Spain. Madrid is absolutely gorgeous in Christmas, although this year I missed the Christmas and the New Years Eve and flew right after. Yes, good guess.. I had to work!.


Now I am here and it feels like a dream as we are visiting family, friends and .. well, the new house!. It is as beautiful as I remembered it in August- when we fell in love and decided to purchase it-. Just now, it is not summer anymore and we don’t have the gas connected as yet which means.. No hot water and no heating. Brrrr! It is really cold now, ..our first winter in the mountains… We are not sleeping there as yet, well we don’t have anything there.. imagine, we bought one of those inflatable beds to have at least somewhere to sit while we are cleaning and finding all the tricks of the house.

It is raining like crazy in Madrid these days and surprise!!.. we found a damp spot and even a balling pump in the corner. So this area we will need to study and take good care of before we go back.


We had already the house warming event ( not party, although we were all very merry!).. as some friends came and helped us to start the chimney (now you see the house warming part of the event! ;). It was great. I loved the smell of the wood and the chimney, together with the pines and trees around the house. Just amazing! To you all, Cheers!!


Today it is the “Dia de Reyes Magos” in Spain. This tradition is very unique to us, as everybody just do Santa on the 25th of December.

In Spain we have three “santas”.. the Three Wise men of Orient. Maybe they are coming from Dubai with the camels and all, who knows!..


Every child has one favorite wise men. Mine was Baltasar (black one), the others are Melchor (white beard) and Gaspar (blonde/red beard).

They were the ones that on the Bible, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, came following a star to adore him. They gave Jesus three presents: myrrh, gold and incense. Probably because they were the first ones giving presents to a child, that they stayed with us and our traditions. So children will write a letter to the Reyes Magos and ask for their presents and try to convince them that they were good during the last year and they deserve them.

The Reyes are very clever and if you didn’t behave properly during the year instead of presents they will bring you coal (it is sugar, so still it is nice..). well, I wish you lots of love and happiness, no matter if the Reyes or Santa are the ones delivering.




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Hi dears,

Today is my birthday. Yeyyy!! To me it is my favourite day of the year. I just love it and I enjoy no matter what I do on that day, ..even if I don’t do anything at all!! It is my day. It is the beginning of a new period. It is just so nice to be alive and counting years. Khalas! Gotta love it!

For this very special ocasion, we have a very cute giveaway, which is a set of earrings and necklace from Glamorous Penguins. It has a classic cut which I love, it is an elegant piece that will always be en vogue.


To enter is very easy.. all you have to do is to follow the steps in the rafflecopter. It is the first time I do one draw so I am all fingers crossed hoping that everything will go well.

The steps are:

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One more thing, as soon I will be leaving on holidays (double yeyyy!) you have until the 20th of January to enter. Please feel free to invite your friends, your mother, your sisters and neighbours. If you want to send them the link for the raffle, this is the link. Just copy, paste in an email or on your facebook page.


By the way, it is only valid for GCC residents or addresses within the GCC region.


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Lots of Luv,


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Hi dears,

These last weeks something is going on.. some of my closest friends are kind of down, sad, depressed.. different reasons behind, some I might agree, some are “no way, get out” situations..

All this brought back to me the reasons why I started a very special list and eventually decided even to start this blog. We all have ups and downs. It is life and there is not much we can do about it. Well, actually I am of the opinion that there is a lot we can do.

We all face, at a given moment in time, problems, difficult decisions, fears that will block us, restrictions set by others (or the worst of them all, by us) and also sheer happines, amazing emotions from love, friendship, joy, just pure joy for no reason…ups and downs.

We might not be able to control what comes from outside, but we can control how we let it affect us. Allow me to share one of my tricks..

Le questionaire

Think now about whatever is bugging you.. is there something you can do about it? Then do it (now, yes, now). If not, then don’t worry, as it is not in your hands. At least dont let it sink your mood, dont let it alter your sleep, don’t let it change your pretty smile.

If you can not do it right now or it is actually a lot of things that could be done, do a list with your action points and check them as soon as they are done.

The Happy- list

Normally I am a very optimistic person, happy to be and all that jazz but some years ago I had some important downs in my life and by recomendation I started a very special list of the things that make me happy. Seems easy? Uff! You can not imagine how hard is to see the bright side of things when you are insecure, unhappy, sad, and dont trust a single person on Earth.. (Yep! It was very bad).

I had to concentrate on beautiful things, songs I liked, past happy events, simple things like the soft texture of a fabric, the smell of the rain in my hometown or the taste of dark chocolate (<3) and bit by bit, first by almost obligation and later by habitude, I started to have a kind of decent list. Just the fact of focusing on those things -instead of bleeeep- , actually was changing my mood. Those feelings, those simple thoughts, were such a blessing as they were a distraction from the pain and from destructive thoughts.

