Hi dears,

Dubai’s weather is amazing now.. with temperatures during the day of 25C and in the night of 20C. It is just paradise!

Still, we have some AC issues in the office and you will always see me with some jacket or scarf in work days and lately with a very stubborn flu. This is what I wore few days ago to go to work and I got quite a lot of compliments.


I love the colour combination – black and petroleum blue. Normally, I love colours but I am pretty conservative when it comes to the business attire. The skirt is from Fabrika, the blouse is from New Look and the jacket from G2000. The pendant is from Tous and the chain bracelet and bag are from Aldo.

The earrings are part of my precious collection of earrings of the world. These ones are a beautiful present from Nacho and Elianne- Luv u guys!- when they went to Italy some months ago. They have a beautiful story behind as they are handmade by a very special artisan and are made of opaque glass.

I love earrings. Whenever I travel, I always buy at least a pair and I have a nice collection by now. I love the ethnicity, uniqueness and the recovered memories of that trip or of the people that bought them knowing of my weird addiction.


Maybe I shouldnt say addiction, I dont like the connotations of that word. My husband loves this picture- for some reason I dont understand- I look like a shar-pei! Sorry..  Mmm.. looking for a better word for my ehem.. addiction.. the English Theasurus brings this up..

WordReference English Thesaurus © 2013

  • dependence
  • habit
  • fixation
  • craving
  • compulsion
  • habituation
  • inclination
  • bent
  • enslavement
  • substance abuse
  • alcoholism
  • monkey on one’s back
  • jones
  • obsession
  • need
  • acquired tolerance
  • drug addiction
  • withdrawal symptoms
  • dipsomania
  • binge drinking
  • heavy drinking
  • problem drinking
  • drug dependence
  • nicotine addiction
  • chain smoking

Uff!.. well, you can choose. I stay with cravings…My God, I need a therapist or another dictionary.


This pic is much better. For some reason my hubby always enjoys taking pictures of me when I am talking or eating or sleeping but when I pose, with a  beautiful landscape behind, all smiles and with my better angle, it doesnt interest him. Lol.



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Hi my dears,

Yesterday it was one of the events that I mentioned in a previous post to assist and gather funds for the Yolanda Victims. Dubai is a generous city and that showed yesterday with people coming and going during the entire day.All the money and goods collected will be sent by LBT to the disaster area.

The food was awesome, the people amazing and the cause a really good one.

Let me show you some of it..


Amore Rosso, the restaurant of the venue, has an italian chef and a filipino chef -actually a wife and husband team!- when we arrived it was filipino food available as they were doing batches. I am not too familiar with it and the names are kind of difficult to remember but the chicken caldereta and the buko pandan (a green dessert that looks atomic and it is just delicious!) will stay with me forevaaaaa .;)


Nada and the Buffet

As it was a buffet, I picked up a bit of every dish and enjoyed all of them. The company was the best of the best, as I went with my friend and blogger Nada from Undefined Declarations and there I finally met Naomi from PinayFlyinghigh!! She was the brave organiser and soul of this project.


There we met other amazing people too as we were so lucky to share the table with other two bloggers friends of Naomi too. Sanne from Mitziemee and Pia from Expiatriatewife ( I love the name Pia!!). Please check their blogs as these ladies have a lot to say.

It is funny that we all come from such a different backgrounds, countries, culture, languages, professions,.. and still we all have such a strong bond through our blogs. Blogging is an amazing connection and I love it!

After the event and to make things even better we went to have a coffee to Reem Al Bawadi in Downtown Dubai. After getting lost for quite a while – who on Earth designed the roads on Dubai was planning to use helicopters and not cars!!- we reached. There we met Sarah and Yessenia. I loved the conversation and could have stayed there with them for a week chatting non stop!


With the girls!!

The place was very nice although the service was not at all. Still we got to enjoy a beautiful view of my favourite building.. Burj Khalifa. I have some many pictures of my beloved BK in my phone that looks like I built it!!


