Hi dears,

Dubai is so full of events, some times it is hard to keep up with all that happens here. For example, Shoemart celebrated just recently its 25 years. This shoe company has been already quite a while in Dubai, right? They have shops in most of the malls I like. For this anniversary, they organised an event to show their new collection for Spring / Summer 2015 with their new face, Maya Diab. She is a Lebanese actress, singer and fashion icon.

The event had two violinists playing amazingly and the music of the Dj’s after it was not bad at all. The collection was very fresh, with very bright colors and some of the very chunky soles in white plastic that are so in vogue. They also showed ballerinas and sport shoes in futuristic silver and golden shades.

There were shoes shown for every occasion… for the office, for dinner out with your better half, to go to the beach with your gang, for your day off lazing around doing nothing.. What I like most about Shoemart is that their shoes are very affordable, so you always end up buying an extra pair even if it was not on your initial list. And even if they are cheap, they don’t look cheap, which is I think the secret to their success in sales.

Well dears, I have put together some of the best pics in the collage above to be able to show you a bit of what the night held.  I fell in love with the metallic with diamond appliques shoes of the presenter -also from Shoemart- and the black transparent sandals from Maya Diab…I would say they are part of the Fantasy collection if I would be asked. They are both gorgeous don’t you think?







Hope you like the shoes and the inspiration!!

Araceli Gallego





I always enjoy the talks at Fashion Forward as much as the runways. There are so many insights, wisdom, advise, .. and all of it, it is there if you are opened to it. Now that is about to be another edition I was just remembering about this amazing talk I enjoyed so much of the last edition.

I honestly wanted to attend this talk because I saw a spanish name on the panel and I like to support my nationals, even if it is just as listener. I love shoes, but I am not really in the shoe business. Then I realise that the panel was amazing with Aennis, Shamsi and Amanda Navai as shoe designers.


Let me briefly introduce you to them.. Aennis is a Jordanian with an amazing sense of aesthetics. He is an architect and is obsessed with geometry and calligraphy. His unique shoes reflect both: the architecture and the beautiful arabic calligraphy. I discovered him through Instagram. His feed made me dream…I was seeing my little ravioli feet with beautiful words around. I still can not read arabic -left alone the calligraphy- I just trust that they dont say “stinky feet” or “I need a pedicure” kind of message ( Aennis I hope I am not giving you ideas! Lol).


Aennis was for me the most authentic within the panel (sorry guys, everybody has a favourite!).

Amanda shoes are very nice too. Her UPS is that they are made out of pythom and she spoke about how she started the shoes out of the leather scraps from the bags. Pythom is expensive material to use and if you can maximise the leather piece, then you should. She mentioned a lot the need to be on top of your business ( so true, creative souls of the world listen attentively..). She moved to Lebanon because of that.. same as Aennis lives in Italy. Just be where you produce and keep your eyes on the production to make sure your standards are understood and kept at all times.

Rania and Alberto were representing the Shoe Level district. For those who don’t know it is like shoe paradise, all the most beautiful, unique shoes in the world live there happily ever after, being admired and purchased by savvy shoe lovers. This heaven is ruled and curated by Chalhoub group.

Shamsi is a local designer of male traditional shoes. He knows perfectly his market and what works here. Sure he wants to grow but he is seeking the best way to do it without loosing hi straditional touch. Not easy.. Local o Global..What is it Glocal in reality? Should we loose our identity to open new markets or show we just stick to what we know best, what we are comfortable with?

During the talks, we heard both answers: yes and no. So I guess we will have to find our way accordingly to our personal circumstances. These were some of the messages said during the talk…


The most important thing is passion.


As a designer, be humble..

Listen to the retailers, listen to the customers, listen to everybody…


Start by little…


It would be great to develop the craftmanship for footwear in the region.


Prada is not my competitor…



I posted all the pics of the talk on the Facebook Blog’s page, but here you have some of them. I am so lucky to have a cute pic with Aennis!..Next step is having a pic with his cute shoes!.






Well, they are back again and yes, they will rule your candy feet this summer… I see Mules in every magazine, in every shop window, I dream with them.. and aren’t they gorgeous? Well, I guess it depends. I like them but if they are too chunky,.. not that much. What it is true though is that they are great for summer.. super comfy and allowing for cross ventilation (does it sound too engineery?Lol).

Check the ones I have selected for you in case you want to have some inspiration.

By the way, have you seen the super cool giveaway we are partnering now with Glambox. Check it here .. You can thank me later.. 😉




Mule Gianvitto Rossi- Bellisimo!!!


