At the Grazia Fest

Darina calls me – Hey! What are you doing later on?

Me- mmm. Not much.. (on weekends, I can not really think fast for some reason..)

Darina- Well, then I pick you up and we go to Grazia Fest.

Me- mmm.. Ok!

So there we went! At around 17.00, even though the event was starting from 12.00 and the day before was on already.

Grazia was organising a festival type of event, the idea being a Coachella of sorts.. well, we are in Dubai, I guess we can not help it,.. so just when we were going in, some amazing ladies where coming out with stiletos and totally glamorous dresses.. Ok, maybe we should have checked the dress code.. what the lol!

Still, after our first impression, being beside the Barasti beach it was more relaxed than most of the events in Dubai and we enjoyed the time at the booths and with the familiar faces we were finding around.

There was an stage where some fashion brands where showing their pieces every now and then and DJ music, you could have a henna tattoo and get your make up or your nails done at Sephora booth or at Shiseido. The popo up shops were really cute and I saw some of my favourites ( Michele Belau, Vitrine designs, Charlotte Hudders, O’de Rose etc).

My lovely friend Viola was there too witha little booth. From her trip to Japan she brought really cool stuff. It is called Floats and they are toe rings, but like really pretty and rich. I bought one! I will show you in another post because I love it too much!.

Another stand that was a bit different was Cryo. They offer cryogenic treatment to lose weight and to smooth lines in the face. You could see how it works and well, it is cooooooold. Definitely the body treatment it is not for me (so prone to flus and cold feet and hands), but the face one, could be interesting to try.

One of the stands at the entrance ( Neutrogena if my memory doesnt fail) had the great idea of relieving stress the greek way.. by breaking plates with the sources of stress written by you.. Boy! not sure the science behind, but it works!

We enjoyed also some fire works and there was some concerts later on.. Our day it was Eliza’s Doolittle.. sadly I couldnt stay for that long. Friends that stayed said that she was good but maybe her performance was too short.

My thoughts on the Grazia Fest,.. It is really nice to have an alternative beachy- festival type of event- now that the weather is better-, the price thought was too high (150 Dhs), the food and drinks stalls were not too well organised like if you wanted coke it was a different queue than water ( somebody explain please!). Some booths were giving great goodies ( Iconic was really cool!) but still it feels like a pilgrimage of giving personal data and emails at every single booth. Still, I enjoyed it, but I enjoy whenever I am with my friends. By the way, do you know my lovely Darina has been nominated as Young Communicator of the year!! Yallah! I am so proud!!

Ok, enough for now.. Now let me show you some pics!



DSC_0019 DSC_0018 DSC_0017 DSC_0015 DSC_0013 DSC_0010 DSC_0007 DSC_0005



Hi dears!!


Today I have great news. Sara Alateeqi, Kuwaiti entrepreneur and fashion designer (Qumar 14) has put together a beautiful website  where you can find local and regional designer pieces.


If you are looking for special and unique pieces of clothig, jewelry, accesories and cute things (like cushions!!). Go check her website

If you are a designer and want to sell on their site, send an email to and attach your lookbook and your product shots. They will contact you back.

By the way, they also have a store in Kuwait, so it is a great extra exposure!!

I am proud of people like her that pushes forward and gives opportunities to new designers. The beginnings are hard, we all know, and this is just an initiative that made me smile. Hopefully soon, my bags will be there too!!

Lots of luv,



Hi dears!

Today is 5th of April and my security – concierge – smiley guy that helps me with doors and bags when super loaded, tells me with a smirk.- Miss, I have something for you.- I am subscribed to tons of magazines so I thought it was that. But noooo, this month I received my first Glambox at home!! I was so excited I couldn’t wait to be up in the apartment.

This concept is amazing, it is like any other subscription but you get instead beauty products.. all of them fantastic and glamorous. How I got to know about this treat? Last month’s Glambox was an exclusivity with Nivea and I LUV Nivea, so they called me for a short video. Check it here, love, like and share as much as you can.

YouTube Preview Image

It was fun, fun, fun.. and it is that I learnt all details about Glambox. You pay between 71 and 80 Dhs per month depending on the package you choose and once a month you get your Glambox delivered at your doorstep. I love to receive stuff and this feels like someone is reading your mind and putting all together in a pinky package for you.

Check out what comes in this April’s Glambox.. I did a funky video with all of them on Instagram .. Lol.

YouTube Preview Image
  • 2 sachets of Herbline Essentials- with Aloe vera and Honey Hydra 5 gel.
  • 2 products of Caudalie- one day perfecting fluid cream with SPF15 and other hand and nail cream with antioxidants.
  • 1 palette of Inglot – silver colour!- Glam, Glam, Glam- with a mirror and a cute brush.
  • 1 big brush from Glambox – they have all the set available on the Glambox shop. 😉
  • 1 Sunscreen SPF30 from Hawaiian Tropic.
  • 1 Dove Body Cream with shea butter and vanilla.

