Hi dears!

This weekend was very special, yep! It is National day today and we got yo enjoy an extra day off. Niiiiceeee!

What to do with one gorgeous long weekend like this? By the way, “finde” is the abbreviation of “fin de semana”, weekend in english. (Free lesson of spanish here, eh?).

We went to visit some very dear friends in Liwa desert area. Have you heard about this amazing place? Check the hotel Qsar al Sarab for absolute Wow-stays and some of my pics to get the idea.. Honestly, to me it is the prettiest desert in the world.. Khalas!




Humongous huge red, orange and yellow dunes, dramatic landscapes and the beautiful patterns the wind insists on writing on the sand- maybe it is poetry that we can not decipher as yet.



On the 1st of december my friend has birthday, so it was a perfect excuse to get together and celebrate her birthday and the 42th birthday of the UAE going to a very emirati venue. She booked us in a falcon show together with a saluki dog show in the middle of the desert. These dogs are super skinny, agile and fast. Falcons are just gorgeous and I was impressed to learn they can see perfectly from kilometers away (right, same as me hahaha).

DSC_0212 www.whatijustlove.com


Lots of Luv, cake and blessings for the coming year!


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WHAT I JUST LOVE.. DREAMING OF OLD TIMES. More of my Amsterdam trip.



Hi my dears,

Sorry for the later silence. The internet didn’t travel with me and though I had a lot of posts written in my notebook, my computer didn’t feel like connecting to any network. I guess she is a choosy as me or wanted holidays as badly as me! 😉

While we were in Amsterdam I discovered yet another very interesting corner off the beaten track- together with the Museum of Bags and Purses that you can re-read on the links if you missed the other posts of my Amsterdam trip.

It is another exhibition center with one in particular that I liked very much. The place is called FOAM and shows are all related to photography. (yes, me like it and me Nikon liked it too!).

Edward Steichen was for years a fashion photographer, but also a war photographer that fought the two World Wars and died almost a 100 years old. He lived between 1879-1973. His life is full of creativity, up and downs in the personal side and great achievements on the public scene. In the exhibition you get to see some of his amazing fashion pics as he was the originator of what is named ‘glamour photography’. Cameras were not allowed so the pics are FOAM’s.

Of this exhibition I loved the beauty, the delicacy and the aesthetics of the years he portrayed -recently reenacted in the movie the Great Gatsby- the glamour, the lifestyle, the models, actresses, the businessmen, the actors, the celebrities. They were all part of the magazines he used to work for for over 15 years – no more, no less than Vanity Fair and Vogue (voila!). Steichen was the Chief Photographer for them (double voila!).

While I was there I couldn’t help but to think how life is a merry-go-round, sometimes up, sometimes down.. some of the pics were from the America before the big crash of 1929. Same as with Titanic.. I wonder what happened to those pretty dressed ladies, to the gentleman playing polo or to the groups smiling while posing in a shiny white yacht.. What happened to them when the 29’s crash? Were they able to keep on with their lives the same way as before or they just realized one day after it that they no longer owned anything? That they didn’t have anymore a job, a house, a movie to star or a company to manage?

I really love black and white pictures but they always bring nostalgia to my heart as you can see. Speaking of which, have you ever been to the Immigration Museum in Ellis Island in New York? There, there is a photo gallery of the people that were reaching America. In Ellis Island– a little island just beside Liberty Island- they were kept to process the papers and to make sure they were not sick or had an infectious disease (in quarantine). Images of the gallery are striking and you can look for your ancestors as they have a registry right there.

Black and White pics are beautiful and dramatic, delicate and powerful, old and so modern.. I just love them. Check below the amazing shots Steichen took of Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper .. What do you think? Nice, eh?


Lil van De Nikon




As some of you know, recently I went to Jordan on holidays. If you have seen my photos on Instagram (@gallegoara), there is just one thing to say… What an amazing country!

Of course, the Dead Sea was part of the trip (self organised if you want to call it, when you have not planned much at all and just have a list of places you want to go see!).

The experience of floating on the Dead Sea is amazing, but be careful with your eyes. Some salty water entered mine and I have to rush to the beach to get a shower and wash it off!

The mud is supposed to have great properties for the skin, so I did the entire process of getting myself mud all over.. boy! it is so much fun!!

You are supposed to wait until it dries (or something like that) but instead one of the hotel masseurs gave me a nice massage. The mud is not like the clay masks- that it hardens. It has some grease on it, so it is great for massage. Not so much for drying in my opinion.

I bought some products of the famous Dead Sea, that I will be trying very soon. There is like a zillion brands but I liked this one (Fortune).

So this is the beauty tip of the trip..get in the mud!. The feeling on the skin afterwards is amazing!.



Jordan, Dead Sea. In the mud!

Jordan, Dead Sea. In the mud!



JordanGood day to all!

I wanted to write one post a day while staying in Jordan, but.. me being tired, us being all around, and three the some many things to do, got me busy and a bit far from my dear blog and my dear readers.

The good thing.. plenty of new and fresh content, specially if you are planning to go to Jordan. Our trip has been of 5 nights and the hotels were located in Amman, Dead Sea and Petra. From those places we did all the excursions. Some pics were also uploaded in my Instagram account (gallegoara).

Jordan is a very friendly country, from the airport to the guys at the petrol stations all are happy to see you and they even try to speak your language (in our case Spanish, but we must be very stylish that they took us for Italians a good number of times, hahaha!).

We arrived to Amman late in the night and decided to stay the first night in the city. On arrival at the Queen Alia we rented a car. It is fairly safe to drive here (only Amman is a bit more chaotic). The wheel is on the left, so same as in Spain, UAE and USA. One piece of advise, rent the GPS, even though everywhere the signs are in Arabic and English, it is a guarantee that you will arrive where you were meant to.

Our Hotel in Amman was not great, it was a 4 star hotel but not the same standard that we might be used to. If your budget allows, go for 5 Stars or international hotel chains. Stars here have a different meaning.

In the morning we headed to Jerash. The old Gerasa. This roman city is very well preserved and you can visit the hippodrome, the cardo maximo (main avenue of those times), the Hadrian Arch (reconstructed but still impressive), the forum, the theatres, the many  churches (yesss.. when Jordan became part of Byzantium the temples changed bosses but not uses!). The place is amazing and it is not far from Amman.

Here you have some pics to see.

Theatre (South if I am not too wrong).

Theatre (South if I am not too wrong).

Theatre (Stage)

Theatre (Stage)

Cardo Maximo

This is only what we did on our first day.. More post about this trip are to come!