Impressive eh?

What can I say, I love my life and I love Dubai. I am very thankful for all the amazing things that come my way and all the private “gurus” and “teachers” that I am encountering here.

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Yesterday, it was fun.. We hold our first Meet up for the Dubai Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers Community, a new Meet up Shaheen and me have been putting together for the last few weeks. Could you believe there was not such a community, association or group for bloggers with fashion or lifestyle as main topic in Dubai?..(Hellooo, I insist .. in Dubai!).

I guess Dubai itself it is a bit like that, so fast paced, everybody minding their own business. A bloggers set of mind requires some time and space to research, write, go to events, take pics, and work on the unique content we always want to offer,.. and it feels a bit lonely sometimes. When we met we both felt the gap right there and eventually she started the meet up and I volunteer to assist her.

The Meet up took place at the Sisters Beauty Lounge in The Village Mall (Jumeirah area). The saloon has a very nice atmosphere and has a separate area for nails (manis and pedis), another for hair treatments, another section for facials, waxing and massage and even a very cute Kerastase bar with a russian lady that knows a whole lot about all the Kerastase products and what goes well to what type of hair. I am going to follow her advise on a few tips. Since I arrived to Dubai my hair is in serious misshape and I tried so many things with not always the expected results, I am still looking for the right product, the right hairdresser, the right treatment..


All paying attention to the explanation of the hair expert @ Sisters saloon.

The branch manager of Sisters showed us their premises, provided all the attendees with drinks and small tapas and offered us a bag with goodies and samples to test and a free mani or pedi (gorgeous coral toes- Thanks Michelle!). It was 10 of us so we got them busy for a while.The bloggers sisterhood at the Sisters saloon.

I am so glad to be part of this Meet up. The attendees were all amazing and had lots of ideas to improve and make the group really thrive. Everything is about helping each other, learning, developing relationships with one another, with the press, with the brands, growing personally and “blogger-ssionally”. (if where you missing my leliquistani.. there you go!). ;). I loved the energy and the camaraderie between all of us.

Let me introduce you some of the blogs of my fellow DF&L Bloggers. If you have a minute check them out. We are all in a path to self improvement and we love to have your feedback, so please comment, engage, like, share..

Red Lips & LaceThe Glam Crush ChronicleCherry CrossYour Bubbly Butterfly

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These are some pics of the event. If you are a fashion or lifestyle blogger, you live in Dubai and want to join, please drop me a line or click here to  get directed to the Meet up page.

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Kerastase bar (licensed!).






Meet the organizers. Say Cheese!

With the A.. Angel sleeves!.. Le Fashion Dictionaire I

Hi there!

Sorry, It has been so long since the last post!!. My intention to post one day yes and one day no has been impossible since I came back from holidays. Reason behind is work, so I hope you all understand. These last weeks I have been working in a very interesting project, well, one day maybe I give you more details, for now, all I can say is that it was very intense and needed a lot of my time and dedication. So, no energy left.

I wanted to start my Fashionese dictionary so here we go with the first word.  😉  And the winner is.. with the A, … (drums in the background) …Angel sleeve.

These are the long and very loose fitting sleeves that look like angel wings. They were very popular in the sixties and seventies and now from time to time I see beautiful tops and dresses too- maybe not so hippie-hippie style anymore. We have seen them a zillion times and I must say I like them because they are very comfy.

angel sleeves hippie

“Angel sleeves are very loose fitting sleeves, very popular in the 60’s and in the 70’s”




These are some pictures for you to see the angel sleeves because at the end of the day, an image is worth a thousand words. This dress is from Asos- Sorry now it is out of stock. I like it very much. The angel sleeves are kind of subtle here.

angel sleeves asos dress

A better example is this top. You have seen this short sleeve version a lot this summer. Well, in Dubai all year long we have summer.. same with the cute colored dress.

angel sleeves top

angel sleeves colours


This type of sleeve we have seen a lot in Disney.. yep, I think it is a favorite for all the  princesses -Disney or Royal- from immemorial times. Check this dress.

angel sleeves dress


And to wrap up the images of the word of today’s post.. In children’s clothing we have plenty of angel sleeves, but at the end of the day they are angels.. ain’t it?


angel sleeves dress and little angel wearing it

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Hi there,

This week I wrote a post as a collaboration with Umar Sidddiqi’s blog : Umarsiddiqi.com. An amazing blog about technology and all the rest. Please check it out and follow him, it has tons of useful tips.

