Hi dears,

I am on holidays, back home, in Spain. Madrid is absolutely gorgeous in Christmas, although this year I missed the Christmas and the New Years Eve and flew right after. Yes, good guess.. I had to work!.

Now I am here and it feels like a dream as we are visiting family, friends and .. well, the new house!. It is as beautiful as I remembered it in August- when we fell in love and decided to purchase it-. Just now, it is not summer anymore and we don’t have the gas connected as yet which means.. No hot water and no heating. Brrrr! It is really cold now, ..our first winter in the mountains… We are not sleeping there as yet, well we don’t have anything there.. imagine, we bought one of those inflatable beds to have at least somewhere to sit while we are cleaning and finding all the tricks of the house.

It is raining like crazy in Madrid these days and surprise!!.. we found a damp spot and even a balling pump in the corner. So this area we will need to study and take good care of before we go back.

We had already the house warming event ( not party, although we were all very merry!).. as some friends came and helped us to start the chimney (now you see the house warming part of the event! ;). It was great. I loved the smell of the wood and the chimney, together with the pines and trees around the house. Just amazing! To you all, Cheers!!

Today it is the “Dia de Reyes Magos” in Spain. This tradition is very unique to us, as everybody just do Santa on the 25th of December.

In Spain we have three “santas”.. the Three Wise men of Orient. Maybe they are coming from Dubai with the camels and all, who knows!..


Every child has one favorite wise men. Mine was Baltasar (black one), the others are Melchor (white beard) and Gaspar (blonde/red beard).

They were the ones that on the Bible, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, came following a star to adore him. They gave Jesus three presents: myrrh, gold and incense. Probably because they were the first ones giving presents to a child, that they stayed with us and our traditions. So children will write a letter to the Reyes Magos and ask for their presents and try to convince them that they were good during the last year and they deserve them.

The Reyes are very clever and if you didn’t behave properly during the year instead of presents they will bring you coal (it is sugar, so still it is nice..). well, I wish you lots of love and happiness, no matter if the Reyes or Santa are the ones delivering.



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I hope you have been missing my posts lately, because I have been missing my blog baaadly!! These last weeks have been just so H E C T I C, but really, really! On the other side, I have great news!

Lets see, where can I start? Better by the beginning, right? Ok, well,.. tachan! we bought a house and you are all very invited to come and visit. My preciousness ( and the bank’s!) is in a green area, have a beautiful garden, a chimney and even a swimming pool. It is located in Madrid, more or less 20 kilometers from the center, but I have a train station very close so I can be in Sol in no time!.

In summer, while on holidays, we went ahead and started some visits to properties and what made this house the winner of my heart ( and my savings..) was a moment and a smell. Let me explain,.. during the visit, when I opened the balcony, it came a fabulous smell of pine trees. The house is surrounded by trees and pine trees. It brought me back childhood memories, amazing moments with family, with friends, up in the mountains, walking in the Pyrenees, riding bicycles and horseback riding .. That was it!.. There goes my heart!..The winner is…

la foto (2)

This preciousness is one of the reasons why I have been so busy and nervous. It is my first mortgage and I couldn’t imagine all the paperwork and care you have to put into it. I am also very particular and I need to read and understand everything, so maybe it is me, hehehe! Banks now are tough to deal with, specially in my beloved Spain. Crisis is still very present and well now, no need to say I am very happy and I can not wait to start decorating!!.

I believe in signs. There are signs everywhere, but normally we decide to ignore them, we are too busy to see them or we prefer to deny the messages. Signs can be good or bad. The day before the signature, I fell asleep and I slept -honestly- like a baby. I haven’t slept this deep and peaceful in years,.. so many years, I couldn’t even remember!.. I woke up late, I didn’t hear any of the alarms and I felt just so great, it was weird. I reached the office and started my work, I felt very energized, so I was totally aligned and things were going well.

During the morning, just before the signature, I received an email from Tala Farah from the blog My small obsessions..oh my! I won a perfume! and guess what.. it is SI of Armani. A new perfume I liked already since an event in Mall of The Emirates recently and that was in my “next-to” list. Khalas! Now I have my own SI.. Si means yes in Spanish. It is a clear confirmation that Yes!You can go ahead. You have the blessings of the Universe. Yes, everything is going to go well and Yes! you will smell beautiful too!

And well, everything went well ( Siiii!!!). Now it seems long passed all the come and go of emails and calls and stress with banks, sellers, realtors and lawyers of these last months.