Mule Stella McCartney- This gorgeous shoes are the Yasmin Pumps. According to the site they are unstructured for extra comfort and can be flattened at the back to slip on like a slipper. Cool! (Price around 765 USD)


Mule Zara- Cool, pretty and affordable! – only 395 Dhs.


Mule from Zara.. very similar to the McCartney’s and only 425 Dhs!


Celine has very imaginative approach for their mules.. I fell in love with this ones!


And these beauties are Celine’s too!













Spiders, spooky masks, bats flying around and scary-faced pumpkins.. Halloween is almost here again!

It is not a particular fete that I enjoy that much as I don’t like terror stuff ( I dont enjoy horror movies, I get terrorized!), but well, once in a while, with the appropriate mood, it can be fun .. and elegant. So please don’t dress like a pumpkin!!

Morticia was very chic- Gothic (gochic!) and this year we could try to get her looks with a good dose of make up and some nice pieces.. I love this dress of Valentino although I know it is not for every pocket (not mine at least! This beauty costs almost 35.000 Dhs-around 7.000 Euros). It has black lace and leather in perfect harmony. I love the simplicity and elegance of Valentino.  In Sauce you have a Rhea Acosta black long dress that is very similar to the Valentino and costs 7.000 Dhs (not Euros!).

valentino front








There are other options of black dress that are much cheaper and even though not being the same silhouette still will give the gochic effect. Like these ones from Zara. To add the spooky festive part just go to Satwa and buy some pieces of tutu fabric ( hard one) and with a belt organize yourself a pretty, full of volume and irregular layer of extra tutu skirt around your waistline and in your back.

www.whatijustlove.com hallowen zara dress

Halloween is all about accessories. So you could pair the dress with not only the tutu belt (leave some extra long tail for cooler effect) but also you will need a pair of shoes or boots. I love boots, although Dubai weather doesn’t allow for much real use- unless you work with me and have a cryogenic lab as office. Honestly! My office is soooo cold!-. Check my picks. One is like Mary Poppins style – I love it! It is super-cali-whatevaaaaword! and the other follows the theme of elegant black lace.

www.whatijustlove.com halloween shoes







There are some hand or arm candy that depending how Gothic you want to go, it could work, like this roman cuffs in leather or this more delicate lace finger-wrist piece.

www.whatijustlove.com halloween hand








The face is critical in any costume so make up is required but also if you want to keep it more simple you could use a mask. Check this one I found on the internet… very much 50 Shades of Grey Style eh!. By the way the kind of tutu fabric you can use for the layers is similar to this one or with less spacing.








I also wanted to show you another creative way of using this fabric. Koton has it on this year collection and I find it really cool – and easy to do it at home, if you don’t have a Koton store close by. Winter warm knitted hat with a  touch of glam.

www.whatijustlove.comNow we need to decide where to go to show our magnificent and gochic look. I found two parties in Dubai that look like the best of the best. One is at the Cavalli Club at the Fairmont Hotel in Sheikh Zayed. Cavalli will celebrate the Day of the Dead on the 31st of October between 21:00 and 3:00. It cost 300 Dhs but includes open bar from 21:00 to 00:00.They will have some special Halloween cocktails and shots Cavalli style! On the page where you can book they have this very spooky video that can give you one idea for make up.

YouTube Preview Image

The other Halloween party is in Studio F in Emirates Towers. This one is costume only and couples only ( sorry guys!). The price is 150 Dhs and it will be rocking to DJ Parham Loco and Armin Van Bango from 22.30 to 03.00.

Well, now it is all said. It is time to get ready and rock the Halloween mood.

By the way, this is a pic of a cat woman costume I wore- yes, it is me!- in one of the best Halloween parties I can remember, in my beloved Jamaica. Great times!!














Enjoy, be happy and scare your neighbors, before they scare you!





Hello my dears,

Last week I went shopping and I found that Kurt Geiger has 50% discount on many models until the 31st of October. I like their shoes very much and found some beauties for my ravioli feet at very good price. 😉

They have some really beautiful shoes.Too bad that my feet are so small and not of all the discounted models they had my size. At the end the winner is:

la foto 2 www.whatijustlove.com

I took them already to the office and they looked great with a pencil skirt but the color and those studs make it lady like and rock and roll at the same time, so I am going to wear them with jeans and with my black cigarette pants. They are so versatile that, truth to be told, I can mix them with most of my wardrobe.


My recommendation is to go and check what they have in store and take profit of the discount- 50% is not bad at all!!. I went to the shop in Dubai Mall- in front of the Level Shoe District, but they have all over UAE. And this is the link if you like to buy online. The discount is also available there.

I fell in love and so can you!





