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I found this new word and I love it.. Peplum.. leave aside the sound of the word itself (sorry, I find it fun), I love the image behind the word and goes straight to the Fashionese- English dictionary.

The peplum comes from the greek word peplos.. remember those very cool tunics that were tied by a brooch over the shoulders and tied with a belt at the waistline or over?.. That is the origin of the peplums.


Now, they have have evolved and are the little skirt on the tops or jackets, well or dresses or skirts or trousers.. you can find them everywhere!!

They are very flattering as they go with the curves on the waistline. True also that depending on the cut if a skirt, they might shorten your leg lenght but well, use heels with no ankle strap. ;). Also avoid the super frilly ones as it will look very bulky on your hips and could make you look bigger.

Peplum makes such an statement that you will find terms such as peplum siluette, peplum cut and peplum style.


You can find peplums now in every shop as they are so much in vogue. These are my favourites pics harvested from Pinterest, and the wide wild web..

Hope you like them too!

peplum dress peplum leather jacket peplum top 2 peplum top lace peplum top peplum white top































So this is my pim pam pum peplum review . I hope you enjoy the pictures and the explanation about the origin. By the way, dont forget to leave us your beautiful thoughts in the Happy-List project in Facebook. This is the link.

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Ok, I know that song has a zillion years but I like it!! It reminds me of my young years in London, up and down, in and out, day and night around town.

I thought of it when I saw my pictures with this look. I love this blue – I think it is called prussian blue and it is so bright that you can not be sad although you are totally.. technically.. super blue. This dress I bought it in the Koton store in Dubai Marina Mall.

The Shoes are from Mango and I fell in love with the heel and how comfy they are (honestly). The belt is also from Mango, the silvery bag is from Alegria Silva coming collection, the necklace is from H&M, Sunglasses-tiara style- are from Ray Ban and the earrings from Tous.

Hope you enjoy it and don’t be blue at all!!


Lil- Smurfette