Today is a sad day.. I woke up and the first thing I hear on the news is that our beloved Nelson Mandela has died. I will miss your smile, the music behind your moves and words and that powerful energy that you represented.

Mandela’s legacy is a huge intangible.. how do you measure Forgiveness? How much can cost a reconciliation of an entire country? There is no words, no figures, to hold all he -and his followers- did. And not only for South Africa, they set an example and we should never forget that vengeance is not the way out.

I have been in South Africa twice and I loved it. It is a country with amazing landscapes, smiling and happy people, colourful contrasts .. When you visit the Apartheid Museum you realised how difficult was the situation, how terrible.. it was not easy task to change the minds and the consciousness of an entire country used to play certain roles and perpetuate them.

To my brave hero,.. Mandela, Madiba, 46664 Prisoner, .. Rest in peace. Now it is our mission to keep up what you started and as you said..

“It always seems impossible until it is done”.







And because he was a music lover and so I am, I want to share this video of this U2 song that we are going to hear a lot as it is the soundtrack of the movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom that just released a week ago. The lyrics are just beautiful.

YouTube Preview Image

Lots of Luv,


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Hi dears!

This weekend was very special, yep! It is National day today and we got yo enjoy an extra day off. Niiiiceeee!

What to do with one gorgeous long weekend like this? By the way, “finde” is the abbreviation of “fin de semana”, weekend in english. (Free lesson of spanish here, eh?).

We went to visit some very dear friends in Liwa desert area. Have you heard about this amazing place? Check the hotel Qsar al Sarab for absolute Wow-stays and some of my pics to get the idea.. Honestly, to me it is the prettiest desert in the world.. Khalas!




Humongous huge red, orange and yellow dunes, dramatic landscapes and the beautiful patterns the wind insists on writing on the sand- maybe it is poetry that we can not decipher as yet.


On the 1st of december my friend has birthday, so it was a perfect excuse to get together and celebrate her birthday and the 42th birthday of the UAE going to a very emirati venue. She booked us in a falcon show together with a saluki dog show in the middle of the desert. These dogs are super skinny, agile and fast. Falcons are just gorgeous and I was impressed to learn they can see perfectly from kilometers away (right, same as me hahaha).



Lots of Luv, cake and blessings for the coming year!


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This coming week I will be going on holidays ( yeii!). I can’t wait to get to the airport and start the disconnection process to the everyday’s routine.

This summer holidays we will be going to Holland and Spain- back home to friends and family. Yep! Home, sweet Home. As much as I love Dubai, this heat is something else!

We will be staying in Amsterdam 2-3 days and my hope is to visit different areas of the ones I visited many years ago. A little problem thought, I can not fully remember them! But it is alright, we don’t have too much time, so we will do the basics and a lot of walking or riding ( in one of those cute old style bikes) if weather permits.

After that we will fly to my beloved Madrid. I miss walking on the streets, the smell so unique of bars and cafes always full of people no matter what time during the day or during the night, all the warmth of this Latin blood of ours behind every smile and every Hola.

Madrid is indeed a truly amazing place, full of palaces, full of Museums, full of History, full of Art and full of Love. We don’t have the sea close by -minimum we need to drive around 4 hours to reach Valencia ( the beach of Madrid ;), but we have gorgeous mountains with pines aromatizing the atmosphere and we have great parks in the city too. Our Retiro Park has a huge lake  and you can rent a boat and paddle your way, or you can just seat under the trees and watch the squirrels do their jumping and hiding. We used to go there on Sunday mornings to read the newspaper or a book, have a cold Pepsi or just do nothing (well sometimes some stalking! hahaha).

The best thing is that in summer we have most of the festivals going on, so I just don’t have plans. Once we arrive there we will just decide what to do and where to go. Family and friends are the best advisors one can ever dream of having.

While I am away, I am not sure how the internet and time will be working, so just in case I get “missing in action”, don’t worry too much. I will be better than fine.

On the meantime, I found in Youtube a video that shows some of the best attractions of my Madrid for you to see what I am talking about. There is plenty of videos available if you are planning holidays or you can just drop me a line too and with pleasure I would assist you yo put together some nice itinerary.

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#whatIjustlove Rincon de la Rana

#Ijustlove ..this corner of my house!!


This is my favorite place to read, to meditate, to sit , to have a siesta on the lazy weekend days or just watch the people and cars come and go up and down my street. I live in Dubai Marina, so there is always something going on, but having it all so handy, it is a privilege to just be there, take distance of the hustle and bustle and decide to take things slow.

In the center of the pic, you can see a present my friend Sofi sent me from Jamaica. It is the little wood craft with a couple kissing and a child holding them both. It is beautiful reminder of love, family and friendship. #ijustlove it all!!

And you? How is you favorite spot?