Hi dears,

No, I haven’t been away, although many of you might have had that impression during the last few months. I didnt move from Dubai, I didnt go out that much, I didnt started in a gym or in a religious sect… None of that. I have been quiet in my blogging, in my life and in my social media, just because I decided to start again a project that has been itching me for so long that I really needed to scratch it. From 2013 I have the itch, imagine!

And now, I am not alone.. I have two amazing partners that I love working with and are enthusiast and brave and fun!. Life couldnt be better and surrounding myself with positive people, just makes things great!

So let me tell you also what is the project about and how is it going to change what I do here, in the blog.


The project is called Eushopia and you are very invited to visit our landing page in this link that is now up and running. From my first Fashion Forward in Dubai I fell in love with the talks and in one of them, designers complained about the little support they were receiving from shops, as shops prefer to have more recognized brands- specially in our GCC market that is very status driven.

Also consigment is common in the region and that means the budding designers need to produce items for the different shops before knowing if it would sell. Production costs are high when you are producing some units only and if you are starting money is not overflowing. Shops defended themselves saying that designers are not easy either, they don’t behave in a professional way, they don’t respond to emails, return calls, they do one prototype and pretend to start selling without not much else (branding, proper communication, etc). Shops also have high costs and they take a high risk.

Designers might end up taking other jobs where they can not explore anymore their talent and creativity in the same way and that honestly made me sad.

Wow! I didnt know this was such a problem and I listened to all the comments from both sides. So I started to think of ways to help the situation. Eushopia was conceived with the designers in mind.. to prepare them, to help them grow and get their brands and work out there, to represent them with shops, organise events or whatever neccessary. Initially it was not that clear.. only after more discussions and comments from here and there, it got that shape.

Eushopia’s name was not there either, it took good two- three months to choose it and it also passed a second review when the new partners joined. Another day I tell you what the inspiration was for the name.

Today we have defined the Business Plan, the mission, the vision, the objectives, the market and how to approach it and even the finantials. And although I know that we have a long road ahead, I am happy to start this walk and see how it goes. For me, it is something I am longing to do, it mixes a pair of things or three I love.. writing, helping and fashion. And that is what life is all about.. enjoying what you do and feel that you are in the flow.

and The Blog?

So the blog is going to change a bit, I have so many interests already but I want to focus a bit on this new journey that is entrepreneurship, fashion and all things digital (another passion of mine). There is a new whole world out there for me to discover and I would love to keep on sharing it with you. I hope you want to join me through this change, that I am confident it is going to be better, more exciting and very interesting.

I want to focus for this new journey on entrepreneurship, fashion and all things digital

Eushopia will have its online magazine, so a lot more of writing will be taking place. And press releases and business reports and magazine contributions .. I am happy with that! I just like it and now that I am not alone. It is so much better! If one day I am tired from work, or the muses decide to avoid me or even if you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.. it is fine. We are a team and we push together in the same direction.


Eushopia has behind a wish to help and all designers are free to contact us and we can talk and find the best ways to help them. But there is a little bit more, we also want to help causes that are close to our hearts.

The platform is in process and the Causes section is not yet ready but we want to share with you something our friend Leila is putting together now with the Red Crescent and invite you to participate. This cause can not wait until we are ready, but it is very important, so I wanted to mentioned it here- and in all my social media. She is organizing to collect clothes, medicines, toys, towels, blankets, foods (non perishable).. to send it to Syria where so much help is needed. The items will need to be collected before the end of May, the container needs to leave Dubai before Ramadan. You can get in touch with me if you want to collaborate (call me or wassup me +971 555752608). My company is helping, my neighbors, my friends.. It is so moving to see so many people mobilised to help. I am blessed with so many good people around, I can only thank the Universe.

Ups! The post ended a bit longer than what I expected but I really dont want to cut any of it.

I send you all a big hug, please visit and share Eushopia’s page and also see if you want to do the spring cleaning of your closets and help Syria. The moment is now. 🙂



Araceli Gallego

and now also 😉











Hi my dears!!

There is a little gem in Amsterdam that I can not recommend enough to visit. First of all, it is a museum.. Yep! I love Museums but this one is about one of those things I am so crazy about.. BAGS!!

From day one in Amsterdam, I wanted to visit this Museum. Now you will find out why.

The museum has a permanent exhibition and a temporary one, one amazingly well decorated cafeteria with three ambiances-one of them full of history- and a beautiful cozy garden.

It holds a collection of over 4.000 bags ( a dream come true!) and it all started as a private collection of Hendrikje Ivo. Now her daughter, Sigrid Ivo, is who manages the Museum.

Love for bags runs in the family.. it might be something genetic, hehehe!

You can find bags and purses from the XVI century to our days. It is a fashion history museum about bags and the way they have evolved for so many centuries taking into account the changes in fashion and the need they were covering. Like for example, did you know that bags and purses were used initially by men and women indistinctly? Yes, Manuel!!

Now I am talking about the Middle Ages, right at the origin.. as in those years the clothes didn’t have inner pockets, whatever you were needing to carry with you, you needed to put it in a bag, whether it be money, confidential letters, a small Bible or a fan.. you would put it in your bag.

And guess what.. initially it was not hanging from the shoulder, but chained or tied to the waist.

Did you know that in Europe it was traditional to give a little purse with money for the bride and groom? Now we still do it -Yep!- but in a paper envelope (boooring!).  Before the content was as important as the container and those bridal bags would be done with silk and a piece of enamel copper or ceramic with the faces of the soon-to-wed. Limoges in France became very famous for these bridal bags. Check this one. Time passed and the society changed. Travelling became more accessible and the first travel bags appeared. Soon the woman joined the work forces and new needs arose.The materials changed too.. from leather to beads, plastic, synthetic materials, metals etc..the limit is the imagination now.

The first brands established themselves as benchmark: Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci.. and today still are.The designers know they need to keep on watching their clients and how their needs evolve. That is the key.

You can see I learned a lot on the visit!. Also, important (for photo lovers), when in the Museum you can take pics but not with flash. There is mostly focal light so it is not a problem.



When I was taking the first pictures, in almost ecstasy, my camera gave me the message that my SIM card was full. Murphy’s Law once again!

I asked the reception desk for some assistance.She called the Manager and Berenice came to the rescue and with a huge smile took me to the back of the house and lend me a computer to transfer the pics to an USB. Ladies, never leave behind your USB! This might not be the kind of advise you expect from your mothers, but that is my “V.I. Piece” of advice to you all!

Berenice saved the day and made this post more beautiful thanks to the pics. The people behind the museum ( are all women!) are smiling, happy to be and to assist, she even introduce me to the Community manager to link up with her when this post will be published. Wow! what an amazing place to work and to be.. great camaraderie, great customer service and surrounded by beautiful bags!! I don’t need to say that my inspiration rose to amazing heights after the visit! I now have so many ideas, I probably have enough for 2-3 collections!!

If you go to Amsterdam don’t miss it, it is absolutely worthy.


Lil van Leather