Now , lets get serious.. I am very lucky- we all are- and we have some place we call home.., but there are people that have lost everything or almost. Yes, Si, Oui.. I am talking of the Philippines and the devastation that has been left behind Yolanda and the recent earthquake.

There are many ways to assist. I always use the Red Cross or Red Crescent. This is the link if you want to donate through the International Federation of  Red Cross and Red Crescents Societies. Choose your country, your region here and help if you can. I know my jamaican and spanish friends are very generous.

If you are in Dubai and want to help physically, the UAE Red Crescent is organizing an event on the 15th November between 8.00 and 17.00 in Zabeel Park (Amphitheater and MegaBowl area). Here you can participate by bringing food (please non perishables and non need to cook foods are better) shelters or medicines. There is no need for clothing as yet. Also there will be opportunity to donate in cash.

Also another friend blogger from the Philippines  is organizing her own event to assist. I will be there, supporting her and all the filipinos. Here you have all the info of the event and hopefully we get to see each other for such a good cause.

Lets help them… Now…It is our turn.

Lots of Luv and Good energy,




Universe.. Let it be Madrid!

images logo olimpicoHi there,

I’m watching some TV at home and I just realized that tomorrow is the big day when the IOC (International Olympic Committee) will make a decision about what is the next city to host the Olympic Games.

I am Spanish and I live in Dubai. Madrid and Dubai have big hopes for 2020. It must be a magic year or something. In that year, Dubai wants to host the World Expo and Madrid, the Olympics. Both have great chances to get them awarded. The vote for World Expo will be in November, so now my focus is on Madrid… which is tomorrow night!!

So, this is my little wish for the Universe. Let it be Madrid! After pitching 3 times with this one, having most the infrastructure already in place, good weather, amazing sports people (Nadal, Gassol, ..), being a country that loves sports and invest in it so much -check out our Liga to see what I am talking about (joke :)), .. All this might be reasons enough for some, for me, the main reason is that we are a great country full with happy smiling people, people that love to make you feel at home… I know so many people that came from abroad to study, to work temporarily.. but decided to stay and still are there.

We like to party and to celebrate life with all our heart and the Olympics are one great celebration!. Soooo- I am applying The Secret badly here while I cross my fingers- please, please, please Universe, let it be Madrid- are you feeling the sun in your face while seeing all the white flags saying Madrid 2020?, are you smelling the electric atmosphere at the stadium?.And the winner is.. Madrid! Yes! Madrid! Yuhuuu!








This coming week I will be going on holidays ( yeii!). I can’t wait to get to the airport and start the disconnection process to the everyday’s routine.

This summer holidays we will be going to Holland and Spain- back home to friends and family. Yep! Home, sweet Home. As much as I love Dubai, this heat is something else!

We will be staying in Amsterdam 2-3 days and my hope is to visit different areas of the ones I visited many years ago. A little problem thought, I can not fully remember them! But it is alright, we don’t have too much time, so we will do the basics and a lot of walking or riding ( in one of those cute old style bikes) if weather permits.

After that we will fly to my beloved Madrid. I miss walking on the streets, the smell so unique of bars and cafes always full of people no matter what time during the day or during the night, all the warmth of this Latin blood of ours behind every smile and every Hola.

Madrid is indeed a truly amazing place, full of palaces, full of Museums, full of History, full of Art and full of Love. We don’t have the sea close by -minimum we need to drive around 4 hours to reach Valencia ( the beach of Madrid ;), but we have gorgeous mountains with pines aromatizing the atmosphere and we have great parks in the city too. Our Retiro Park has a huge lake  and you can rent a boat and paddle your way, or you can just seat under the trees and watch the squirrels do their jumping and hiding. We used to go there on Sunday mornings to read the newspaper or a book, have a cold Pepsi or just do nothing (well sometimes some stalking! hahaha).

The best thing is that in summer we have most of the festivals going on, so I just don’t have plans. Once we arrive there we will just decide what to do and where to go. Family and friends are the best advisors one can ever dream of having.

While I am away, I am not sure how the internet and time will be working, so just in case I get “missing in action”, don’t worry too much. I will be better than fine.

On the meantime, I found in Youtube a video that shows some of the best attractions of my Madrid for you to see what I am talking about. There is plenty of videos available if you are planning holidays or you can just drop me a line too and with pleasure I would assist you yo put together some nice itinerary.

Well, hope you like it. Please don’t forget to like the facebook page of the blog, share the post with your friends and make comments because I would love to know your thoughts.