Faith and Gratitude

I learned that no matter what.. there is always light after the tunnel, the sun always comes after the storm and hearts are more flexible that doctors will ever believe.

I still write on the list and some of the things, I post them here. The name of the blog is the name of the list and now it is much easier to acknowledge how lucky we are, what great lives we are living and how amazing is life with all its rollercoaster curves and standstill silence moments.

Practice makes perfect so I recommend you start your happy-list today and thank God, the Universe, or whatever you believe in, for those simple happy moments. When you are down, just go back to your list, try to recover the emotion, the feeling of happiness that you felt when you chose that thing, that memory for your list… be grateful because if you like this sunset, there is people that might no been able to see it, enjoy your food, as some are struggling and call your mum, as she is missing you and will give you love-credits to feel supported.

Oh! my.. I hope the post is not too long because I still want to invite you to start a shared happy-list on the facebook page of the blog. The link for the event is here..Just copy and paste on the navigation panel.


Lets create a list of happy-things that in case any one of our entourage is needing, is there.. add freely and invite your friends to add their happy moments too. Post messages, pictures, quotes, whatever makes you smile.

Share the love and Just be happy!



Luv, Support and Light,








Hi my dears!!

There is a little gem in Amsterdam that I can not recommend enough to visit. First of all, it is a museum.. Yep! I love Museums but this one is about one of those things I am so crazy about.. BAGS!!

From day one in Amsterdam, I wanted to visit this Museum. Now you will find out why.


The museum has a permanent exhibition and a temporary one, one amazingly well decorated cafeteria with three ambiances-one of them full of history- and a beautiful cozy garden.

It holds a collection of over 4.000 bags ( a dream come true!) and it all started as a private collection of Hendrikje Ivo. Now her daughter, Sigrid Ivo, is who manages the Museum.

Love for bags runs in the family.. it might be something genetic, hehehe!

You can find bags and purses from the XVI century to our days. It is a fashion history museum about bags and the way they have evolved for so many centuries taking into account the changes in fashion and the need they were covering.

www.whatijustlove.com Like for example, did you know that bags and purses were used initially by men and women indistinctly? Yes, Manuel!!

Now I am talking about the Middle Ages, right at the origin.. as in those years the clothes didn’t have inner pockets, whatever you were needing to carry with you, you needed to put it in a bag, whether it be money, confidential letters, a small Bible or a fan.. you would put it in your bag.

And guess what.. initially it was not hanging from the shoulder, but chained or tied to the waist.

Did you know that in Europe it was traditional to give a little purse with money for the bride and groom? Now we still do it -Yep!- but in a paper envelope (boooring!).  Before the content was as important as the container and those bridal bags would be done with silk and a piece of enamel copper or ceramic with the faces of the soon-to-wed. Limoges in France became very famous for these bridal bags. Check this one.

www.whatijustlove.com Time passed and the society changed. Travelling became more accessible and the first travel bags appeared. Soon the woman joined the work forces and new needs arose.The materials changed too.. from leather to beads, plastic, synthetic materials, metals etc..the limit is the imagination now.


The first brands established themselves as benchmark: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci.. and today still are.The designers know they need to keep on watching their clients and how their needs evolve. That is the key.


You can see I learned a lot on the visit!. Also, important (for photo lovers), when in the Museum you can take pics but not with flash. There is mostly focal light so it is not a problem.



When I was taking the first pictures, in almost ecstasy, my camera gave me the message that my SIM card was full. Murphy’s Law once again!

I asked the reception desk for some assistance.She called the Manager and Berenice came to the rescue and with a huge smile took me to the back of the house and lend me a computer to transfer the pics to an USB. Ladies, never leave behind your USB! This might not be the kind of advise you expect from your mothers, but that is my “V.I. Piece” of advice to you all!

Berenice saved the day and made this post more beautiful thanks to the pics. The people behind the museum ( are all women!) are smiling, happy to be and to assist, she even introduce me to the Community manager to link up with her when this post will be published. Wow! what an amazing place to work and to be.. great camaraderie, great customer service and surrounded by beautiful bags!!

www.whatijustlove.com I don’t need to say that my inspiration rose to amazing heights after the visit! I now have so many ideas, I probably have enough for 2-3 collections!!

If you go to Amsterdam don’t miss it, it is absolutely worthy.


Lil van Leather




Michelle Oba,a

“For me Fashion is fun, and it is supposed to help you feel good about yourself.

I think that is what all women should focus on: what makes them happy and feel comfortable and beautiful.

I wear what I love. Sometimes people like it, sometimes people don’t. I’m fine with that.”


Michelle Obama