#OOTD WHAT I JUST WORE www.whatijustlove.comHi there,

The other day I went to the Sales. One of the “yes or yes” stops is Zara. Not because I am Spanish – and proud of it-, but well I just love this shop and everything in it.

I admire the way they have revolutionized the fashion business with this concept of  “fast fashion”. Do you know that it takes only 2 weeks from a picture in a blog to the shelf in the stores? To me, that is amazing and the end of the “seasons”.

This jumpsuit caught my eye immediately but was not part of the sale. That didn’t stop me because I couldn’t resist the color. REEEEEDDD! Probably that is why it caught my eye! hahaha.. it is not really discreet!

I used a silky black scarf around my waist to complement it. The necklace is a present from my hubby when he traveled to Uganda. I collect earrings and necklaces from around the world and this one goes well with the look as it has black, red and mustard.

The shoes I can not recall where I bought them ( ups! memory pill- but it says Fioni on the sole), and the bag is one of the samples for Alegria Silva (design in process, my dears!, not for sale as yet).

Well, I decided to add a new category to the blog as I enjoy being in the pics and love to get dressed up. I know we have to work on the quality of the pics but well, step by step.  “What I just wore” might be a good name, eh?

I hope you enjoy it!

Luv, (and if you are Muslim, Ramadan Kareem!)




Hi there,

I saw this beauty and have to share it with you all. I am specially thinking in one of my subscribers, architect by profession and by passion.

It is not the first time that Zaha Hadid surprises us, fashionistas, with amazing designs, fluid, beautifully delicate, simple and complex at the same time. If you like her creations in architecture, you will love this shoes, because they are architectural in every way. They are totally Zaha.

They are high, not sure if I can use the term “high heeled” here because as you can see there is no heel to be seen. 6.25 inches, which equals 15.8 centimeters. Wow! That is a good lift!


When I first saw them, I was not sure about what material could that be, if they ever had the intention to make out of them comfy shoes. Probably comfort was not top of the list when doing this beauties anyways, but it looks like they are more flexible than what they look. The top is vinyl rubber coated in metallic chrome, the sole or heel (or where the heel is supposed to be) is made out of fiberglass and the interior is lined with nappa leather. So probably they are lighter and softer than what they might look.

It is an very limited edition for United Nude, only 300 pairs. 100 pairs for each of the three colours : black, rose gold and silver. They cost 2.000 USD each, but well, you are wearing a  Zaha Hadid creation! I love her work very much.

And here you have the video of the making and the walking.. Hope you enjoy it!






OK, these boots are just gorgeous! at least to meee!

They go straight to the top of the Wishlist. Thank God the Sales are coming soon!! Not everything is terrible in summer in Dubai!

This shoes you can find at the Moda Outlet in The Walk in JBR, a new shop I discover recently. Just make sure you don’t have a 36!!





Christian LouboutinThe beginnings.. Louboutin

I came across this video (in the link above) with the origins of Christian Louboutin. I just loved it and have to share it !

I personally don’t own (as yet) any of his shoes, they are part of my wish list though!

Kudos for him, for his passion and for the beautiful results of his creativity!

If you have the chance, check his online shop and his Loubi World Madness. It is so original to see the designer with this hindu- hypnotique look. He might need to breath though as he appears with a blue face (Ganesh reminiscence but with no trunk).

Here you have the links. Be patient, it takes a bit of time to load, but it is worthy. I guess all the moving objects and images make it heavy.



Which one  is your favorite shoe of the collection?

Kudos for you too if you manage to choose only one!




Hello world!

Here I am, “at your feet”  at the Dubai Mall sharing with you one of my instagramies. I really love shoes, well shoes and bags. For sure bags will get their own zillion posts from me, hehehe.

Men don’t understand why us love so much this two accessories and why we cant never have enough. When I moved to Dubai I bought a closet for my shoes. It is quite big and if I am not too wrong it could hold around 40 pairs. Well, a year later I need a new shoe closet already!! and believe me I am behaving a lot, taking into account the shopping malls here.

Did you know that the oldest shoe found so far is  a sandal from 10,500 years ago? It belong to a native North American, who made it out of the bark of a sagebrush plant. Wow! 10.500 years ago!

And did you know that initially no one wore shoes unless the surrounding ground was rocky, very hot or had poisonous insects?.Later, shoes were worn by rich and powerful people only, and were seen as a symbol of status and authority. So for example, no slave could wear them. All this must have got ingrained in our behavior somehow, so there you have a possible explanation why we like them so much.

At the end of the day, we have Cinderella, Dorothy from OZ and Louboutin to fantasize!

Well, I just want to say..  If the shoe fits, wear it!