I meet Umar recently and being both bloggers a collaboration came easily, but how to put together what we both blog about?. Well, You know me.. I like everything that facilitates my life, I guess I am complicated enough.. I decided to share with you all my 5 fave fashion apps. Tachan! The tricks of the trade.. shhh! Secreto!

Some I use for the blog, some I use to keep myself abreast and always in the know of what is going on in this very changing world of fashion.

To check my five faves in Umar’s blog, just follow this link. And please don’t forget to Like the Facebook page of the blog and the instagram account. By the way, tell me if the Facebook page is giving any trouble now as I relaunched all the posts again in the hope to get them fixed and now it looks like it is working.


















My good friend Nada from Undefined Declarations has sent me an email about a Blog Carnival. I didn’t know what was that, but basically, different bloggers write about a topic ( in this case..what did you do this weekend) and send their posts to the Carnival Host. This will help your blog to be seen (and maybe followed) and also help bloggers get to know each other.

I wanted to participate as I am very open to pretty much everything in this digital world, but my weekend has been kind of special as I was in Kenya for work reasons.That serves to  explain too my almost online silence during this week  (thanks Instagram!). I was part of a Trade Mission organised by the UAE Ministry of Economy. Well, for those who don’t know yet, I am Project Manager during the day and Fashion/Lifestyle blogger during the night (as weird as it might sound!).

The Trade Mission took us to Tanzania and Kenya. It was pretty hectic with lots of meetings and events but an absolute worthy experience. Coming back to the weekend topic, we took one day off – out of exhaustion- and book a 3 in 1 tour in Nairobi to unwind and see a bit the outside world as we spent most of our time inside the hotel.

We departed early in the morning and came back more or less at 15h. Nairobi traffic is dreadful so part of that time was spent on the road. Me and other 10 delegates went to the Nairobi National Park, the Elephant Orphanage and the Giraffe Center.

Believe it or not the National Park is right in Nairobi – even from the airport we spotted some giraffes on our way in!-. It is pretty extensive and we saw zebras, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, impalas, hartebeests.. Yep! No lions or rhinos.. Bad luck!

The next stop was the Elephant orphanage. This place takes care of baby elephants whose mothers have been killed for their tusks- (Terrible, horrible crime). Looks like the elephants have only milk for one baby at a time, so when the mother dies, the baby elephant can not be taken care of by any other elephant, and also they are very sensitive, so they miss their moms and get depressed and stop eating even when they could. They need a lot of care, affection and special baby milk formula.They are really playful and clumsy and as big as they are, they are real cute babies. The orphanage is operated by donations and you can adopt an elephant. Yes! True! Check it out here. I think it is a real good gift for Ramadan!

The last stop was also amazing… the Giraffe Center. Here you can have a once in a life time experience.. you can feed a giraffe looking them right in the eye!.. Beside the fact that you can see our little human dimension beside them- and boy! they are big!,- their tongue is purple and they are really friendly.

The giraffe I fed was a male (Ibrahim- lovely name ain’t it?). See the pics here and if you want to be posted about fashion and lifestyle (including, as you can see, travelling) follow my blog www.whatijustlove.com and the instagram account (@gallegoara).

Happy weekend!










As some of you know, recently I went to Jordan on holidays. If you have seen my photos on Instagram (@gallegoara), there is just one thing to say… What an amazing country!

