Hi dears,

Tomorrow we will know if the Expo 2020 will be coming to Dubai- or to Sao Paulo, or to Izmir, or to Ekaterinenburg. Can you imagine? These type of events normally change the life and landscape of a city. Dubai has changed so dramatically in the last 10 years, from rags to riches,.. Can you imagine all the changes the city will go through if we are selected? Wow! I hope they cap the rentals or else we will end up living under a bridge!!

The area that they are to use for the Expo Compound is in the Jebel Ali area and once the Expo is finished it will become a research center and a University, which I find great.. make it Public and it will be even greater! 😉

The other cities are good expo material for sure too, but I am sorry, my absolute winner is Dubai. Something I love about this place is the Can-do attitude everywhere.. You can achieve your dreams if you want to, you can transform, learn, change and become a better version of you and by doing so, improve the lives of everyone you encounter in your way. This is actually one of the principles of the proposal: Opportunity. The other two are mobility and sustainability. In this two, Dubai still has a lot to do as a city but the Expo could be a good beginning.

Well, I leave you with these inspiring videos and .. Lets get to work! ( I love that part of the video!) Because even if we dont win, we should get hands on with our Enviroment and our Development.

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Luv and fingers crossed!!


PS: Rumor has it that if Dubai wins, the Sheikh will give one day extra holidays!!





Hi there!

The other day I got invited to the graduation of this year’s fashion students at Esmod Dubai. I was pretty impressed with the level as they put together a proper runway in the middle of Wafi Mall to show the works of the students for 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year.

You can see the expertise and the imagination that these students develop every course. Last year students are already proper designers.. ready to go to the world and dress it in style!!

The entire Brag team was sitting just in front of me. They are the organizers of Fashion Forward Dubai. Sorry I have to mention it… I love it!! (who doesn’t?). Hopefully next year my pieces will be there.. at the shop!.

I can send you the list of the names of the graduates in case you are looking for new young talent. As much as we love brands and international designers, we must not forget our local creators. You would be surprised how many designers had to migrate to make their dream come true.. and here, in the middle of the Middle East, this fact is sadly common, even though we all know there is an amazing market to explore.

Well, I took some pics and videos. I hope you enjoy them. For this very special occasion I even opened a Youtube channel. So please follow the Youtube channel to keep yourself posted on the last Fashion news from Dubai. Here you have the link.


Luv and Fashion,