Just this weekend I got to go to the beach on Friday and to the pool on Saturday.. What do I need? Sunscreen!! My Nivea sunspray is about to be finished so.. tachan! When that happens I will start the Hawaiian Tropic. I looooove the smell! It takes me back to my days in Jamaica.. Nostalgia is so bad!!

Dove and I have been in love for already a number of years ( too many to count!) as I worked in the PR agency that started them in Spain (my best regards to the amazing team of Burson Marsteller now spread all over the world, muac.. love you guys!).  At that time we were testing the waters, trying to educate the population in the concept.. We would ask, ..What would you think if I tell you that you can have a moisturizer and a shower gel all in one without feeling greasy and actually cleaning? Same with the shampoo and moisturizer.. People couldn’t believe it initially. That account was fun, we did amazing stuff!. 🙂

I loved the product from day one and now I use most of the range -I need to mention the Dove hair fall rescue… blessings to whoever brought it up!!. Simone Heng helped me restock it as she is brand ambassador here in Dubai and adding to the fact that she is a great blogger, she is a super down to earth lovely person. Check her blog if you have a minute.

Herbline, Caudalie and Inglot are new to me but I will be testing them and sharing with you my thoughts.

The Glambox came also with some very cool vouchers:

  • Nstyle Voucher for a polish change.
  • A gift voucher of 500 Dhs from Wellbeing Medical Centre for a laser treatment or and Ultrasound cavitation treatment.

See my happy face.. I am going to try them all!! Nstyle I can already recommend and will you believe it!.. Just this week I was in Wellbeing Medical.. not for laser or cavitation but to get my neck fixed. Dr Gary Fitzgerald is my osteopath and my neck has this bad habit of getting stiff – I call it jiraffitis, doctors call it torticulis. So when you go, if you see him, say hi from me!



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Hi gorgeous!

I found this new word and I love it.. Peplum.. leave aside the sound of the word itself (sorry, I find it fun), I love the image behind the word and goes straight to the Fashionese- English dictionary.

The peplum comes from the greek word peplos.. remember those very cool tunics that were tied by a brooch over the shoulders and tied with a belt at the waistline or over?.. That is the origin of the peplums.

Now, they have have evolved and are the little skirt on the tops or jackets, well or dresses or skirts or trousers.. you can find them everywhere!!

They are very flattering as they go with the curves on the waistline. True also that depending on the cut if a skirt, they might shorten your leg lenght but well, use heels with no ankle strap. ;). Also avoid the super frilly ones as it will look very bulky on your hips and could make you look bigger.

Peplum makes such an statement that you will find terms such as peplum siluette, peplum cut and peplum style.


You can find peplums now in every shop as they are so much in vogue. These are my favourites pics harvested from Pinterest, and the wide wild web..

Hope you like them too!

peplum dress peplum leather jacket peplum top 2 peplum top lace peplum top peplum white top































So this is my pim pam pum peplum review . I hope you enjoy the pictures and the explanation about the origin. By the way, dont forget to leave us your beautiful thoughts in the Happy-List project in Facebook. This is the link.

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Hi there,

I wanted to share with you this weekend look (oh lala!). I love bright colors but at the end I don’t use them on the everyday as they might be too much “in-your-face” to go to the office, for example. For weekends though are just great and they cheer my mood up! We could say it is domestic color-therapy.

This weekend the therapy starts with this cute butane orange bolero from Koton I fell in love with. The way it falls over the body is very nice and you can simply use a tank top underneath to effortlessly look good. The jeans are so versatile, I don’t think I could ever live without them. These ones I bought them in Mango.


The earrings and necklace are from Glamorous Penguins, an online jewelry in Dubai that has super cute things.This one set has some flavor to Frey Wille‘s enamel collages and I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I recommend you to check their Facebook page as they are constantly updating it- kind of like fast fashion on jewelry only.The sunglasses are from  Ray Ban and even though I bought them some time ago, there are one of my favorites.


The bag is part of one of my prototypes so it is not yet in the market. I love it because it is biiiig, beautiful and super comfortable to wear- over the shoulder or with the hands. I will have lots of colors for this bag because I think it is one of those must-have kind of bag and I want to be able to combine it with everything. By the way, although I will tell you more in another post I am joining a Handbag Design course from the London School of Fashion very soon. I am so excited, I couldn’t hold it any longer! 🙂

The shoes are from THM and I have them in black and also in beige.They are the most comfy shoes ever and they look very elegant… I use them for every situation. In this pictures you might not see the details too much but they have very cute Swarovski crystals on top.


Well, I hope you like the look and it inspires you to be bold and use color therapy as much as you can. I am going to ask you to Like (thumbs up!) the Blog’s Facebook page as it is pretty new and it needs some tender love and attention from my dear followers. So, please like it and share it with your friends and family on your Facebook wall. Also today I just created the Linked in page of the blog, still is not quite ready but you can join me here to meet and greet professionals of the fashion sector.

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