Of course, the Dead Sea was part of the trip (self organised if you want to call it, when you have not planned much at all and just have a list of places you want to go see!).

The experience of floating on the Dead Sea is amazing, but be careful with your eyes. Some salty water entered mine and I have to rush to the beach to get a shower and wash it off!

The mud is supposed to have great properties for the skin, so I did the entire process of getting myself mud all over.. boy! it is so much fun!!

You are supposed to wait until it dries (or something like that) but instead one of the hotel masseurs gave me a nice massage. The mud is not like the clay masks- that it hardens. It has some grease on it, so it is great for massage. Not so much for drying in my opinion.

I bought some products of the famous Dead Sea, that I will be trying very soon. There is like a zillion brands but I liked this one (Fortune).

So this is the beauty tip of the trip..get in the mud!. The feeling on the skin afterwards is amazing!.



Jordan, Dead Sea. In the mud!

Jordan, Dead Sea. In the mud!


Good day,

I bought today the June issue of Emirates Woman. I love this magazine, it is for stylish, smart and sophisticated women.. just like you and me! or so we try at least.This is the website in case you don’t have access to the magazine. 

Emirates Woman and me (the one behind)

There is a few interesting things on this issue.. First, there is a little sample of See by Chloe (the new fragrance) and it smells really beautiful. It is fresh and reminds me of someone (but can not picture who). It goes to my to-buy-list as my Happy of Clinique and the Aire of Loewe are soon to be finished. I have been using them for sometime and I know it is time to change as I can not feel the smell any more.

Dior Collage

There is also a special of Dior new collection. No comments. Beautiful and so chic! I choose two pics. Of course having passion for bags, these two caught my attention and I did one of my famous Insta collages. One for having such a cool handle, the other because I love colors and combine a red bag with black and white looks great. The green necklace is amazing too.

I am also glad to see how Poca & Poca gets featured. Their collection is very nice and naive. It reminds me of princesses and ballerinas. Really feminine and fun. I follow them on Instagram and the pics are more than commendable.

By the way, as you can see the blog has changed slightly. Now it is a “.com” and not a “.wordpress.com”. That means  that I manage to self host it!!

Eureka! Yupiii and Yahooooo! (Round of applause, please!)

Now though, I see that all the followers of the other blog have not been migrated. So now I need to investigate how to do it or ask them if they can change from one to the other. There might be even a plugin or something to do it. It needs more investigation. Trust me, this is a new world and it feels like a new beginning. Now I can change fairly everything, so you will see quite a “metamor-blog-sis” here. No funny faces if every time you check it has a different color or theme.

Anyway, please follow the Blog, the Instagram, the Facebook and the Twitter account of this renovated What I Just Love Blog of mine!




Ok, by now and it is only a pair of post you can see that I totally love Instagram. This application was such a great discovery when I first bought the Iphone, that now I want almost to edit every single random pic I take… well, and pretty much I do!

I have also other apps related, I use a lot one called Moldiv. This app allows you to put frames, texts, textures.. it is super artistic! #whatIjustlove is to be able to do so many things from my phone with so little effort.  The results are really impressive.

The pic of the day is one I took at the Swiss Tower, where there is a little art exhibition at the entrance. This pic is a collage- my own – of two of the pieces shown. #Ijustlove the colours and the effect putting them together.

Hope you like them too!



#whatijustlove art and beauty


#whatIjustlove Rincon de la Rana

#Ijustlove ..this corner of my house!!


This is my favorite place to read, to meditate, to sit , to have a siesta on the lazy weekend days or just watch the people and cars come and go up and down my street. I live in Dubai Marina, so there is always something going on, but having it all so handy, it is a privilege to just be there, take distance of the hustle and bustle and decide to take things slow.

In the center of the pic, you can see a present my friend Sofi sent me from Jamaica. It is the little wood craft with a couple kissing and a child holding them both. It is beautiful reminder of love, family and friendship. #ijustlove it all!!

And you? How is you favorite spot?